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"Your current IP address is, and the block ID is #23322. Please include either or both of these in any queries."

"Violated 90/10, when I pointed out it out, he accused Andy of doing the same; trolling statements pretending to discuss what CP believes including intentional misspellings in articles driving away real inquiries."

Firstly, you have mistaken my gender, I am actually a woman.

My misspellings are not intentional; they are sincerely unintentional, as I do not have a spell check on IE which I use from work. When I am at home, where my edits are directly spellchecked, I avoid misspellings like the plague. I will however, in the future draft my comments/contributions in Word, or such that provides a spelling corrector. I recall the download to add spellchecking to IE comment boxes, and downloaded and installed it, but it did not do anything. (I no doubt did something wrong) As best evidence, my misspellings are not random, but specific to certain words, and all in the same way.

Most importantly, It has *never* been my intention to discredit, vandalize, or harm Conservapedia in any way. You presume that my statements are "trolling, by discussing what CP believes", however they are NOT intended to be taken sarcastically, facetiously or humorously. They are a true representation of my honest and earnest beliefs, and although very carefully worded, one may presume that I am mocking CP, I am actually keeping true to my own personal beliefs, presenting a more moderate position, while still presenting, to the best of my ability, your point of view as I best understand it. Please, feel free at anytime to always comment to me if I am misrepresenting Conservapedia, or making it look bad, because that is entirely not my intention.

I know Conservapedia gets a lot of liberals on here, and they often make subtle vandalizism, and I have reverted a number of them myself. Vandalism is never justified, and only makes the vandal look bad. I would like to note that if it were my intention to vandalize Conservapedia, I never would have started off by rewriting the whole "Gender Identity Disorder" article, despite the page having been deleted simply for stating that Iran supports transsexualism. It has *never* been my intention to vandalize Conservapedia, subtly or overtly, and I apologize greatly if that is what the appearance of my actions were.

My parents are very strong right-wing conservatives, they watch Bill O'Reilly, they read Ann Coultier's books not to laugh at what she says, but to agree with the statements made in the book (and laugh by agreement). I was, honest to God, raised very right-wing conservative, I voted for Bush when he ran for re-election, because I could not trust anything at all about Jon Kerry, neither what he said nor did. (One thing that frustrates me is the whole “Mission Accomplished” banner, the mission to INVADE Iraq was accomplish, then a whole new mission began; occupation and rebuilding.) I was raised very strongly to understand that the media in general is left-wing biased, and I entirely agree. In college, I knew a girl who told me that the media was right-wing biased in general. I stared at her in disbelief that anyone could possibly make such a statement honestly. Although my views vary occasionally either left or right, one thing always stays consistent, I understand and sympathize with the strong right-wing conservatives, and often I am absolutely a part of them. Liberals have no right to misrepresent the beliefs of the conservatives, period. As well as being raised Christian, I often attend church, and participate actively, and openly in Bible studies, where I often strengthen other peoples’ faith in the Bible, and in God, and I feel good that I have done the right thing for Him, and shown the love of Jesus Christ more deeply to those other Christians.

I understand that my comments might occasionally/often be challenging, but I always attempt to express my insight to others through their own beliefs, you cannot convince a person from their position even an inch unless you do so. I know for a fact that Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God, because I have debated it enough with other Christians, and I understand, and support that belief, and do not think that it should simply be dismissed and cast to the gutters, like many liberals want to do.

It is my sincere and honest effort at Conservapedia, not to discredit it, but ensure that no one can readily poke holes in any of the arguments, because they are based in the Liberal’s own language (logic), and supported by their own evidence. My mother told me once; she hated to argue with me, because it was almost impossible to win. She was telling the truth, and I certainly believe that it would be the best for you, Conservapedia, and Him that you have this pit bull of argument to help you.

Lastly, my comment to “accuse” ASchlafly was not intended to suggest that he should be banned, but rather quite the opposite. As a very valuable person to Conservapedia, there are concessions given, not like an indulgence, an indiscriminate pass to do anything, even evil. But rather these concessions are made similar to why Jesus Christ died for us on the cross, to pay for our forgiveness from God, because we are not perfect. The concessions are made, because the person is valuable and is important to the community on Conservapedia, and just as in our everyday life, we sin, so too, will we all make mistakes, and errors. However, blocking someone because of such minor incidents is a very Old Testament trial, and judgment. Where are the concessions made for those who are true of heart, seek to better themselves, not continue to make the same mistakes, and become a better contributor to this world, and Conservapedia. I know where my concession has been made in my life, and that’s with Jesus Christ. Honestly, if you cannot forgive someone for petty mistakes, then when you stand before Jesus after death, He would place you with the goats separate from the sheep, and say, “You had refused to forgive me; I do not know you”, and you will say “Lord, when have I ever refused to forgive you?” “Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.” (Matthew 25:45)

I am more concerned with your future actions than your words. There are
things that I have noticed that did raise a red flag:
1) It is assumed you have fields of interest or knowledge in your life that
would allow you to improve some of the 20,000 articles on Conservapedia or
create new ones -- that does not include articles on gender identity
disorder, transsexuals, etc. That you claim a Bible base and yet went out
of your way on a family friendly website to write those articles
specifically doesn't look very good.
2) Your spelling/grammar seems to vary widely. I would expect that when you
are writing/editing articles, that you are careful in this regard. Perfect
is not expected -- I have certainly made mistakes myself. But it ise
expected that the product produced will be seen as a clear improvement over
not having written the article at all.
3) Your claim to Christianity wilts against the statements you make. When
you say wikipedia is based on "science" and we are based on "religion" that
is a perspective of liberals looking from the outside on Christianity.
Christians understand that religion and science are both under God and work
in harmony. The area in which Conservapedia has trouble with Wikipedia is
in lack of integrity. We have no difficulty with presenting all factual
information found in science and other disciplines.
4) Speaking on behalf of Conservapedia, when your statements actually match
more closely those that a Wikipedian would make, will not be tolerated. We
wish to remove erroneous stereotypes, not have you reinforce them.
5) If you wish to be an active contributor on Conservapedia, then I would
like to know what articles you feel you can create/edit that would assist
our project. Your possibilities are almost limitless.