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No relation to the band fronted by Johnny Gioeli.

Hardline was a subcultural offshoot of the hardcore punk music scene during the late 1980s/early 1990s espousing a really strange mix of beliefs.

The roots of hardline were in straight edge, the segment of the hardcore punk scene which shunned drugs and alcohol. One group within straight edge tacked on veganism, shunning meat and other animal products in addition to drugs and alcohol. Out of that emerged "hardline", which tacked all of the following simultaneously onto the vegan branch of straight edge: hard green biocentric views, animal rights, pacifism, pursuit of eastern spiritual disciplines such as Zen Buddhism and Taoism, and opposition to abortion, homosexuality, cigarette smoking, and any sexual intercourse outside of marriage. Some of them also opposed masturbation, shunned products like coffee (which is at least frowned on by Mormons), chocolate, and sugar, and expressed their across-the-board militancy on everything by wearing camouflage clothing. Some of them decided to start taking "direct action" against people they saw drinking, smoking, eating meat, or using drugs at hardcore shows. Eventually the movement, such as it was, fell apart when some of its leading lights discovered Islam and converted, leaving the hardcore punk scene in the process.

The scene had associated hardcore bands, one of which was Vegan Reich[1] — which pretty much sums it up. Vegan Reich were occasionally suspected of being a parody along the lines of Crucial Youth[2] but in fact were quite serious and already espousing views more extreme than Crucial Youth at their heyday[3]

Most other straight edgers considered "hardline" to be a huge embarrassment.

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