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John Fuerst is a white nationalist pseudoscientist. He blogs at Human Varieties.

Fuerst has published on various far-right/neo-Nazi/white nationalist blogs across the internet as "Chuck", and used to run the "Occidentalist" blog which advertised Alternative Right.[1] He claims to have also founded a “White American Meetup group”.[2] Steve Sailer wrote an article "Chuck on What We Mean by Race" which quotes some of his earlier racialist postings.[3] His posts on race and intelligence are regularly quoted on Stormfront[4] and by other racist cranks such as on VDARE.

Eventually, Fuerst realized he wasn't being taken seriously as a white nationalist online, so he deleted his blog and stopped commenting on neo-Nazi sites — also removing most his posts and making his disqus account private.[5] Since 2014 he has reinvented himself as a "race realist" on the blog Human Varieties, and now claims to be apolitical, criticizing what he calls "race denialists" as being politically motivated. Who he thinks he is fooling is unclear; the same tactic is used by Hbdchick. Since these people are biased when it comes to science, they now often publish their far-right ideologies in the guise of "human biodiversity" (i.e. HBD), or "racial realism".

Many of Fuerst's research papers are published by the "hereditarian" pseudo-journal Open Behavioral Genetics. In 2016, he coauthored a peer-reviewed paper that was recently published in the academic journal Intelligence.[6] Curiously, the third author of this publication attempted to remove their name from the paper post-publication.[7]

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