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Stefan Molyneux.
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Steve "Stefan" Molyneux (born 1966) is an Irish-Canadian political activist, amateur philosopher and and YouTube personality. Since 2005, he is the host of Freedomain Radio,[2] a bastardization of FDR's initials podcast where he discusses his philosophy, politics, religion, science, and relationships. He also writes regularly for anarcho-capitalist websites and has self-published several books.

Molyneux has a group of very ardent fans, even though he is only questionably an ancap at this point, and is hated by a large portion of them: he defends cops, is a "racial realist", says weird red pill things about women, and is a hawk on Mid East relations. He manages to bottle most of his crazy inside, pretending he agrees with anarchist principles, but it's a smokescreen for what is essentially a call for corporate tyranny.[3] In fact, he is one of the most dogmatic free market cheerleaders you'll ever have the bad luck to encounter. Hard to put it into words how dreadful he is, actually, a grim chimera of men's rights crybaby, white rights crybaby and some sort of fedora-lover's Glenn Beck[4] (or a thinking man's RooshV) who is known for mistreating his guests. It's not hard to piss him off, all you have to do is a.) ask questions or b.) be female.

But he wears polo shirts, and so reputable people continue to speak with him.[5]

He's living proof of the adage, "If you can't explain it simply then you don't understand it very well", since Moly is incapable of producing a brief "Truth about x" video. He even has an hour-long video bleating about Frozen, of all things.[6]


[edit] Holy Moly: A decade of dubious advice

The Bad Philosophy Show, where we tell people the wrong thing to do! Wouldn't that be funny? right? 'Cos, then, you know, they'd just flip it then they'd get the right thing... "If you want to lose weight, eat cheesecake." "If you want to jump up, fall down."
—Izzy Molyneux, age 6[7]

[edit] Family relationships

Arguably, Molyneux's most controversial viewpoint is his interpretation of the non-aggression principle. Molyneux believes that adults who deem their parents to be physically or psychologically aggressive should cease all connections with them, instead of trying to mend any faulty relationships.[8] His adherence to the non-aggression principle is so extreme that he claims that people who engage in or are drawn to contact sports were abused as children and/or had aggressive childhoods.[9]

“So face it: your parents were bullies, or weak curriers of favor, or manipulative emotional infants themselves. You have no respect for them, for respect requires courage, and courage requires logical morality. You do not love them, since love demands virtue, and manipulating children into blind obedience is not at all virtuous.”

You know your philosophy's good when Mr. Burns backs you up.

Honestly, he's kind of a sad individual. It's obvious Stefan has his own share of mommy issues (he's said before that he would have killed her had she not been his mother)[10] and has sublimated those into a hatred of all women and parents. Sometimes, he'll even go after a caller's dead grandparents, calling them moochers.

[edit] Men's rights activism

In a Venn diagram of horrible belief systems, Molyneux is also part of the men's rights movement, and has made outlandish claims about the effect that women have on society.

"The evil that women are capable of and the evil that women do — not all women — but the evil that women do is generally invisible to society which is why there’s so much violence in society."[11]

He was a speaker at the A Voice For Men 2014 conference and uses the AVFM site to plug his videos.[12] Basically what he does is fellate middle-class 20-something white guys who are terrible with women and haven't accomplished anything meaningful, convincing them that all of their problems are caused by "slutty gold-diggers", "tyrannical parent regimes" lopping off their penises, or "lazy moocher" poors. Notice also how "attacking single mothers" is thrown around as an act of great bravery. Truly, single mothers are the most important issue of our time,[13][14] and the demographic most in need of attack:

"Women who choose the assholes will fucking end this race. They will fucking end this human race if we don't start holding them a-fucking-countable. Women who choose assholes guarantee child abuse. Women who choose assholes guarantee criminality. Sociopathy. Politicians. All the cold-hearted jerks who run the world came out of the vaginas of women who married assholes, and I don't know how to make the world a better place without holding women accountable for choosing assholes! Your dad was an asshole because your mother chose him, because it works on so many women! If "asshole" wasn't a great reproductive strategy, it would have been gone long ago. Women keep that black bastard flame alive. They cup their hands around it. They protect it with their bodies. They keep the evil of the species going by continually choosing these guys! If being an asshole didn't get women there would be no assholes left! If women chose nice guys over assholes, we would have a glorious and peaceful world in one generation. Women determine the personality traits of the men because women choose who to have sex with and who to have children with and who to expose those children to. I get that you're angry at your dad and you have every reason to be angry at your dad. Your dad is who he is fundamentally because your mother was willing to fuck him and have you. Willing and eager to fuck the monster. Stop fucking monsters - we get a great world. Keep fucking monsters - we get catastrophes, we get war, we get nuclear weapons, we get national debts, we get incarcerations and prison guards and all the other florid assholes who rule the world. Women worship at the feet of the devil and wonder why the world is evil.[15]

And on an entirely unrelated note, why are there so few female libertarians?[16]

[edit] History

In a presumably unwitting Marxist fashion, Molyneux frequently defends his more unusual political and economic positions with historical examples. These are invariably healthy servings of PIDOOMA. He has, for example, claimed that the First World War was more destructive than the Second, and that the majority of casualties in it were members of the aristocracy.[17] This is a self-evident argument for free trade, apparently.

[edit] Philosophy

Philosopher King Stefan Molyneux (left) defoo'ing a fertile young mind.

Molyneux has declared himself "the savior of philosophy" and styles himself as a New Socrates,[18][19] but doesn't actually make much of an effort to engage any scholarly literature on issues of philosophy. He used to be an Objectivist, but now considers himself an ancap and advocates UPB (Universally Preferable Behavior), his own moral theory which appears to be Kantianism with the serial numbers filed off—though he doesn't credit any philosophers for having influenced him. Yet he routinely makes arguments famous philosophers (usually Locke) have made many times in the past without attribution, and misinterprets famous philosophical arguments and writings; his lecture on the social contract was particularly bad[20] (shouldn't be surprising from a libertarian).

Molyneux has claimed that Freedomain Radio is the most popular online philosophy conversation in the world, despite there being much evidence to the contrary.[21] Fellow libertarian and actual philosopher David GordonWikipedia's W.svg gave a critical examination of Molyneux's 2007 Universally Preferable Behaviour: A Rational Proof for Secular Ethics in The Mises Review: "He fails, and fails miserably. His arguments are often preposterously bad."[22]

As you've already gathered, Moly greatly exaggerates his knowledge of this field. Popular YouTuber SisyphusRedeemed, who is an academic philosopher, uploaded another great rebuttal.[23]

[edit] Coloreds? Ew.

For an "anarchist", Stefan doesn't mind the state all that much, so long as it acts the way he wants it to. He used to be very adamantly opposed to voting due to being an "anarchist"[24] but like many of his fellow right-libertarian "anarchists" changed that tune when Donald Trump joined the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.[25] He also praised Margaret Thatcher upon her death in 2013, despite claiming to oppose all forms of government.[26]

During the Ebola crisis he said that government should stop people traveling from West Africa. So much for that non-aggression principle.[27][28] He has since gone on to say he also supports banning people from traveling from predominately non-white North Africa, Middle East and Asian countries. So much for that free and voluntary market-based society as well.[29][30]

However, it's worth underlining that Stefan Molyneux himself was against borders during his earlier pre-embrace of the far-right. These are now gone from his channel now unsurprisingly given his shift into become a far more blatant elitist. One thing he's been unable to delete more effectively though are point who call him out on this, specifically callers to his show. One lengthy one, initiated by a caller named Andrew, occurred in 2016. That best illustrates Stefan's cognitive dissonance on this issue.

Andrew aptly pointed out how inconsistent Stefan is in claiming to be for the morality and the non-aggression principle but supporting violent coercion against people who refuse to obey border restrictions. Stefan, letting his cognitive dissonance go on full auto-pilot, did his utmost not to directly answer this point while simultaneously trying to play stupid. Andrew however refused to let up repeating the question. Stefan ultimately replied with even more glaring inconsistency: by claiming that morality doesn't apply within a state-based society. A few moments later though he went back to saying that it does.

The conversation ended in Stefan attempting to escape the conversation by using moral relativism: a tactic he often uses to try and worm his way out of having to answer usually rational questions, arguments and criticisms regarding his positions.[31]

In the wake of Nelson Mandela's death, Molyneux claimed, "The tragic fact of business is that ordinary Africans were better off under colonialism. Colonial masters never committed anything near the murder and genocide seen under black rule in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique, and other countries, where millions of blacks have been slaughtered in unspeakable ways, which include: hacking to death, boiling in oil, setting on fire and dismemberment."[32] He must not know much about King Leopold II of Belgium.

These days, he's trying to lasso some of Vox Day's viewers, moaning about Islam while oversimplifying (another) vastly-complicated and extensive piece of history.[33] Are you sensing a pattern emerging here?

And he's a Lost Causer, of course. As soon as the MRA gravy train slowed down, Moly started to ride the white rights train hard.[5][34] How can you advocate for freedom and liberty and then post a 40-minute video about how great actual slavery was? (Also, 40 minutes, people. Slavery is approximately two-thirds as interesting and important to Stefan Molyneux as Elsa from Frozen was.) He also hates Martin Luther King.[35]

All of this, along with his shilling for Trump and a peculiarly statist brand of "anarcho"-capitalism, place him and many of his followers firmly in the arena of the alt-right.[36] Accordingly, alt-right Trump fans have taken to posting his "Untruth about Donald Trump" video as a "red pill" on Reddit and elsewhere,[37] and the alt-right blog The Right Stuff features its 'donations' widget with a parody of his accent and a small image of him at the bottom.[citation NOT needed] Stormfront entertains the possibility but rejects him for being too Jewish (on his mother's side, absolument).[38]

On a related subject, why are there so few black libertarians?

[edit] Mental illness denial

In other words, a popular Auschwitz guard with a long marriage is the very definition of mental health. Moral considerations do not form the basis of mental heath – a compliant Nazi is considered more ‘healthy’ than an outcast one. This form of ‘social ethics’ is largely due to the Jewish influence over psychology.
—From the Mouth of Madness Molyneux[39]

Molyneux has denied that mental illnesses are real, saying there is not enough evidence to prove otherwise. He also calls psychiatry a pseudoscience and claims that it is part of a government agenda.[40] This has drawn the ire of many including online scientific skeptic Emil Karlsson of Debunking Denialism who responded with a lengthy refutation of his claims.[41] Now, he's right that mental illnesses is culturally defined (though the anti-semitism came out of nowhere);[note 1] if your culture favors extremely fastidious people, somebody with "checking" type OCD may not be considered abnormal. But it certainly exists independent of cultural context, with various causes ranging from environment to dietary to genetic to neurological. It's convenient for Molyneux to foist everything onto "society" because it feeds into his viewers' self-entitlement and moral relativism, while ignoring the cultural context behind, say, private property.

[edit] Homosexuality

Stalineux also has unconventional views on homosexuality, arguing that it is the result of childhood sexual abuse.[42] He later apologized for the comment when contacted by a caller during a radio interview, saying he had reversed his views on the matter and would do his best to improve his understanding of homosexuality. He also promised to edit the video where he made his controversial views to better reflect his ignorance of the previous statements.[43] The video still remains unedited and his fans continue to subscribe to his stated views; Molyneux, despite his promises, seems uninterested in intervening to correct them.[44]

[edit] Public education

If you buy Stef's logic, you went to public school because you are a brainwashed sheeple[45][46] that can't comprehend the glory and pure truth of UPB, NAP and anarcho-capitalism—or his wife's equally obnoxious stance that you're aware of it, but such a transition would be uncomfortable, and therefore you subconsciously deny it out of childlike spite.

[edit] Science

Molyneux is a climate change denier, and views global warming through the same lens as many conspiracy theorists.[47]

Molyneux says "I don't view humanity as a single species because we're not all the same".[48] A blatant example of his equivocations and black-and-white thinking imploding.

Taking a page from Objectivists and Insane Clown Posse, he has a problem with modern physics. "Physicists kind of piss me off, 'cause they've always got their fucking pale hands in my goddamn wallet, and stealing from my child's future, indebting her." "You know, go be a fucking engineer, you lazy, pasty bastards. Go do something useful that people wanna buy."[49] The irony here is that a lot of modern engineering (cough electricity cough), would not be possible if it weren't for physics, but the assumption is natural given that Stefan has absolutely no understanding of it. What's more, he now claims his mind transcends physics.[50] It isn't too much of a jump for Molyneux, perhaps the most narcissistic of Libertarian Übermenschen, to go from believing himself as on top of the pile of mankind, to being a separate, inherently superior being to everyone else.

[edit] Overpopulation

Like many laissez-faire economists, Stefan denies overpopulation is a problem despite evidence to the contrary. Stefan believes there's no such thing as too many exploitable wage slaves to boss around too many people. He believes the real problem is that not enough people follow his philosophy. Apparently that will somehow make things better despite elephants in the room such as human nature and limited resources.[51]

[edit] DMCA and IP law

Molyneux has gone on record against the DMCA and IP law, saying that "IP must die" as it is an unjustified use of force.[52][53] He believes this is a universal principle with no exceptions.

However he also used IP law in order to censor critics on YouTube by filing DMCA claims against them, with the most notable being "TruShibes," who created a YouTube account dedicated to clips documenting Molyneux's questionable behavior and philosophy.[54] He blamed this on a contractor.[55]

In a textbook case of actions having consequences, TruShibes has filed a case in US federal court against Molyneux for his blatant exploitation of the DMCA to shut down her account, for silencing her and for defaming her afterwards[56][57] (she is in the US and he is in Canada, but his YouTube activity and income is US-based and constitutes a local presence). Of course it's no surprise he resorted to censorship. That is what Stef does if he doesn't have anything to say. Bringing up good questions on FDR about some of his ideas? Banned. Bring up a good argument against Stef on his show? Cuts the caller off. Wrote a blog punching holes in Stef or his philosophy? Come on and verbally debate him![58]

Hey, isn't it textbook for a cult leader to go to any lengths to silence criticism or dissidence...?

[edit] He has the lobes for business!

Stefan Molyneux decided that Leonard Nimoy's passing was the appropriate time to talk about how Spock's collectivism was "emotional" in nature and how big government (the socialist United Federation of Planets) is a bad thing.[59] Similarly, he posted a video on Robin Williams' suicide, leaping at the chance to psychoanalyze the actor (without ever having met him, of course).[60] Kicking a still-warm corpse: Another philosophical victory for libertarians!

[edit] The good stuff

Molyneux has claimed to be strongly opposed to America's war efforts and the War on Drugs. He is also immensely skeptical of religious extremism and fundamentalism (despite himself being something of a cult leader), personally advocating strong atheism.

He is able, despite his above mentioned statements regarding the origins of homosexuality, to recognize unjust discrimination against homosexuals.[61]

[edit] A cult (of freedom lovers!)

Molyneux's attitudes and beliefs, combined with the slavish devotion of his listeners, has led Sam Seder and his associates to characterize him as a cult leader. This opinion has been echoed by parents whose children abandoned them on Molyneux's advice.[62][63][64]

  • His method is popular with fundamentalist Churches (or Scientology's practice of "disconnecting"): before you were baptized and saved, your life was full of sin.[65] Now your baptism ("defoo" in Molynese)[66] represents a new life in Christ and your acceptance of the Church's teachings. However, in the case of the Manson Molyneux Family, it's a baptism in hack philosophy, an-cappery, and misogyny. For instance, Molyneux advises people to abandon all friends and relatives who are not anarcho-capitalists or adherents to the Non-Aggression Principle. Because this is off-putting to any, well, sane person, he takes the cultish route of hiding the core tenets from newcomers.[67] Those who ditch their families and friends are insultingly advised that the next step in saving the world is to plug his show.
If you want to perform the greatest service for political liberty, all you have to do is turf all of your unsatisfying relationships. Parents, siblings, spouse, it doesn’t matter.[68]
If you have non-voluntaryist friends you may want to spend the holidays alone reconsidering your definition of friend![69]
Hopefully, every Ancap will take his advice so that next X-mas they won't be invited back.
  • Molyneux records everything,[70] no matter how mundane (because Wouldn't it be awesome if you could hear Socrates talking to his barber?).
  • He has some, uh, "interesting" views on movies, and likes to read Randian meanings where they definitely don't belong. The real kicker was him remarking on having to "reprogram" his daughter after watching the film Maleficent. He thinks any female character with a modicum of power is propaganda to indoctrinate children; evidently, it is dishonest for "Estrogen-based parasites"[71] to have any positive portrayals in media at all. He basically uses his daughter to assert arguments; a "think-of-the-children" card of sorts.
  • A civil court complaint, filed in 2014, says Mr. Molyneux boasted in a 2006 podcast that he would listen while his wife (a therapist who severed contact with her parents to join his AynCrap cult)[72] talked to her patients, even interjecting and railroading them into subscribing to his website.[73] Just what any mentally-disturbed person needs: Stefan's voice filtering eerily through an intercom.
Somehow, his wife kept her license,[74] as she didn't actively propagate Molyneux's insanity (despite him obviously coaching her in all matters personal and professional),[70][75][76] but it is clear she bases her therapy around "defoo'ing" people—prying them away from their families—and cultivating donors to FDR. All podcasts with even a whisper from Christina, including the laughable "Ask A Therapist" series, have been scrubbed from the website and any mention of her results in a swift ban on the forums. Luckily the internet never forgets.

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[edit] Notes

  1. We stand corrected. He is not an anti-Semite, because Murray "Baby Market" Rothbard is one of his favorite philosophers! This old post was thankfully still in the Google cache; he deleted the thread (probably out of embarrassment). He could never fault Rothbard's ideology or call him immoral, so he has to go with 'it is because he was circumcised so he doesn't know any better'. "DAE Jews probably all hate their kids because foreskin."

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