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Stefan Molyneux (born 1966) is an Irish-Canadian political activist and self-proclaimed philosopher and anarcho-capitalist. He is the host of Freedomain Radio,[1] a series of podcasts where he discusses philosophy, libertarianism, anarchism, atheism, science and relationships (specifically, why women are evil) on a frequent basis. He also regularly writes articles on a variety of right-libertarian websites, and has published several books.

Stefan Molyneux.


[edit] Controversial and questionable viewpoints

[edit] Family relationships

Molyneux's most arguably controversial viewpoint is that concerning his adherence to the non-aggression principle. Molyneux has stated that adults who deem their parents to be physically or psychologically aggressive should cease all connections with them, instead of trying to mend any faulty relationships. He also believes that his followers should abandon all family and friends who are not anarcho-capitalists or not adherents to the non-aggression principle.[2]

His adherence to the non-aggression principle is so extreme that he claims that people who engage or are drawn to contact sports were abused as children and/or had aggressive childhoods. [3]

Molyneux's attitudes and beliefs have led to some, such as Sam Seder and his fellow co-hosts, claiming he runs a cult given his large circle of followers and their cult-like behavior.[4] Parents negatively affected by their children abandoning them on the advice of Stefan have been more prominent in decrying Stefan as a cult leader.[5]

[edit] Men's rights activism

Molyneux is also part of the men's rights movement, and has made outlandish claims about the effect that women have on society.

The evil that women are capable of and the evil that women do — not all women — but the evil that women do is generally invisible to society which is why there’s so much violence in society.

He was a speaker at the A Voice For Men 2014 conference.

[edit] Philosophy

Molyneux's arguments in his philosophical piece Universally Preferable Behavior: A Rational Proof for Secular Ethics were criticized heavily by fellow libertarian David Gordon, who claimed they were "preposterously bad". He praised Margaret Thatcher upon her death in 2013, despite claiming to oppose all forms of government.[7]

Molyneux has claimed that Freedomain Radio is the most popular philosophy conversation online in the world, despite there being much evidence to the contrary.[8]

[edit] Mental illness denial

Molyneux has denied that mental illnesses are real, saying there is not enough evidence to prove otherwise. He goes further using this argument to call psychiatry a pseudoscience and has devoted much of his time trying to claim it isn't based on true science, claiming it was a part of a government agenda.[9] This has drawn the ire of many including online scientific skeptic Emil Karlsson of Debunking Denialism who responded with a lengthy refutation of his claims.[10]

[edit] Homosexuality

Molyneux also has unconventional views on homosexuality, arguing that it is the result of childhood sexual abuse.[11][12] He later apologized though when contacted by a caller during a radio interview. Apologizing for his comments, he attempted to better clarify his views, saying he had reversed his views on the matter and would do his best to better improve on his treatment of homosexuality. He even promised to edit the video where he made his controversial views to better reflect his ignorance of the previous statements.[13] The video still remains unedited and his fans continue to hold to the views. Stefan, despite his promises, still remains noticeably uninterested in intervening to correct them.[14]

[edit] Science

Molyneux is a climate change denier, and views global warming through the same lens as many conspiracy theorists.[15]

Taking a page from Objectivists and Insane Clown Posse, he has a problem with modern physics. "Physicists kind of piss me off, 'cause they've always got their fucking pale hands in my goddamn wallet, and stealing from my child's future, indebting her." "You know, go be a fucking engineer, you lazy, pasty bastards. Go do something useful that people wanna buy." [16]

[edit] DMCA and IP law

Molyneux has gone on record against the DMCA and IP law, saying that "IP must die" as it is an unjustified use of force.[17][18] He believes this is a universal principle with no exceptions.[19]

[edit] DMCA Smackdown

He also uses IP law in order to censor critics on YouTube by filing DMCA claims against them with the most notable being TruShibes: a Youtube user who devoted an entire account to uploading clips documenting Stefan's questionable behavior and philosophy.[20]

In a textbook case of actions having consequences, TruShibes has filed a case in US federal court against Stefan for his blatant exploitation of the DMCA to shut down her account, for silencing her and for defaming her afterwards[21][22] (she is in the US and he is in Canada, but his YouTube activity and income is US-based and constitutes a local presence).

[edit] History

In a presumably unwitting Marxist fashion, Molyneux frequently defends his more unusual political and economic positions with historical examples. These are invariably healthy servings of PIDOOMA. He has, for example, claimed that the First World War was more destructive than the Second, and that the majority of casualties in it were members of the aristocracy.[23] This is a self-evident argument for free trade, apparently.

[edit] The good stuff

Stefan Molyneux has claimed to be strongly opposed to America's war efforts and the War on Drugs. He is also immensely skeptical of religious extremism and fundamentalism (despite himself being something of a cult leader), personally advocating strong atheism.

He is able, despite his above mentioned statements regarding the origins of homosexuality, to recognize unjust discrimination against homosexuals.[24]

[edit] See also

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[edit] Footnotes

  1. Freedomain Radio's YouTube Channel
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