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A two-year study by the Intelligence Report shows that registered Stormfront users have been disproportionately responsible for some of the most lethal hate crimes and mass killings since the site was put up in 1995. In the past five years alone, Stormfront members have murdered close to 100 people.
—Report by Southern Poverty Law Center[1]

Stormfront is an album by Billy JoelWikipedia's W.svg really nasty weather the largest Neo-Nazi and white supremacist message board on the internet and the Daily Stormer is their news outlet. Stormfront was founded by Don Black, a former KKK and American Nazi Party member.

Stormfront is, in its own words, "a racialist discussion board for pro-white activists and anyone else interested in white survival." That’s fairly telling, to be honest.

David Duke is known to hang out there these days. His ex-wife actually co-founded the site with Black.[2]

Stormfront was also the subject of a documentary film, Extremists on the Internet.[3]


[edit] "Mein führer! I CAN SHITPOST!"

Stormfront members' primary topics and likings are flaunting about how the white race is superior, historical revisionism, Holocaust denial, vehemently opposing racial mixing, and listening to rock music. But more than anything, they love to endlessly debate who is "white" and who isn't, which very quickly escalate into flame wars and threats of banning from the administrators.

A cancer of the internet, thanks to intense forum sliding perpetrated by Stormfront's raiding board Swarmfront, which is dedicated to 'red pilling' Reddit and 4chan.[4] Forum sliding is a form of faux grass roots activism where people try to make it appear like an opinion is really popular.

[edit] Murders

A report by the SPLC states that almost 100 hate crime murders can be linked to the site, and 10 murderers have links to the site.[5] Even discounting the killing spree by Anders Behring Breivik that claimed 77 lives, that is still close to two dozen people killed by members of a site with less than 1,800 registered members. Frazier Glenn Cross, the man suspected of the recent mass shooting at a Jewish center, was barred from Stormfront, after a disagreement with the site's owner.[6]

[edit] Font

They use Fraktur fonts — which were actually banned in 1941 by the Nazis — to evoke a Germanic image. Their emblem is a Celtic cross, which is often used as a symbol by white supremacists. In another supreme fit of irony, while they use the Fraktur font, they also ban display or use of the swastika. You figure it out.

Their Celtic cross logo with the text "White Pride Word Wide" was once, for a long time, rendered with the Stone Age-style font "Lithos"[7]—likely to go along with the theme of their ideology.

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