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"Le Happy Merchant", an anti-Semitic caricature popular on the internet.
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The Evil Jew is a racist stereotype that paints Jews being a racial hivemind, greedily controlling the world's capital and politics, and as having sneaky secret agendas. Jews are commonly linked to control of the world's banks, to creation of communism, to creation of some New World Order, or to

The Evil Jew stereotype is a frequent element of conspiracy theories (especially the International Jewish Conspiracy theory) and was a central factor in the Holocaust, the industrialized mass murder of 6 million people by Nazi Germany.


[edit] Racial hivemind

Common to all Evil Jew caricatures is the idea that all Jews act in unison -- ie, they are in a perfect race-based conspiracy. This claim is frankly ridiculous, for multiple reasons. It should first be obvious that the Jews themselves spread thinly throughout the world -- making communication, especially secret communication, very difficult. It should second be clear that Jews have not been in positions of power for the vast majority of their history -- having long been pushed to the fringes of Muslim and Christian society during the Middle Ages of Europe. And third, it should be apparent that Jews are not politically unanimous. For proof, one need only look to the voting patterns of American Jews, who consistently vote Democratic (and thus against unconditional support of Israel in the Middle East). If Jews were of a single racial mind, then surely they would all work towards their common interests -- yet they do not.

[edit] Money-controllers

A Ben Garrison cartoon, modified to include an Evil Jew[1]
Another modified Ben Garrison cartoon.[2] (In the original, it's just standard Illuminati conspiracymongering, not anti-Jew fearmongering.
Anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools.
—August Bebel.[3]

It's often noted that the banking and financial sectors are disproportionately inhabited by Jews. As a result, there are a proliferation of Jewish banker conspiracy theories, in which Jews are portrayed as controllers of the world's money, usually through banks and national monetary institutions.

[edit] History

There is a simpler explanation for Jewish overrepresentation in banking. The Bible prohibits usury, or lending money for interest, to anyone but foreigners.[4] Christians in Medieval Europe were for all intents and purposes prohibited from practicing usury by religious law. The Catholic Church regarded interest-bearing loans as an "unnatural" use of money and therefore sinful.[5] (Ironically, the Vatican now owns its own bank which loans money and has been riddled with scandal.[6]) This left a societal niche for European Jews to fill, and so they did.Wikipedia's W.svg (In fact, the origin of the word "bank" comes from the Old Italian for "bench"[7] -- because Jewish lenders were so ostracized that they were forced to practice their banking on benches in the streets.[8]) Banking was also one of the few trade professions open to Jews, as most medieval guilds banned Jews from their membership.

An interesting side effect of this social arrangement is that it actually gave rulers a practical reason to tolerate Jews, as the Jewish bankers would understandably not loan money or do business with those who persecuted them. (That said, this often led to Jews being persecuted after they had loaned said ruler the money, as an easy way to get out of debt.)

This concentration of Jews in banking has led to various types of racist conspiracy theories, documented below. It has also, oddly enough, led to a pro-Semitic racialist pseudoscience that asserts Jewish supremacy, using their presence in the banking system as "evidence" of this.

[edit] Rothschilds

See the main article on this topic: Rothschild family

Many of the modern conspiracy theories surrounding pretty much all revolving around or involving the Rothschild family, probably the most powerful banking family in the world, which began its ascendancy in the late 18th century. Oddly, part of the success of the Rothschild banking activity is that Meyer Rothschild operated on the principle of never lending to anyone to finance a business opportunity unless the opportunity was good for the borrower. A borrower who makes more off his business than his payments of interest and principal to a lender has little worthy of complaint about being in hock to the lender, which is more than one can say of dealings with loan sharks, who are contemptible whatever their ethnicity.

[edit] Federal Reserve

See the main articles on this topic: Federal Reserve and End the Fed

Another common — and false[9] — trope is that Jews control the Federal Reserve. It is asserted that Jews manipulate the world's financial system through the use of fractional-reserve banking and central banks. The most common conspiracy theory asserts that Jews are using financial fraud or other trickery in order to take over the field of finance — which, according to the conspiracy theory, they already control.

[edit] Code words

Use of the terms "bank$tah" and "debt slavery" are usually a sign that you have reached the more unseemly and conspiratorial area of the internets. These areas should be avoided, as the information they display can confuse the average mind (however, if a user is sensible and intelligent, there is no harm in viewing these places recreationally).

[edit] Politics-controllers

[edit] International Jewish conspiracy

See the main article on this topic: International Jewish conspiracy

The Jews are alleged to have leveraged their power in the financial industry and involvement in Freemason and Illuminati conspiracies to have completely taken over the world. Many of these "theories" were codified in the pseudohistorical hoax The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Besides banks, Jews are commonly alleged to especially control the media, governmental bodies, academia, and the arts. The Anti-Defamation League's Abe Foxman says he prefers to frame it this way: "I think Jews are disproportionately represented in the creative industry." But this does not denote "control." LA Times pundit Joel Stein snarkily puts it that gentiles should be grateful: "Without us, you'd be flipping between 'The 700 Club' and 'Davey and Goliath' on TV all day."[10]

[edit] Communists

Nazi propaganda, painting Jews as Cultural Marxists.

Communism (and Karl Marx) are often painted as Jewish inventions. Oddly enough, the Nazis often asserted that Jews controlled both capitalism and communism, which would suggest that capitalism and communism were in no conflict whatsoever.

[edit] 9/11

See the main article on this topic: 9/11 conspiracy theories

Some Truthers invoke anti-Semitic tropes in their conspiracy theories, usually involving Mossad plots or the international Jewish conspiracy. The anti-Semitic versions of 9/11 conspiracy theories are popular in the Middle East. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a vocal proponent of these theories.

[edit] Murderers

[edit] Christ-killers

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Much anti-Semitism originates from the "Christ-killer" narrative, which posits that all Jews are guilty of deicide against Jesus. This meme wasn't repudiated by the Catholic Church until the Second Vatican Council in 1965. Because they forget that Jesus was a Jew, and that if he hadn't been killed, mankind couldn't have been forgiven for the original sin (per Christian doctrine).

[edit] Child-killers

See the main article on this topic: Blood libel

A common myth originating in Medieval Europe was that Jews murdered Christians in order to spice up their Matzo with the blood of the dead. Some blood libel theories claimed that the Jews preferred small children and babies and that they would kill them in Satanic murder rituals.

[edit] Nazi mythology

See the main article on this topic: Nazism

The Nazi Party famously promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and myths. The most notable of these was the stab-in-the-back legend, which claimed Jews were in bed with the Reds and caused Germany to lose World War I. This is still expounded by followers of neo-Nazi ideology. Holocaust denial is another piece of pseudohistory promoted by neo-Nazis.

Ironically, during World War I, the German military performed a census in order to try and prove that Jews were disloyal to Germany. The result? Jews were disproportionately overrepresented in the German military.[11]

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