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RMcC: "I understand that there was a time when you believed that you were being targeted by the government."

KC: "Yes, sure. We're all being targeted. Some people don't know it though."

RMcC: "Why are we being targeted?"

KC: "Because your government is out to get you."
—X-Zone podcast, February 2016

Kerry Lynn Cassidy is an American paranoid gubbmint-hater who creates ridiculous videos for Youtube and organizes woo conferences. Her defining features are that she talks way too much and is wrong about everything.


[edit] Early education, career

KLC says she has an MBA certificate from the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management and slogged through a year of film school at UCLA Extension. Her "official" bio then continues:

After 19 years in Hollywood working for major studios and independent production companies in production, development and new media, she has written a number of screenplays. As an independent producer she pitched projects around Hollywood to major producers and directors.

Of course, "pitched" doesn't mean "sold" or even "developed." Her IMDB page[1] contains just one credit, as "herself" in a 45-minute TV movie Shadow Operations: The Mars Project.[2] The production seems to claim, on extremely slender evidence, that a secret U.S. government project has already sent humans to Mars. It was shot in late 2010 and was released by Tru TV on 7 November 2012. It's now available on Youtube[3]a high honor in itself.

[edit] Project Camelot

In 2006 Kerry ran across Bill Ryan, a dude with a nice line in broad-brimmed hats, and they shacked up for a while at the Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel. Project Camelot grew out of their post-coital conversations, conceived as an open-ended series of video interviews with woo-doctors and whistleblowers. In March 2014 Ryan revealed that Project Camelot was initially funded by Kerry Cassidy's inheritance, but that she lost $116,000 by investing it with (since convicted) con-man Sean David Morton.

Thus was launched hundreds of hours of scarily unprofessional video, "straight to Youtube," from which we learn that Kerry's idea of an "interview" is to turn the camera on herself as she asks long, long, LONG questions.

Another characteristic is Kerry and Bill's gullibility. They'll believe any cockamamie rubbish an interviewee throws at them, as long as it has the air of disclosing something seekrit. In this respect they make George Noory look like a hardened skeptic. They were totally taken in by the monsta hoax known as Project Serpo — indeed, Bill Ryan volunteered as Project Serpo's webmaster until March 2007.

The part of film school that evidently didn't stick with Kerry is the part where they explain why film and video productions are edited to a reasonable length. The reason is, of course, that your audience is not going to sit through hours and hours of raw recording repeating the same points over and over again. Kerry's interview with the pseudoscientist Richard Hoagland, for example, comes in three parts with an aggregate running time of 2h 48min. You're wondering what happens when two people who adore the sound of their own voices that much get in the same room with a video camera rolling, am I right? Well, they basically called it a draw.[4]

Kerry and Bill split the blanket in 2011[5] but the spate of self-adoring video from Kerry did not abate. In the summer of 2015 Kerry launched what she called the Project Camelot TV Network. She remained vague about the important question of how viewers would get access to this "network." In the end, it was dumped onto a web site.

In March 2016 Kerry announced that she had run out of money and could not continue "this important work" unless rescued by further donations.[6] Just two days later, she produced a 100-minute interview with an astrologer, speculating about the fortunes of the 2016 presidential candidates.

[edit] Woo conferences

Kerry Cassidy also devotes admirable energy to sponsorship of conferences. She seems to be good at organizing and begging for money.[7] Her conference series has lately been given the generic title Awake and Aware. Registration fee is typically $250, and of course the entire thing is video-recorded and offered as pay-per-view at the low, low, price of $35. Speakers at these affairs are the usual clowns luminaries — Sean David Morton, David Wilcock, etc.

Kerry has often complained, on her blog, of feeling off-color at these meets (and she looks it, sometimes). Most people would ascribe that to working like hell getting the damn thing organized, traveling across time zones to attend, then having to expend more nervous energy making sure it all happens on schedule. To Kerry Cassidy, however, this is incontrovertible evidence that the gubbmint routinely bombards these events with scalar waves.Do You Believe That?

[edit] Kerry Cassidy explains that US soldiers are deployed to Mars

From an interview in Sneaky magazine, December 2014

"Soldiers who are alleged to be going to Iraq or Afghanistan are actually being sent off planet to places like Mars to fight battles alongside other alien races. Those men and women will have their minds wiped when they come back. This is why we're having a lot of suicides with ex-soldiers. In some cases their minds have been wiped so many times they become unbalanced as a result. When they return, they don’t know where they’ve been. They think they’ve been to the Middle East, but they’ve actually been elsewhere."

The full disasterinterview is here.

[edit] Kerry Cassidy explains how to thwart scalar weapon attacks

On 11 May 2015, Kerry reported that she had been the victim of a sinister government plot to kill her using a scalar weapon (except she spelled it "scaler".)[8]

On 31 May she announced her successful defense against future attacks,[9] and advised all her followers to adopt the following measures:

By sheer coincidence, just four days earlier four people had been convicted by a federal jury in the Eastern District of Washington for importing and selling Miracle Mineral Supplement.[10]

[edit] The epistemology of Kerry Cassidy

Kerry's view of what knowledge is can be summed up in her own words, in a blog post following the Comet Elenin/Asteroid YU55 débacle. She wrote:

… what resonates with your heart and spirit is where the truth is… not in superficial details that don't add up or painting a logic trail with a broad brush saying this is black and this is white.

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