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Liberal talk radio (also called progressive talk radio) has been around a long time. Many people have heard of the launch and subsequent ups and downs of the Air America Radio network, but there are many other less well-known but still significant players on the stage. Conservative talk radio has considerably greater national coverage over liberal talk radio in air time, which has led to talk of reviving the Fairness Doctrine.[1] However, numerous liberal and independent talk personalities broadcast via internet streaming, YouTube, satellite radio and podcast sales.


[edit] Personalities

This is a brief overview of liberal talk radio personalities that various RationalWiki editors are familiar with. Times for shows given are when they run live, and in their local time zone.

Caveat auditor: Many of the stations and personalities listed below support the Democratic Party, meaning that they may hew to that party's line instead of liberal/progressive principles. For example, they may devote airtime to Democratic-generated manufactroversies or ignore/downplay third-party candidates such as Ralph Nader.

[edit] Alan Colmes

The Alan Colmes show has been on the radio since the 1980s and was unabashedly liberal back then; indeed, his was one of the few liberal voices on the radio during the early 1990s. His show included a segment called Radio Graffiti, which was sampled (some might say in an anti-Semitic dig at Colmes, who is Jewish) by the rap group Public Enemy on their 1990 album Fear of a Black Planet. Since 1996 he has come under increased criticism for playing "token liberal" on the Fox News Channel opposite Sean Hannity, and since there are now much stronger liberals on talk radio there is no reason to listen to Colmes any more, although during the darkest days of the 1990s he was a refreshing change from the all-Limbaugh-all-the-time format, and in some markets the only game in town.

[edit] Amy Goodman

Goodman has been involved in many radio and television projects dating back to the 1970s, and currently hosts the program Democracy Now!, which is hosted on many FM stations, and also through their website at See also the section below on the Pacifica radio network. Amy is famous for revealing the abuses of the Indonesian Government during the 1980s, taking a huge beating and almost dying in the process (and nothing was done), being arrested at the 2008 RNC (and no one cared) and being detained at the Canadian border for suspicion of questioning the 2012 Olympics (and REALLY no one cared, seriously, she rattled on about that shit for 2 weeks.) Amy tries to represent those who are usually ignored by the mainstream media, interviewing such interesting subjects as the President of Vanuatu and Dennis Kucinich (about 300 times.) She is also famous for prodding Bill Clinton into a 30 minute debate after a routine get-out-the-vote call, which was hilarious and ended in Clinton hanging up in a fury, and being threatened with a denial of access (which she didn't actually have in the first place);[2] in other words, a good person and unfortunately all too often rare. We need more like her.

  • Mondays-Fridays 8AM Eastern, on flagship radio station WBAI 99.5 in New York City and online as TV show at Various radio and TV stations around the world broadcast Democracy Now at various times on tape delay; check your local listings.

[edit] Thom Hartmann

See the main article on this topic: Thom Hartmann

Thom is a well-spoken, mild mannered host with a wealth of historical knowledge in his grasp. His show, like many others, features well-informed guests from across the political spectrum, and listener telephone calls.

[edit] Jim Hightower

Jim Hightower has a two minute commentary called Hightower Radio aired on many stations. He had long-format shows on the ABC and United Broadcasting networks.

[edit] Rachel Maddow

See the main article on this topic: Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow, Ph.D., was a regular part of Air America Radio since its inception. Formerly one of three hosts of "Unfiltered," in AAR's original morning line-up (along with Lizz Winstead and Chuck D), she now has her own show and evening time slot. She appeared regularly as a guest speaker on Keith Olbermann's Countdown when it aired on MSNBC, and now has her own MSNBC show. Rachel focuses on reporting humorous right-wing absurdities in the news and features guests rather than taking calls from the public.

[edit] Mike Malloy

See the main article on this topic: Mike Malloy

Mike Malloy has been broadcasting his particular brand of insightful analysis, listener conversation, and disgust with the Limbot Party (and those who should, but do not, oppose them), from a secret location near Atlanta since the early 1990s locally, and nationally since October 2000.

His wife and producer, Kathy Bay, also joins in on air, and does a very credible Laura "Pickles" Bush impression. Much to his pain and disgust, she also does a good Sarah Palin. Luckily, due to the shifting winds of politics, these two imitations have mostly been shelved.

"...once again, the right-wing moon bats tremble at the realization the Malloy program continues, unabated and as dangerous and borderline psychopathic as ever. Maybe more so, after our experiences recently with Nova M and, um, On Second Thought."[3]

His regular bumper music consists of orchestral versions of Pink Floyd classics to open each hour.

"Rage, rage, against the Flying Monkey Right".

  • 9 PM - 12 AM ET on Air America Radio on Nova M radio on On Second Thought radio Broadcasting independently via several "affiliates" linked from his website.

[edit] Stephanie Miller

"Mama" Stephanie Miller's three hour daily show is more of a sketch and outrage liberal comedy show, also featuring her producer, Chris Lavoie, and "voice deity" Jim Ward. Many regular features are repeated every day, such as Right Wing World, Stand Up News, and Tinsel Talk.

Jim Ward has professed belief in 9/11 conspiracy theories on the air on several occasions. Miller tends to quickly dismiss his arguments when he does this.

A bit of trivia: Stephanie is the daughter of former congressman William E. Miller, Barry Goldwater's vice-presidential running mate in 1964.

[edit] Bill Press

Based in Washington, D.C., Bill Press was a Los Angeles television reporter and commentator until he was selected to chair the California Democratic Party in the 1990s. After that, he went to work for CNN where he represented the left side of the argument in their famous screamfest shows, Crossfire and The Spin Room. He later paired with his former Crossfire adversary Pat Buchanan on MSNBC.

His national radio show has the arguably enviable position of having few if any competitors thanks to its time slot—6-9 AM Eastern Time. His show is syndicated to a few radio stations. The first hour of the show is available on Sirius and XM satellite radio.

He also blogs for The Huffington Post and the Capitol Hill newspaper/website, The Hill.

On 14 December 2009, Press announced that he had been denied Congressional press credentials because he had asked his listeners and readers to call and write to Senator Joe Lieberman and tell him that he was wrong about the health care bill. (Press holds credentials to White House press conferences.) Among those who voted to deny giving credentials to Press -- Fox News and Al Jazeera.[4]

[edit] Randi Rhodes

A stalwart of liberal radio since the 1980s, Randi regularly beat major conservative talk hosts in her home Florida market on WJNO before commuting to New York (she still calls Florida home) to work at Air America from its founding on March 31, 2004. Ms. Rhodes has particular credibility on defense topics as a former Air Force aircraft mechanic.

On some unspecified date in 2007, Rhodes had a drinking-related accident, which Jon Elliot claimed was in some way related to the "internet hate machine".[5]

  • 3 - 6 PM EST on AAR
    • Rhodes was suspended by AAR on April 3, 2008 over a personal appearance in which her performance included controversial material
    • Rhodes terminated her contract with AAR on April 9, 2008
  • She returned to the airwaves on April 14, 2008
  • 3 - 6 PM EST formerly on NovaM, and probably many AAR affiliates.
    • Rhodes has been off the air since February 2, 2009, owing to a dispute (details undisclosed) with NovaM
  • 3 - 6 PM EST on Premiere Radio Networks, formerly streaming at KNEW 960 San Francisco

[edit] Ed Schultz

A former sports radio announcer turned political talk radio host, Ed originally broadcasted from North Dakota. He used to frequently describe himself as a "gun-totin', red meat-eatin' Democrat", but has begun describing himself as a progressive. Schultz went to Moorhead State University (now Minnesota State University - Moorhead) on a football scholarship. After playing one season of professional football in Canada, Schultz moved to Fargo, North Dakota as a radio sports reporter.

In 2009, he got his own MSNBC television show, so now he broadcasts out of New York City. He maintains a house in the lake district of Minnesota east of Fargo.

Some conservative stations also carry Ed as the one liberal as an alternative to the dominant conservative programs. For example, in Ed's native Fargo, N.D., his show can be heard on tape delay after the live Rush Limbaugh broadcast on WZFG 1100.

[edit] Norman Goldman

Born and raised in New York City, Goldman got his start in 2006 when he was featured as "Senior Legal Analyst" on The Ed Schultz radio show. When Schultz started using Goldman as fill-in host, Goldman held popular show ratings and was encouraged to host his own show. He also appears on MSNBC. He categorizes himself as "independent" vs. liberal or progressive, but is a solid Democrat in direction. His motto is "Where fierce independence is the norm." - thus he will criticize and praise either "side of the political isle" depending on how he analyzes the particular issues. Recognizing the demise of terrestrial (brick-and-mortar facilities) radio stations, he offers "Beyond the Norm" podcast subscriptions. Commercials and news breaks normally heard during a live broadcast period are removed for the podcast recordings.

Podcasting (play-on-demand, see also iPod) has become often used by many talk show hosts to replace income normally gained from national or local sponsor advertising. Norman Goldman also has a Smartphone App, which has become another means by which talk show personalities offer access to the broadcasts and other convenient features. The gradual displacement of standard TV stations and car radios with Smartphones and internet websites/WiFi has made Apps like TuneIn Radio see a huge increase in popularity. While people tire of negative TV commercials during political season, they have selective choice of their desired listening via their phone or (laptop) computer.

Facebook and Twitter and other social media has also become another avenue for talk radio personalities to increase exposure to their shows.

[edit] (Senator) Al Franken

Air America's original flagship affiliate, WLIB in New York, had some early ratings success despite a modest signal. In their first month, their midday block featuring (now Senator) Al Franken drew more listeners in the demographic category desired by advertisers than competing stations featuring Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly.

[edit] Peter B. Collins

Peter B. Collins broadcasts his three hour daily show formerly called Live from the Left Coast, which is a mix mostly consisting of interviews with a wide range of guest experts early in the show, followed with as many calls from as many kinds of people as he can fit in. Often the guests and callers are able to interact when technology permits. Peter B. has been in radio since the 70's, working many talk time slots at many stations. His style is low-key and non-confrontational, even when arguing with people who strongly disagree with him.

[edit] Leslie Marshall

Leslie Marshall is a passionate contributor to the talk radio scene, once she discovered it after doing regular old-fashioned radio for a few years,[6] and combines the firebrand waving anger of Mike Malloy with the "engage the conservative idiots who call me" style of Sam Seder.

Her slogan is "the only true democracy in talk radio". No one knows why.

She is also pretty hot, what a shame that she hides her light under the bushel of radio.

[edit] Bob Kincaid

Yet another tireless internet-only "broadcaster" on the HORN network.

Probably available here

[edit] Tom Leykis

Tom Leykis was an unabashed political liberal during the 1990s, and used to advertise himself as "the talk show that is not hosted by a right wing wacko or a convicted felon", the latter in reference to G. Gordon Liddy. He has since turned into something more like a shock jock, and is less political than he once was. (He's also come under fire for perceived misogyny and homophobia.) He lost his radio show in 2009 due to a format change, and now can be heard online.

[edit] Scott Dick

Scott Dick, a frequent guest on Peter B. Collins' (now defunct) show, has his own show now, where he "shoot[s] from the lip and takes no prisoners". Peter B. is expected to be a regular guest.

[edit] Jon Elliott

Jon regularly reads the names and ranks of every soldier to die in the Iraq War the previous month on his first show of each month. Elliot alleged that Randi Rhodes was "mugged" by "right wing(ers),“ questioning whether the incident was "an attempt by the right-wing, hate machine to silence one of our own?...Are we threatening them? Are they afraid that we’re winning? Are they trying to silence intimidate us?” while substituting for Rhodes during her absence. Elliott later issued an apology for his on-air comments of speculation without evidence, "I shouldn't have speculated based on hearsay that Randi Rhodes had been mugged and that it may have been an attack from a right-wing hate machine, I apologize for jumping to conclusions."[7]

Air America canceled his show as of 15 May 2009. He can still be heard in his home town of San Diego, California, on a Mexican station at the high end of the AM band. He also still broadcasts on XM Satellite Radio.

  • Show title: This is America with Jon Elliott
  • 3 - 6 PM PT, on XEPE 1700 (Tecate, Mexico) and XM Satellite Radio. Now a podcast.

[edit] Jeff Farias

[edit] (Cary) Harrison

The award-winning techno-accessible HARRISON leads his audiences into a brave new world riddled with honest to god facts and newsworthy/contagious chatter as he uncovers and examines topic relevant to today's free range humans (aka: millienials) -- all delivered in a concise, drive-thru, on the go format for those with zero time for the BS that has somehow festered into news & entertainment.


  • "Mainstream Broadcasting for Free Range Humans"
  • "Preventing Truth Decay"
  • On Southern California Public Radio ("Goharrison" and "The Smart Show"), "Quick-Flix" on TV sports networks (Hollywood quickies for MMA sports fans), Think Green Radio and TV, about 40 stations nationwide (times unknown)

[edit] David Pakman

Based in New York City, David Pakman is a nationally syndicated progressive television and radio host. The David Pakman Show airs on over 175 television and radio affiliates across the country, as well as on DirecTV and DISH Network as the lead-in to Democracy Now on Free Speech TV. The YouTube channel for TDPS has about 100,000 subscribers.

[edit] Nicole Sandler

Nicole lives in Coral Springs, Florida and has long experience in radio, primarily as host of various music shows. When WINZ-AM Miami was the Air America affiliate in south Florida, she was co-host with Jim deFede and it was obvious who was the teacher and who the student. When WINZ changed its format to be the 8th or 9th all sports talk station, Nicole got dumped. She soldiers on with a great talk show on the Internet. Amazing that no radio station in south Florida will carry her show.

[edit] Ring of Fire

Hosted by attorneys Mike Papantonio and Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and political activist David Bender. Debuting on 1 May 2004,[8] this may have been the longest-running show on Air America. Papantonio and Kennedy are renowned for representing labor unions, product liability torts and environmental issues. Bender is a long-time veteran of political campaigns and the entertainment industry. These subjects dominate the topics on Ring of Fire.

Papantonio broadcasts from a studio next door to his law office in Pensacola, Florida. Kennedy, who teaches at the Pace University School of Law, broadcasts from a studio near the campus in White Plains, New York. Bender broadcasts from California.

John Morgan is a former co-host.

Footage of Papantonio's portion of the show was included in the movie Jesus Camp.

[edit] Sam Seder

An initiate into talk radio hosting with the genesis of Air America Radio on a show he co-hosted with Janeane Garaofolo, "Majority Report", Sam developed a style all his own, and proved himself to the manner (or manor) born. After Janeane left to pursue her acting career, and to get away from Sam's stutter, he carried the three hour "Sam Seder Show" himself for a year or so. He is one of the few talk radio hosts who will stay with an angry "oppositional" caller and just keep on arguing with them. When AAR 2.0 launched, the bean counters relegated him to the 4-7 (EST) slot on Sundays - a surefire way to build ratings in the (northern hemisphere) summer (not). As of May 2008 the Seder on Sundays show has ceased operation, perhaps due to Sam wanting Sundays off.

Maybe it's just that opening bumper music that gets me - The Clash's version of "Pressure Drop".

Seder seems to be the gadfly of liberal talk radio—by early 2008 he was the substitute host of choice whenever Randi Rhodes or Mike Malloy were unavailable. The result of this is that sometimes he gets more airtime in a week than any other host.

Now runs an online radio show called The Majority Report, which is broadcast live on 11:30AM-12PM Eastern.

[edit] David Sirota

Sirota hosts the morning show on KKZN "Colorado's Progressive Talk" in Denver. He has also guest hosted The Thom Hartmann Program and has appeared on national programs such as The Young Turks. He has also written three books and is a nationally syndicated columnist.

[edit] Nancy Skinner

In February 2009 she served as a "temporary replacement" for Randi Rhodes on NovaM. Nancy ran against future President Obama for his Illinois Senate seat, and he endorsed her 2006 Michigan congressional run. Nancy hosted a weekday show for 8 years on WLS-AM Chicago. For the past decade Nancy has been a guest host and expert on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX News.

  • 3 - 6 pm EST on On Second Thought radio

[edit] Bernie Ward

Bernie Ward, formerly known as the "Lion of the Left", broadcast from San Francisco for nearly two decades, and has been a contributor to Democracy Now, CommonDreams, and was for a period nationally syndicated from his radio home at KGO 810 AM. In 2008 Ward was indicted on child pornography charges, having been caught passing such materials during sex-chats in which he described molesting his own children.[9] Now he is known amongst his fan base as, alternately, "Former Catholic Priest" or "Victim of Bushco Hit Job", depending on who you're reading.

  • hxxp:// Defunct for years since Ward's incarceration.

[edit] Other programs

These programs either have multiple hosts, rotating hosts and/or hosts that have "real" day jobs while doing talk radio on the side.

[edit] Dr. Mike Newcomb

Mike Newcomb is a physician from Phoenix, Arizona and was a candidate for governor of Arizona, losing the Democratic primary to Janet Napolitano in 2002.

[edit] State of Belief

Hosted by the Reverend C. Welton Gaddy, a Baptist pastor, this show takes on the wingnuttery of the growing fundamentalist right wing of Christianity and its non-Biblical teachings like the prosperity gospel.

Gaddy is also chairman of The Interfaith Alliance, an ecumenical organization that promotes the community service aspects of Christianity.

[edit] Keep Hope Alive

Reverend Jesse Jackson hosts this show which promotes social justice.

[edit] Independent Underground Radio LIVE

Michigan's Top Politico Program discussing National/Michigan Politics, Breaking News and more. Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) fosters an educational debate on impacting Americans in the Middle and Lower Economic classes. Podcast on Blog Talk Radio since October 2010 Independent Underground Radio averages over 140K listeners per month, and 1 million + downloads since October 2010.

Host Monica RW Monica RW is the Executive Producer/Co-Host of Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL). Monica RW background includes holding a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree, serves as local elected public official, owner of independent news organization ROJS MEDIA, LLC and owner/writer of Michigan's top urban-politico blog- Independent Underground News & Talk. With Independent-Left Political viewpoints, Monica RW brings an unique urban voice discussing issues of the day.

[edit] Networks

[edit] On Second Thought

NovaM was founded in 2006 by the original founders of Air America Radio, Anita and Sheldon Drobny. So far their reach is small, but their syndicated hosts are often found mixed in with AAR shows on some affiliates. In February 2009, in the wake of contractual issues resulting in Randi Rhodes' show leaving the air, their intent to file for bankruptcy protection was announced (but not acted on as of 2/24/09), and the network has "rebranded" itself as On Second Thought Radio, LLC.

Their offerings consisted of Skinner, Newcomb, and Malloy, five days a week.

(Defunct, apparently, as of March 3, 2009 or so)

[edit] H.O.R.N.

The Head On Radio Network is an internet-only broadcast, sponsored by a labor union, featuring a very "down home chat" style of discussion, usually between a two "hosts". Not currently known if these people are affiliated with the "apply directly to forehead" folks, let's hope not.

[edit] Air America Radio

Air America Radio was founded in March 2004, with a roster of well-known and lesser-known hosts, ranging from long time liberal talk radio hosts to celebrities with moderate to liberal tendencies. Its imminent bankruptcy and dissolution is gleefully and prematurely announced by some conservative at least once a year.

The network was relaunched the week of May 21, 2007 under the new ownership of brothers Stephen and Mark Green with a greater emphasis on political and cultural celebrities.[10]

On January 21, 2010 AAR ceased live programming, and on the 25th ended its operations.[11]

[edit] Jones Radio Network

A long-time provider of music programming for "automated" stations, Jones now also offers progressive radio talk shows, including Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz and Bill Press.

[edit] Pacifica Radio Network

Pacifica owns five stations, in New York, Washington D.C., Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Houston, which split their time between eclectic music and cultural programs, and left-wing political talk. They have been around for decades and are well to the left of most other liberal talk radio. (Not necessarily a bad thing; this means that unlike much of "progressive" talk radio, they do not exist to service the Democratic Party and they give airtime to a variety of radical views that otherwise wouldn't be heard on the radio. The analysis is therefore far more Noam Chomsky than George Lakoff, they continue to be hardcore anti-war even when the bomber in chief has a "D" after his name, stray issues from animal rights to jury nullification get a fair hearing instead of snide dismissal, and you're likely to hear Ward Churchill interviewed or cited favorably instead of denounced or distanced from.)

Pacifica is not without its problems. WBAI and WPFW give considerable airtime to Gary Null pitching alt-med woo, and WPFW has even used Gary Null's magic detox packets as fundraising premiums. KPFK became dominated by woo-meisters and truthers. WPFW, while it now carries some radical political talk, until recently had little to no radical politics and almost all jazz music. KPFT at one point in the late 90s-early 00s appeared headed down the same path to oblivion as WPFW adopting a country music format of all things, but today is back at the cutting edge with eclectic cultural programming and radical and progressive talk.

Streaming audio at:

Democracy Now is their flagship program and is their best known program because it is carried by over 700 stations. It is a daily TV/radio one-hour news and analysis program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. It has news and commentary from outside the usual mainstream and corporate sources, and refreshingly makes a point of exploring each of its news items with in-depth 10-15 minute segments rather than puerile slogans and sound bites.

Their other flagship program was the independently produced Free Speech Radio News, which made its last broadcast on September 27, 2013 due to lack of funding.

[edit] Progressive Radio Network (PRN)

Progressive Radio Network is an Internet-only non-commercial station founded by Gary Null in June 2006 in New York City[12][13]. It largely shares time between politically-liberal/progressive shows, shows which discuss general science matters, and shows which advocate alternative medicine, anti-vaccination, AIDS denialism and woo (as Null himself pushes such through his own show on the network).

Streaming audio at:


[edit] Sirius XM Left

Sirius XM Left, formerly known as America Left (on XM Radio) and Sirius Left prior to the 2011 merger, is Sirius XM's flagship liberal/progressive channel.

[edit] i.e. America Radio Network

(now defunct)

The United Auto Workers started this in 1996 as the United Broadcasting Network. Chuck Harder was originally involved in a joint venture but in a dispute was forced out, and sued UAW over the deal. In 2000 they became i.e. America Radio Network. The network was always a money-losing venture for UAW though, and their final broadcasts were in February 2004, one month before Air America Radio debuted. i.e. carried Chuck Harder (during its first few months), Ed Schultz (during its last few months), Jim Hightower, Mike Malloy, Thom Hartmann, labor-oriented programming from the Workers Independent News Service, and shows on non-political topics like pets and home improvement. Many of those who got their start on i.e. moved on to become fixtures on Air America stations and on Sirius Satellite Network's Sirius Left channel.

[edit] Local stations

These are all AM stations unless otherwise specified:

[edit] Arizona

  • Bullhead City: KTOX 1340: plays both Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes on three-hour tape delay and even has Alex Jones; KAAA 1230 delays Alan Colmes to 4AM-7AM
  • Phoenix: KPHX 1480
  • Tucson: Has no progressive radio.

[edit] California

  • Carmel Valley (Monterey): KRXA 540, KGO 810 (see San Francisco for details), KNEW 910 (San Francisco)
  • Cathedral City (Palm Springs):KPTR 1340
  • Chico/Redding: KGO 810 (San Francisco)
  • Eureka: KGOE 1480
  • Fresno: KFCF 88.1 (rebroadcast of San Francisco's KPFA)
  • Loma Linda/San Bernardino/Riverside: KCAA 1050 broadcasts 1 hour of Ed Schultz at 10AM as well as Rev. Barry Lynn's show weeknights at 11 (Lynn is head of Americans United for Separation of Church and State) and plays Jim Hightower's commentaries.
  • Los Angeles: KTLK 1150 (Stephanie Miller's flagship station; as a 50 kW station nighttime signal reaches as far north as San Francisco) and Pacifica Radio station KPFK 90.7 Will switch to conservative talk on 1/2/14
  • Needles: KTOX 1340: plays both Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes on three-hour tape delay and even has Alex Jones; KAAA 1230 delays Alan Colmes to 4AM-7AM
  • Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto: KGO and KNEW from San Francisco can be heard in this area
  • San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose: KGO 810 (all-news weekdays, all-talk weekends including progressives Pat Thurston, Peter B. Collins, Stacy Taylor, and Karel); KKSF 910 is the local Limbaugh affiliate but flips left at 4PM (with Gil Gross 4pm-7pm followed by Alan Colmes 7pm-10pm); KNEW 960 (also carries some conservative programs starting in 2012, including Glenn Beck and Bill Cunningham) and Pacifica station KPFA 94.1 KNEW switches to conservative talk on 1/2/14.

[edit] Colorado

  • Denver/Boulder: KKZN 760 (also reaches Colorado Springs and Fort Collins)

[edit] District of Columbia

WPFW 89.3 is the local Pacifica Radio affiliate. WPWC 1480, based in Dumfries-Triangle, Virginia, re-established progressive talk in DC for the first time since 2010 but has a weak signal in downtown DC.

[edit] Florida

[edit] Illinois

  • Chicago: WCPT 820 "Chicago's Progressive Talk": because WCPT-AM has to reduce power at night to protect the 50 kW signal of the conservative Denver station KOA 850, there are three FM satellites of WCPT-AM to serve areas that can't hear WCPT-AM at night (namely sunset until midnight when WCPT still plays original programming). Those FM stations play dance music during overnight hours (12AM-5AM) while WCPT-AM plays repeats of daytime programs during those hours:
    • Arlington Heights (northern suburbs): WCPT-FM 92.7
    • Dekalb (western suburbs): WCPY-FM 92.5
    • Park Forest (southern suburbs): WCPQ-FM 99.9

[edit] Indiana

The northwestern areas of the state nearest to Chicago can pick up WCPT-AM as well as WCPQ-FM.[14][15]

[edit] Massachusetts

  • Northampton: WHMP 1400
    WHMP operates two satellites:
    • East Longmeadow (Springfield): WHNP 1600 (daytime hours only)
    • Greenfield: WHMQ 1240

[edit] Michigan

[edit] Minnesota

  • St. Louis Park (Twin Cities): KTNF 950

[edit] Montana

The Big Sky Radio Network (KBSR 1490 Billings; KHDN 1230 Hardin; KYLW 1450 Lockwood) carries a bipartisan lineup of talk shows with liberals Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, and Alan Colmes and conservatives Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved, Mike Gallagher, and Hugh Hewitt.

[edit] Nevada

  • Laughlin: KTOX 1340: plays both Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes on three-hour tape delay and even has Alex Jones; KAAA 1230 delays Alan Colmes to 4AM-7AM

[edit] New Jersey

  • Newark and the northernmost counties nearest NYC can hear WWRL 1600 and WBAI 99.5 from New York City.

[edit] New Mexico

[edit] New York

[edit] North Carolina

[edit] Ohio

  • Cleveland: WABQ "Talk 1460" (flipped from gospel music to prog talk in Aug. 2011); WKBN 570 from Youngstown
  • Columbus: WVKO 1580 (after a nearly 5-year hiatus, progressive radio returned to Columbus in 2012!)
  • Toledo: WDTW 1310 from Detroit
  • Youngstown: WKBN 570 is the local Limbaugh station but has a liberal morning host (Mike Romigh, formerly of Pittsburgh's KDKA) and Ron Verb immediately after Limbaugh.

[edit] Oregon

  • North Bend: KBBR 1340
  • Portland: KPOJ 620 Format changed to all sports in 2012.
  • On November 6, 2012, Clear Channel, owned by Bain Capital the largest share holder in which is Mitt Romney, changed Portland's only progressive talk station to: FOX Sports

[edit] Pennsylvania

  • Pittsburgh: WKBN 570 from Youngstown, Ohio (see Ohio for details)
  • Scranton/Mt. Cobb: WFTE 90.3/105.7 (noncommercial community station, programs include Democracy Now and Thom Hartmann)

[edit] South Dakota

  • Aberdeen: KSDN 950 plays "best of" blocks of Bill Press and Thom Hartmann on weekends otherwise is a news and conservative talk station.
  • Rapid City: KOTA 1380 broadcasts Limbaugh and Hannity as well as local news blocks during the early morning and late afternoon hours. KOTA also plays Thom Hartmann 6-9PM (delayed by 8 hours).

[edit] Texas

[edit] Vermont

[edit] Virginia

  • Arlington/northern Virginia suburbs of DC: WPWC 1480

[edit] Washington

  • Bellingham: KBAI 930
  • Seattle: KPTK 1090 Format changed to all sports in 2013.
  • Spokane: KPTQ 1280ClearChannel changed the format to "classic" country music in 2012.
  • Vancouver (not the Canadian city): KPOJ 620 from Portland, Ore. Format changed to all sports in 2012.

[edit] Wisconsin

  • Madison: WORT-FM 89.9 (nonprofit community station) and WXXM-FM 92.1 "The Mic" (conventional talk station)
  • Milwaukee: 107.3 HD2 (rebroadcasts WXXM from Madison); WCPT 820 from Chicago; WRJN 1400 from Racine
  • Oshkosh: WISS "Big Red" 1100 is a Fox News Radio affiliate but includes Alan Colmes in its lineup. WRPN 1600 used to carry Ed Schultz live but replaced him with generic news programming.
  • Racine: WRJN 1400 (broadcasts Ed Schultz and Alan Colmes live; other programs on the lineup are generic local news programs, a local issues call-in show, and conservative Phil Valentine)
  • Wausau: WXCO 1230: A surprise to find a progressive talk station in a district that recently elected a Tea Party candidate to Congress, Sean Duffy. This station broadcasts Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, and Thom Hartmann all on one-hour delays due to extending the Washington Times-produced America's Morning News program, which is live from 5 to 9 a.m. Central Time, by one hour. Then after the three progressive shows the station plays a twice-looped Dennis Miller.

[edit] Wyoming

  • Cheyenne: KKZN 760 from Denver

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[edit] Footnotes

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