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Auguste Comte

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Auguste Comte (19 January 1798 – 5 September 1857) was a French philosopher of science, the founder of sociology and positivism. He was also responsible for coining the term altruism, which he defined as "living for others", although thankfully its definition was changed to merely helping them (which failed to prevent Ayn Rand from turning this around in a massive hate-on for the idea.)

He developed "The Law Of Three Stages". He believed that society was constantly evolving, and that positivist scientific methods could be used to analyse society and discover the underlying social laws that govern human behavior, with this knowledge we could cure the causes of social ills and better society. The evolution of society was in three stages:

  1. The Theocratic stage — Explanation of the world via personified deities. The Theocratic stage was broken down into three further stages:
    1. Animism
    2. Polytheism
    3. Monotheism
  2. The Metaphysical stage — Explanation by impersonal abstract explanation (philosophy).
  3. The Positivist stage — Explanation by reason, rationality and the scientific method.

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