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I do enjoy a fish
This user doesn't care who wins the 2024 presidential election, as long as it isn't a Republican.
Karikatur 7.jpg Freedom of speech can be dangerous, but must be upheld by every one of us.
Goat.jpg This user's favourite animal is the goat.
This user enjoys farcical Communist Propaganda.
USDA Prime RibEye.jpg
This user thinks
cows are tasty.
This user likes jam.
Hippo shipping.jpg
This user is a hippo crate.
This user is a member of
Amnesty International.


H2g2.jpg The meaning of life has nothing to do with god or fate or any of that bullshit. It's 42.
R   E   T   I   R   E   D
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This is due to a private decision to leave RationalWiki and never come back.
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A close family member once offered his opinion that I exhibit the phone manners of a goat, then promptly withdrew the charge - out of fairness to goats.


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