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Christian Schwabe (1930–) is an American professor of biochemistry. He is most well known for presenting an alternative hypothesis to biological evolution.


Schwabe earned his PhD in 1965 in biochemistry. He was a professor of biochemistry at Harvard Medical School up until 1971.[1]

Genomic Potential Hypothesis[edit]

Schwabe, in writing a number of scientific papers on biochemistry, began to criticise biological evolution. After studying the formation of lysosomes, cytochromes and amino acids he claimed his research shows anomalies from the neo-Darwinian point of view.

Instead, Schwabe maintains that all proteins had their present forms right from the start of life independently, he further claims that no intermediate form has been found between molecules.

Schwabe published his ideas in a book titled The Genomic Potential Hypothesis: a Chemist's View of the Origins, Evolution and Unfolding of Life in 2001. His hypothesis proposes that biological events are actually a consequence of chemical and biochemical principles rather than genetic mutation or genetic drift. He contends that life on Earth has a multiplicity of origins, rather than all species evolving from one single cell.[2]

Schwabe rejects common descent and his hypothesis is that all species on earth have an independent but natural origin from chemical pools of nucleic acids.


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