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Caller: John.

Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Andy in bold text. Caller in green.

Hello John, Welcome to the program.

Yes, I've just got an interesting question. Since I'm more than fifty, is there any reason why an adult couldn't just like, take part and informally continue their education?

Oh, that's a superb point. And one thing I've noticed in American history is that the people who were homeschooled in American history, they did not stop learning when they became adults. Abraham Lincoln in his forties, he went back and relearned and reproved all the theorems of Euclid. It's only the public school students who tend to think that they get a diploma, that their education is done. No, no. Our education should continue throughout our lives and as adults we should be learning just as much if not more so as we did when we were students and gives all of us adults an opportunity to do that freely.

Well, tell us some of the great people who were homeschooled.

Oh, most of the great contributors in American history were homeschooled. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison went to public school just for a few months, the teacher declared him to have a learning deficiency. The mother of Thomas Edison pulled him out, and then he became such a productive member of society. Douglas MacArthur. General Patton. Ronald Reagan was taught to read, at home, by his mother. The list goes on and on of the most productive Americans. These are people who tend to be independent thinkers, these are people who tend to be self-starters. Those are the homeschoolers and those are the ones who produce the most.