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Segment 19 - Previous

Caller: Paula.

Transcription: Phyllis in normal text. Andy in bold text. Announcer in italics. Caller in green.

Hi Paula. Welcome.

H-hi. Um...I'm really pleased you've got this Conservapedia dot com. However, I've noticed that when you look up a subject like on Google search dot com [sic], it always goes to the Wikipedia and then I get the definition of that. And how could it be that as far as multi-media, you know that you could be placed on the Google search more up... [laugh from Phyllis in background] ... I don't know... it maybe...

That's right. We're doing some research, Andy, and Wikipedia comes up on Google; how can we make Conservapedia come up?

Well we do rank highly for a lot of terms now. A lot of very important terms we rank in the top 10, or top 20. I think our Abortion entry is in the top 20 for example, and so our rank is improving.

But you're exactly right - there seems to be a bias where Google appears to rank Wikipedia the number 1, and we have to overcome that bias and recognise that the people who control Google, the people who control Wikipedia, the people who control the ordinary media are not going to be that friendly, to our Christian values. So it's something we have to recognise and we have to overcome that. It's important for teenagers to learn that too that there is tremendous bias out there and I make sure teenagers recognise that in my class - that there is deceit and bias and you have to overcome that, you can't just go along with it.

Well... er... Paula and others can help by going to Conservapedia, because... er... the more people who go to it, the higher the ranking on Google will be, right?

That's - and the more links - that's right. Yeah, the more visits and the more links created, so if you have another site then you'll want to link to Conservapedia and Conservapedia will link to your site and that's how we'll get our rankings better.

And how many good content pages do you have on Conservapedia?

We have well over 25,000 - I haven't checked the most recent number, but it's growing; it's growing quickly and we have the 25,000 most important entries. We don't have a lot of the trivia that clogs Wikipedia. We go for just the more important entries.

And what about how many people have already come to... er... Conservapedia?

Well, we've had over 75 million pageviews on Conservapedia.

Well that's tremendous. Now can people listening to this program post things about subjects they're particularly interested in?

Yes, they can. You can go there right now, it's free. You simply establish a user ID and a password for yourself, so you have a free account and then you can immediately post new entries[1] and you can teach what you know about the Civil War, for example, we had a caller about that a few minutes ago. Or whatever is your area of expertise, you can put that up there and you can have a huge audience that will then listen and learn from you.

We've been talking today with Andy Schlafly, who's a very successful homeschooler, has some wonderful courses that are available on what he invented, which is the website called... er... Conservapedia dot org, I think...

It's dot com. Coast-to-coast, you're listening to Eagle Forum Live.


  1. Provided they're actually open for editing when you try