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Original can be seen here

"Aschlafly" (Another absurd name. I mean YIKES! At least FernoKlump isn't my real name) go fuck yourself, you moron. You are an idiot if you think you can trust TK with Sysop powers over Human with editing powers. Have you forgotten about this already?
It is clear to everyone but you that TK is out to destroy this website. Yet you continue to keep him and other malicious people, like Bugler, around.
And above all, you really are nothing more than a bully. You were born into a rich family, had endless opportunities, and graduated from Harvard. Yet the best thing you could do with your life is teach homeschooled kids (who either really suck at history or have a crappy teacher; I suspect the latter) and start Conservapedia, which btw I'm sure you know is the biggest laughing stock on the internet. You go back to writing your Obama article, I'm sure its a great outlet for the frustration and jealously you feel for seeing someone who started out with so little become so successful.
Your politics are a joke. I mean, do you actually have an intellectual argument for ANY of your positions? You blindly adhere to any and all conservative positions. I guess its cuz Mommy said so, huh?
And finally, to TK, You are a fucking liar and leave my email the fuck alone.
I'm done helping a wiki that was no appreciation for its editors. Your Truly, FernoKlumpMr. Schlafly! Look at this petition!10:04, 19 December 2008 (EST)