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Conservapedia:Parthian shot/RonAbdul

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Conservapedia (and religious fundamentalism to an extent) was a major focal point in the early history of RationalWiki, but long ago ceased coming up with new ways to appall and amuse.
Our energies are now spent debunking other, fresher examples of pseudoscientific claims, authoritarianism, and deceit.
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Parthian shot[edit]

I'm a fairly conservative Muslim-American from Springfield.

After visitting this site, I don't think I can any longer identify with the US conservative movement. I hope this site doesn't represent the political ideas I largely identified with for a long period, because if it does, then the conservative movement seems to largely revolve around hatred and lies. This sites only real purpose seems to be to spread misinformation against topics the founder has decided he doesn't approve of. Atheism, Public schools, Homosexuality, Democrats, our new President-Elect and so on.

I admire many other contributors here, but most seem to be blocked quite quickly either for having a name like "Cynni", or for disagreeing with Andy. I'll continue to try and improve this site as best I can until I ge blocked, which I suspect will be soon....