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43Once again, the Bible is too raunchyimg for Conservapedia. UPDATE: It was too much for them. They nukedimg it.
19The Conservapedia Consensus: Comedy Centralimg is the reason why public school kids are such misbehavers! Aschlafly: Oh yeah, their Upper West Side Manhattan headquarters are a few blocks from the bus stationimg! Great, that's where I'll go to egg 'em!
22Hsmom forgetsimg that Comedy Central is evil. UPDATE: But it's ok, Andy steps in to remind herimg
9RJJensen begins to understandimg how to be a good CP sysop. Next: More Hitler and bans for proving you wrong about something.
33Roger informs Andyimg that you can't just make up new definitions for math jargon and expect anyone to know what you're talking about.
37 Remember to log in before you WIGO or TK will find you!!!1! Note: this user was not blockedimg, she simply retired.img And TK's comment? Whoops, memory hole!img Update; MOAR: Another WIGO'erimg falls for the cause! Good contributions, but log in first! TK spends more time here than making substantial edits at CP -- as if there is such a thing!
21 JPatt takes a forwarded mail and presents it as truthimg while citing a source that says the mail's claims are inaccurate and misleading. CherylEimg helps by showing Jpatt where to look for high-quality anti-Obama stuff. Hsmom explains the mathimg. More: Of course, Jpatt is no fanimg of anything that puts things into perspective. And just in case you had some good faith left, read thisimg comment.
22 DeanS informs the world that the founder of the Weather Channel doesn't believe in global warmingimg. Of course, that leaves out the fact that he's not a meteorologist, just a weather reader and was forced out of the Weather Channel.
86 How does Andy determine who's a dirty dirty liberal? Why, "whoever spells "honour" in the non-American way of course!"img
-5So TK thinks that the chairman of the House Banking Committee is "Barney Fife"img? Uhhh, you should watch more Comedy Central and less Mayberry RFD.
28Andy gets his maths ever so slightly wrong...againimg by just a little bitimg......and in a bold and unprecedented move for CP, DinsdaleP dares to write something reasonable on the matter!img
57Andy tries his best to forget that whole 'list thing'img. Update: It's back up! Burn, baby, burn!img Proposed for speedy delete due to "National security concerns" - CALL TEH FBI!! UPDATE: Deleted. UPDATE:Screen cap
22Andy stumpsimg for his World History class: "For those who want to forever [sic] remain ignorant, return to watching Comedy Central." He is apparently unaware that his classes have more giggle-value than most Comedy Central shows.
41When it happens on Bush's watch, Conservapedia cheers.img When it happens on Obama's watch, Conservapedia screams like a stuck pig.img
13Judging from the tone and "You're free to leave!" attitude, Iduan is apparently hopingimg to get Edit Rights again. Update: Yep, definitelyimg aiming for more rights. More: Good thingimg that his parole went from this to thisimg, huh?
1Isn't it improbable that God "just happened", without having been designed by an even higher power? Not on Conservapedia.img
27 CP has its priorities in order for recovering data after the crash: Obama's page still says he "likely will be the First Muslim President", but his name is Barack Hussein Obama again.img
11 Factsimg on conservapedia? Andy says "no thanksimg".
32 Love your enemiesimg? Where did you get that ideaimg?
43Andy the Leader. So what if you've just lost a week's work? I'm sure it wasn't any goodimg anyway. Besides, all real conservatives were in Washington with meimg protesting Roe v. Wade.
4'The free market is under threat thanks to them liberals!'img Because as we all know, the free market is working out perfectly just the way it is.....
12""? Proceed.img Update! Now you cannot proceed because Conservapedia has become a 90s-era computing file organizer.img And now they're back.
18Tales Of The Smooth Restore: Meet everybody's favorite sysop, Joaquín Martínezimg. Moar Help! Let me in!img
12After a day and a half's downtime and the loss of a week's work, the site is alive again, and the wandalism starts comingimg, and comingimg and ... (please expand)
41 Less than nothing. As of approximately 3:30PM EST, 27 January 2009 CE AD, both and are unreachable. Update: They're back up (for now), but they've lost all the edits made since January 19th. Transparency, thy name isn't CP: No explanation of what happened. CPWebmaster merely says that they're upgradingimg while Andy's first edit is to much improveimg his World History Whitewash project.
84 What is going on at CP? NOTHING is going on at CP, because Andy done broke it. Again. UPDATE: It's back... sort ofimg with a redirect to another site, and a week-old backup. UPDATE: it's back, but they need MOAR BANDWIDTH. And the inactivity continues... UPDATE: It's backimg, sort of.
30At Wikipedia, edits may soon have to be approved by a "trusted team of editors." Andy complains about thisimg (Snapshot of the main page item in question), overloading a number of irony metersimg.
-29Conservativeimg hasn'timg figuredimg outimg theimg previewimg buttonimg yet.img
39Bushismsimg? Non-encyclopedicimg. Obama-ismsimg? Something completely differentimg! And why? "Just because. Now go away."img
84Andy at his finestimg: "You miss the point. No Christian or atheist would likely use the phrase "my Muslim faith" in any context". Whoops, guess Andy is a secret Muslim after all!
30If it's Sunday, it must be insight day! Asks Andy, "Does Conservapedia simulate a principled open mind?"img Gee, Andy, I dunno... do principled open minds kill opposing viewpoints on sight, and ruthlessly shoehorn every school of human thought into a narrow, dogmatic, unflinching paradigm?
34DeanS, Compassionate Conservative: "Hey Joaquín! Didn't you forget to make fun of dead civilians?img"
13Ed briefly confused his CP and WP accounts and says on CP that "a neutral presentation of competing ideas empowers the reader to see for himself which is closer to reality."img Which explains nicely why CP has absolutely no interest in allowing NPOV in their articles.
54Andy: The Virginia Tech shootings weren't due to "mental insanity," but to the school curriculum. His proof?img Another Virginia Tech student has decapitated someone with a knife. Apparently he wasn't crazy either.
53After Wonkette showcases a CP article, TK engagesimg in damage control, saying that "Conservapedia in no way sanctioned it"... which would be a lot more believable if Senior Sysop DeanS hadn't impliedimg his okay by only reverting a single edit in it, leaving the rest untouched. UPDATE: TK is quick to blockimg the Internet Parodist/Vandal (or perhaps the political terrorist) who created the article.
27Foxtrot's background in maths: 4 = 2 * 3img Update! We have a reader!img - wigo entry: 16:24h, correction at CP: 16:30h
-13Atten...shun! the ready!img
38PJR proclaims to the world, "I don't understand scienceimg" World reports little surprise. Update He shouts it againimg, for emphasis. World remains unsurprised.
7CP suggesting Obama might do something right?! Seeing is believing...img
-2Teacake's being way too obviousimg again.
-15TK can't make up his mind: Is Al Franken a liberalimg or a socialistimg?
3Karajou to DReynolds: "DIE, DIE, DIE!"img - TK to DReynolds, almost two days later: "Greetings, fellow editor!"img
21AddisonDM: "Monkey seeimg, monkey do.img" And the redirect bot goes nuts.img Again.img In the meantime, somebody asked Edimg why he moved the Obama article in the first place and whether this is a new rule. Ed: "LOL, I dunno."img Update: TK to the rescue: "We use the most widely used version of the name. Except for Barack HUSSEIN Obama.img"
13TK enforces a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to reverting stuffimg CP doesn't like: "If you don't knowimg how to use the Undo link and fail to remove all of it, you're part of a tag-team." Result: Banhammerimg ("Oh, and let's not forget the 8,192 IPsimg he used!") and a Deep Burn - because we know that the average CP sysop can't be arsed to actually read articles to check if they're okay or not.
80Andy on the March for Control of Women's BodiesLife: People as far as the eye can see! Elbow to Elbow!img (hic) (cup) (follow the diffs)

Andy on the Inauguration: Net Exodus from DC!img Less than the liberal media predicted!img
Note: March crowd estimate: 100,000

Inaugural crowd estimate: 1.8 million
76Assorted Parodists: "Obama didn't use a Bible when he took his oath in private - he's a Muslim non-President!"
Karajou: "Obama took the oath properly the second time, since the Bible is not needed. Case closedimg"
TK: "This is a non-issueimg"
Andy (arriving late to the party): "Breaking News!img Obama didn't use a Bible when he took his real oath in private!"
42Darwin got something wrong, ergo obviously evolution was cooked up in a conspiracy to hide the real truth: the whole Bible is fact!img
32By popular demand, here is some MOAR HITLER!!!!1!!ONE!!!1img courtesy of  K e n  D o l l .
64The Obama-bashing gets ever more hysterical. Now he is supposed to be Muslim because he "non-dance-danced" at the inaugural ball, and his well-known morning workouts at the gym have been revealed to be secret Muslim prayer sessionsimg, facing Mecca of course. They don't seem to like this guy.
10CP: "Should we go with the inspirational fact that Obama's inauguration makes him the first African American President in our nation's history?"

"Nah, let's go with the falling stock markets instead,img it's not like that's ever happened before"

"Hey! I've got another great idea, let's use this news article, which has absolutely no mention of stock markets at all, to support that point!"

31CP thinks the whole Hurricane Katrina disaster was rather 'petty'img.....but some misspelled name labels in the White House Press Office?img 'Now that's real news!'
10A Dutch court prosecutes a politician for calling the Koran a "fascist book." Had the politician said that of the Bible, Conservapedia would likely be cheering the court on, but TK, for some reason, calls the court's action "liberal lunacy."img
28TK: "I'd like you to take the timeimg to learn the Babylon 5 Conservapedia mantra: TK is always right. I will listen to TK. I will not ignore TK's recommendations. TK is god. And, if this ever happens again, TK will personally rip your lungs out!"
55Ed movesimg the Obama article to "Barack Hussein Obama". How long until he moves the other presidents like George Walker Bush or William Jefferson Clinton? Oh, wait, almost forgot that those guys don't have Evil Muslim Middle Names CP needs to emphasize. Bonus Lulz: The move causes CP's Redirect Fixing Bot to go wild and vandalizeimg the Main Page.
13It was bound to happen: New Liberal Termsimg! Among them are Roosevelt's "America-first" priorityimg, "mean-spirited" as a synonym for Conservative somehow, and a "politically correct attempt" to equate workplace problems as "indecent assault"img. Many definitions come from Don Feder's "LIB SPEAK – A LEXICON FOR THE AGE OF OBAMA."
13TeaCake seems to be bitter about the Democrat, not 'that one'...that oneimg...along with a bit of libel in the edit summary too courtesy of TKimg
8Andy evidently reads RationalWiki, as he wants to add "Mobocracy"img to his best new conservative word list.
-5 Andy on Jan 21: I'm the only "real" historian hereimg. Take that CPalmer, PJR,... and Andy on Jan 20img.
28New Conservative meanings. Not abducting people, avoiding torture and refusing to use kangaroo courts is, of course, "coddling"img
13'Evil liberal teachers censor Obama criticism'img...not only does the article say the same thing about Bush, but the article is actually about preventing racism towards what is CP advocating exactly?
18The Ass says that not calling the mentally retarded idiotsimg is just political correctness.
45Congratulations, Conservapedia, on your first hit listimg! (See previous)
29In a rit of fealous jage, Schlafly declares Obama as "Bill Clinton without the political skill".img The next 4 years will be bitter indeed.
25A new, even stricter naming policy?img
31Andy: "You got 14 out of 62 questions wrong. And this cluelessness explains why you're a liberal."img
4CWood1 complains about the CP 'Edit Nazis', gets his complaint deletedimg. Way to prove his point, ETrundel. Annnnd.... Blockedimg. That'll teach him to try to improve articles!
12Well, CP has started as it means to continue for the next 4 (hopefully 8) years.....Although apparently Obama's not even the President yet?!img BHarlan, do 'enlighten' usimg......
23Saboteurimg and parodistimg wheelimg warimg.
14And there it is, the expected news item by Andy about the inaugurationimg and its bitterness doesn't disappoint. Obama's first expected official order? Use your money to pay foreign baby murderers!........and of course the crowds were nowhere near as big as the predictions he pulled out of his arse obtained from the liberal media. Update: Andy prefersimg the New York Times over Fox News!?
4Conservapedia's Inaugural Addressimg article skips famous, well-known quotes, and instead mines for any mention of God. But Gerald Ford never gave an inaugural address; his God-quote is from the speech in which he says "[this is] not an inaugural address".
11Shocking news: Andy thinks Obama's Inaugural Address will be stupidimg. Don't expect Andy to say something substantive (like Ronald Reagan!).
-3Andy: Can you get 100% on my exam?img (Going by previous experience, /dev/random could probably get 100% on one of Andy's exams...)
16TK changes the CP definition of "statutory rape" from "seducing a child" to "coercing a child".img Good on TK. Now I'll give you three guesses whose creepy uncle wrote the old definition. Hey, you got it first try.img
30Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Dayimg from Conservapedia!
81Andy's final exam in American Historyimg is up, and it doesn't disappoint in stereotyping! Question The Last - please fill in the blank: Boys like sports and girls like easy questions. Correct! These stereotypes are growing rapidly! MOAR: When askedimg about gender segregation, Andyimg actsimg likeimg animg assimg. Oh, and TK has to kiss some assimg while he can. Update CiaraTo makes what is probably her lastimg post on CP.
39Schlafly teaches world history! Lesson one: creationist propagandaimg: "When did mankind first begin? There is no reliable evidence of man existing before 3500 B.C." Except, you know, those bones & things...
15Either Addison is being very bold, or he just stepped onto a landmine. (Images: Full diff and cropped version) UPDATE: Sadly, to avoid the appearance of having evolved a spine, AddisonDM just nukedimg the entire page.
-18You better think before entering a risque edit summaryimg, or else you'll just look like an ignorant fool.
22Wait... inserting Hitler pics is now a blockableimg offense? Oh dear. Bye, bye Ken. EXTRA LULZ: The Hitler pic insertion was actually done by someone else. Go look at the edit historyimg. Way to go, Teacake!
24Do Tell, oh wonder admin Teacake. When uploadingimg this pic, what part of "Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved." did you think constitutes "fair use?"
15Qui? Our Gal Jess movesimg one of Ed Poor's favorite "articles" to the essay space... where it belongs, yes, but a first for Conservapedia.
22McCain/Palin: Not quite as liberal as Obama, but not really conservative,img either. Just who is this "John McCain" anyway?
15I'm sure thisimg list will fill out soon. Update: Nopeimg, it's irrelevant because conservatives don't careimg about the human rights of suspected terrorists.
24Don't you just loveimg Sundays imgon CP?
14Obama is such a master of deceitimg that he tried to trick us into thinking that Israel is its own friend. Update: TK either critically failed a Reading Comprehension roll or critically succeeded a Bluff roll as he somehow hidesimg behindimg Ed's seniority, even though all Ed didimg was to wikilinkimg two terms. Addison still apologizesimg to Ed. Update: Addison goes into a briefimg revertimg warimg with himself and ends up removing his apology!
40Karajou is a geniusimg. Reallyimg. Update: The word is jerkimg, not genius. Reallyimg.
30Smackdownimg. Which jerk-off Schlafly brother is going to win this one? UPDATE And with this reply from Andy,img we can finally call the result.....Roger wins!
30It's onlyimg a commonimg fallacyimg ifimg conservapediaimg doesn'timg useimg itimg.
18Sunday comes earlyimg this week.
33Meritocracy in action! After 20 monthsimg, nearly 6000 edits, 644 new articles, 47 templates, 83 self-made images and 282 vandal blocksimg it's time for a promotionimg. (well, he is British)
45The Daily Mail isn't Conservativeimg enough for the Assfly. The. Daily. Mail.
28After "teaching" American History, Andy is prepared to fail at another class.img Do you enjoy failing AP exams? Do you like it when boys are given different tests than girls? Sign up today!
22TK manages to rid Conservapedia of whatever shred of something vaguely resembling decency it still had left lying around, with this comment regarding African-American peopleimg
3Remember, thisimg is the same man who is constantly banging on about the use of language.
-13MrFang provides CP'ers a useful suggestionimg so TK slams down the banhammerimg
-3Boy George, a man with nothing to do with Hollywood at all, but of course he's been naughty so it must be a sign of Hollywood Values!img
3An advert suggesting that people should enjoy their lives?....sickening!img. UPDATE: Andy seconds thatimg
51The Assfly declares American Indians crossing the Bering Straitimg to be liberal claptrapimg Update: In a flurry of anthropological discovery, Andy uses The Googles to find the differencesimg between Asians and American Indians.
-10 An entry not on the the myth of AIDS, the Muslimness of Barack Obama or the evilness of liberals? NOT EDUCATIONAL!img
8Somebody clarifies a couple thingsimg for the illiterate Assfly. How long until he gets the classic "whoops, but whatever, here is some arithmetic"img retort? Sidenote: One wonders why Teh Fly prefers the 2+2 analogy over 1+1... An obvious but likely explanation is that the latter was first introduced by a dirty lib'rul!
26Michael Moore is rude, so it is important to criticize himimg for being a fattyimg.
25Jpatt: PART 1: "there are high incidences of STDs in the gay population"img....Conclusion?: "Abandon 'immoral' gay lifestyle to live a long and healthy life"....
PART 2: "There are high incidences of STDs in the African-American population".....Conclusion?: thankfully Jpatt doesn't dare to reach a similar conclusion on that one...instead he's simply leaving us with some implied racism. UPDATE Well it's good to know at least one person over at CP has enough decency to question the wordingimg MOAR At least KevinS said it with some ironyimg ... But no, it's not racist: in fact, racism doesn't exist, because race doesn't existimg ("It is important to note that not all people within this group regard themselves as African-Americans, but rather simply Americans. Furthermore, there are some Christians who have come to view 'races' as a silly concept.")
59"Hermaphrodites: further proof against evolution"img.......WHAT!?.........Conservapedia: because your brain deserves a break
20Where apparently clueless liberals like Karajou see trollingimg, true conservatives like Foxtrot see a potential insight.img
23A year and a half laterimg (and one day after it was reported at RW) someone fixesimg another quality Ed stub article .
39Another inevitable...errrr...insight from Andy - prepare for Obamaspeak!img.
18TK gets mad and throws random criticisms at Obama's radical new idea; "equality"img EDIT: And it's an example of deceit, because Obama had...always said he'd do it???.
45Jinxy weighs inimg on the abstinence debate (with one of the strangest analogies you are ever likely to read). Andy repliesimg obviously not understanding (or not even reading) Jinx's example.
15Radical white supremacist group "Christian Identity is lib-burr-ullimg" And so was HITLER!!!!1!
22Andy has stopped even trying to make sense: "You say you're against abortion, but so do many liberals who favor taxpayer-funded abortion.img"
26A brand new conservative wordimg from a brand new Conservapedia admin: militant gay!img A militant gay is a gay person that wants equal rights. Just like uppity black people in the sixties.
77Andy takes on the myth of rape: Do the math, and you'll see it's more likely to be struck by lightningimg KevinS does the math, and no, it's notimg Andy: lalalalalalalaimg.
48Well, at least Obama was closer with his 57 be fair, they have only been working on this article for 20 months.img
UPDATE: You're almost there AddisonDM, but you're still missing one!img....and I'm not going to tell you which! :D
MOAR! Well done!img
25A new term for someone who denies the effectiveness of abstinence? (effectiveness at what, he doesn't say)...abstinence-denierimg ..............Genius, thy name is Andy UPDATE: Jpatt gets in on the fun serious political analysisimg
31 Karajou finks "a bad call by an Australian surfing instructor"img represents "the idiocy of teachers today"
42Andy: "Abstinence is the only way to prevent HPV!img

TheGuy: "Not quite...img"
Andy: "La la la la!img I can't hear you!img"

ETrundel: "Me neither!img"
32Financial scandal...Billions lost...Suicide.....'But on the upside!'img
41Andy's newest brainwave bright idea thing: a "Linguistic Analysis"img of Presidential Candidates. We don't need to listen to and understand what they're talking about to know how conservative they are; just count the number of times they repeat buzzwords like "dumb down", "quota", "grassroots" and even "phonics".
-15'I'm sorry, will you forgive me like a good Christian?'img........Noimg
-3Oh thisimg is going to be fun... UPDATE: No it's notimg :(
40Ken justimg keepsimg goingimg and goingimg and goingimg... UPDATE: and going...img
20TK really doesn't wantimg anybody to apply for adminship...
35And with that, our hero executes a perfect Schlafly Slip. Notice the excellent form in demanding others accept his red herring point, his ironic typo while attacking another for being "nonsenical" and his insistence on using the labels he accepts. High degree of difficulty, Full marks!!img UPDATE: Bloxored! Andy wins!img
16"Politically correct" was a deceptive, nonsensical, liberal term invented by chairman Mao in 1936img, but right after its invention.. in Wisconsin.. it was immediately turned into a conservative term to mock liberalsimg... in 1983? What?
31Addison: "Teacake, you've just blockedimg the whole of Oxford University." TK: "lalalala can't hear youimg, too busy plotting the demise of CP, now I have new powahs."
30Women advised to get an abortion, women hustled into an abortion clinic at gunpoint: It's all the same to Conservapedia.img
4Joaquin Martinez says a user that has been blocked for two monthsimg
11BWatson openly accusesimg the President-elect of involvement in criminal activity....may I refer you to your own entry on libel?img UPDATE: It can't be! TK being reasonable?!img MORE: BWatson complainsimg (and manages to be libellous at the same time)
13TK is on a quest to block the whole worldimg.....and his little friend DeanS is along for the ride...img
11Meritocracy in action: No matter how idiotic, it's notimg allowedimg to revertimg an edit by Joaquín "Must insert random images everywhere"img Martínez without asking for permission first. Oh, and there will be no discussionimg or justification.
14Fox:img TK is an expert [..], having caught many masqueraders while at the helm. So, he got another oneimg!
5Aw! Innit cute? Look everybody, it's a baby Kenimg
11'Linking atheism to scientific theory is nonsensicalimg....but we'llimg doimg itimg anyway'img
23Another generation saved from living long and healthy livesimg
31Radarimg isimg aimg conservativeimg concept.img Naturally the liberal scientists still get all of the credit. UPDATE: Someone points out the assfly's mistake.img The assfly responds.img
8(but if you oppose Sarah Palin. . .)img
10"Geo, your medalimg is hideous and looks like it has been photoshopped by a three-year-old, but it's the thought that counts,img so thanks! But hey, I'll buryimg it in the trophy room, hoping that nobody scrolls down that far.".....a sign of Christmas Campaign medal values?
22Apparently, Merriam-Webster has become the only dictionaryimg in existence. Otherwise, Andy would have realized that "term limit" has been in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language for a good while, for example. Or maybe that one is a liberal dictionary? (Irony: The American Heritage Dictionary was first made as a conservative dictionary because some thought Webster's had become too "permissive.") It's not too late for a Sunday Insight yet, Andy! Come on, you can do it!
28An article on words that 'don't yet exist'img....which also says that the phrase quote mining doesn't actually exist eitherimg.........surreal meets stupid over at Conservapedia
16A disgruntled ex-CPer makesimg a selfimg-fulfillingimg prophesy.
18Make a silly statement,img get a typically rude answerimg
31Finally, some truth in advertising: "MYOB", "Contradicting Administrator" and "Removal of bullshit claims made by sysops and parodists valid content" becomeimg official block reasons. Update: Tim asks TKimg what rule he broke to deserve a block.img Luckily, TK made the rule official two whole minutes before blocking Tim (but an hour and 13 minutesimg after the offense).
9Epic reading comprehension fail: "Ken, those main page images were too largeimg and screw up the layout. Keep them small." - "What did you say? Make them bigger?img Got it!"
41Andy's got the Irony Meter, TK's got the Creepy Meter: Foxtrot: "Hey, a bunchimg of small questions, including one about your petty Helpjazz ban..." TK: "Silence!"img Foxtrot: "WTF?"img TK: "SILENCE!img I'm a sysop, I don't have to put upimg with people trying to contact me through my talk page! This sort of contactimg with me has to beimg behind closed doors!" Foxtrot: "Uhhhh... sure. Sure.img Whatever." The Ghost of Sysop Past: "*cough* Bullshit rule.img *cough*" TK: "Tim, you're clueless. Foxtrot, you got special rights, so you're my bitchimg now". Foxtrot bends over and spreadsimg.
13Oh Andy,img is there anything you don't know?
16Andy: Everybody involved with the Pulitzer Prize is a reprobate, because a Pulitzer Prize winner was arrested for drunk driving.img More likely he is just sore because his ravings insightful Conservapedia articles will never win one.
6Sigh....the edit description almost had me believing the edit might actual be wrong I wasimg
-31GillianM, banned by JY23 for 'moronic vandalism.' Obviously she (?) hates cats:[1]img. MOAR KITTY!
5Are you an AIDS denialist whose awwsum book doesn't have a Wikipedia entry? Feel free to cry about your frustrationsimg at "Examples of Bias in Wikipedia"!.
1Coming soon...the Hollywood Values category!img Oh wait, never mindimg.
20Err, I'm not sure if Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Oh wait, I'm not sure how to spell "allegedly"!img
12Foxtrot joins in the new CP fad of talkingimg to the deadimg.
15Andy's jealousy reachesimg newimg heightsimg!
21Perhaps the only time we'll ever agree with Andy...img
35Got separation anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, or "homicidal ideation"? No problem; Dr. Andy will prescribe you some faith pills!img
28Aziraphale: "Hey, TK, since you're banning peopleimg who belong to certain groups, you should banimg me, too." TK: "Allow me to missimg the subtle criticism and instead rantimg about how you are a pathetic asshole who chose to support liberal tyranny." Aziraphale: "...right."img Last wordism at work: I can still misinterpret youimg - and no oneimg will correct me! TK oops, to the memory holeimg! And Andy says black holes don't exist!
14Ed: "JArneal, don't point outimg that TK blatantly violated the official site standards. Have some ironyimg instead!" TK: "No, it's cool. After all, he's merely a subhumanimg who doesn't realize that our site standards only apply when it suits us."
21I can't believe it's not Sunday: It's Andy Insight Timeimg already! Insight within the insight: "Radar", "milquetoast", and "media" are all conservative words.img
32Yet more blackimg holeimg stupidityimg from the experts at Conservapedia's stellar astronomy department
27Ed Poor gets creepy againimg...and againimg. UPDATE Ed's Barbie nonsense is completely non-encyclopedicimg
37So the name "Easter" is atheisticimg. Who woulda thunk it? (The name actually has pagan origins, although Conservapedia often regards that word as a synonym for atheistic.)
12A wise man once said; 'If you know nothing, copy and paste'img
37Without Buglerimg, HelpJazzimg doesn't need to exist, neither.
30Jpatt claims that there were more murders in Chicago than Baghdad last yearimg......Lie no.1: He actually means Iraq as a whole, Lie no.2: He's only counting US soldiers!! Actual number of war-related deaths in Iraq last year?...almost 7,500... UPDATE: you're getting there Jpattimg, but your geography/reading ability is still lacking...MORE: Jpatt finally gets it right,img only problem is, without the lies that story doesn't really have much of a point now does it?...AND MORE: Jpatt: oopsyimg. Of course, the crack writers at CP still confuse "less" with "fewer"...
41Black holes: the publishing industry scamimg......thanks for the heads up Andy
26Now that's not at all like you, everything okay? UPDATE: That's betterimg
2Rational! Thinker! Now that was just asking for troubleimg
-16Andy on the history of the English language now, getting it wrongimg of course.img The English language was apparently suddenly created in 1882img
18Good work Ekeegan, that situationimg that never happened is really compelling evidence.
55Ed Poor, HIV denierimg.
63Conservapedia old: Democrats are trying to get Burris in office on the basis of raceimg. Conservapedia new: Democrats are discriminating against Burris on the basis of raceimg.
71BHarlan: "NASA does not accept YEC as truth and thus doesn't count as a reliable source."img Roger: "...wait, what?"img
10Ed Poor: "Dear userimg who was banhammered a week ago..."img
14Mmmmmm, lulz with a side order of more lulz.img But no sources please (sorry, couldn't resist)
8Not their most imaginative lieimg, but some marks for stupidity still
9RickD continues with his attempts to insult everyoneimg who isn't RickD
19That's 2 Gold stars from Andy:img one for randomly mentioning God, and one for spouting unsourced nonsense...keep up the good work MBBurke!
13Conservapedia: A never-ending sourceimg of up-to-date and well-informed scientific statements. Have you guys been paying attention over the last 20 years?
16Andy: A BBC article tells the truth that liberals deny!img And here he almost had us convinced that the BBC were a pack of biased liberal scumbags!img
17Conservapedia gets to work on this year's Christmas Card listimg
5Conservapedia's harder imgtoimg getimg intoimg thanimg heaven!img
12Andy with another one of his 'gems'img.....Yes dear, now you go and have a lie down
22Conservative decides that the previous image for the Evolutionimg article wasn't quite inflammatory enough for his liking...img
17But what's the cure!?img
1 Well thank heavens for that!imgFor a moment I thought Conservapedia had truly lost its way.
11TK: "Now that I'm sysop after weaseling in again, let's make sure to erase all evidence of supportimg for other candidates!"
4The Chinese government did something Andy likesimg. Seems he has more in common with those Godless communistsimg than he realized...
-15Come on Ed. She's a sysop now. Surely writing plansimg don't count anymore.
24Democrats are so racist, they'll never accept an African American senator from Illinoisimg
48If liberals won't admit that they're liberal, Ed will just edit their talk comments to make them admit itimg. ShawnJ notices and changes it backimg. Silly Shawn, YOU aren't allowed to edit other people's comments!img
-2In a fit of ridiculousness TK deletes PalMD's user pageimg, a year and a half after blocking him initially.img That'll show him?
4"What my open mind would like to learn is what Conservative insights I can gain from such observations. I want to be set free by the truth": Andy's idea of pillow talk.img Too bad it's also parody.
15Andrew Schlafly, history teacher,declares that the past never existedimg. Update: "A good encyclopedia leaves it to the reader to draw the conclusions."img
33Prêt-à-porter White House dress: $148......Oscar de la Renta dress: $3000......Andy starting a debate on fashionimg: Priceless
37As ever, Andy failsimg to keep up with current developments in science.
12And it seems Conservapedia has left a moderate disillusioned and broken in spiritimg. At least he tried.UPDATE: Jesse C has removed the Parthian shotimg.
12Apparently there are deep symbolic implications to Michelle Obama's appearance.img So could you help us out a bit Andy, we were wondering if you could give us your expert opinion on some of these?
14Andy hates it when people use the (uncited) tag for uncited articlesimg.
18Use the word 'past' in a Biblical context? LIBRUL!img P.S. Could someone please call Andy a doctor?
9Epitaphs appear on the graves of SamHBimg and ElizabethKimg, placed there by the self-styled executor of their estatesimg. Everything was burned and blocked within 4 minutes.
34Proving once again that no matter how hard Andy tries, Ed will always be the Master of WTF: "And girls carrying machine guns are a great stopper against suicide bomb terrorists."img
12Me like learnin fingsimg
18Ed now presents Conservapedia as an alternative to professional medical careimg. We can have him arrested for this, right?
16Obey!img, Obey!img, Obey!img
23Ed: I'm not bitter, I'm Socratesimg.
25A new sheriffimg? Funimg! Funimg!
10Is Religion Necessaryimg asks DeanS. A deep and profound question indeed, and I'm sure we can expect your answer to be a long and detailed analysis of the different arguments...