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July What Was Going On?[edit]

  • Massive vandal attack prompts Conservapedia to introduce range blocking [1].
  • Did you know John Adams was a bigotted dickhead (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page)? I had no idea.
  • Stats favorable to atheists won't make it into the article, will they? Not even the talk page, honey.
  • The arch-conspiracy theorist doesn't want other editors intruding into his domain.[2]
  • "Conservapedia is better in all ways than Wikipedia; please do not show us any evidence to the contrary (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page)."
  • How mature.
  • Almost non-news: Editors dare to question the general bias of one of the CP pet articles and are consequently talked into the ground by the sysops. Points of hilarity: Writing positive things about Atheism would be like writing nice stuff about the KKK. Oh, and Atheism is simply wrong.
  • The debate rages on. Are unicorns magical or not? Obviously, yes.
  • Conservative claims that many teenagers aren't interested in politics, in fact, not many of them vote! [3]Maybe because not many of them can....
  • Uh oh, the Schlafly boys are fighting. Could RSchalfly be a closet liberal?
  • Wikipedia's intelligent contributors are all going elsewhere!!!!111!!1!oneone!!!. I suppose that this elsewhere is Conservapedia (they have, what, 35 active editors now?) Also, the odd exegesis of the cited article… Reading comprehension again?
  • What a smug git RobS is! dead Iraqis? 3.7 million impoverished Palestinians? Only [ liberals (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page) would claim that!
  • Atheism, unlike magic-man-in-the-skyism, is inherently illogical. Conservative, apparently, can't tell the difference between "illogical" and "unproveable" (if you don't know the definitions of two words, then they must be synonyms, right?). Update: What's this? Random quotes, irrelevant pictures, un-needed hostility? My god, Conservative must be 'Theory of Evolution'-ing the article! Aahhh!Maybe it was too tolerant for CP.
  • I've spent the entire day reading HP7 - please, somebody tell me that the "Failure to respond to sysop. Kindly pay attention" blocks aren't as mindwreckingly idiotic as they look.
  • Karajou is too freaking stupid to understand the diffrence between real life and movies [4]
  • I (Lakota) was blocked by TK after criticizing Andy for editing the Terri Schiavo [5] article without providing proper references. Accused him of violating commandment #2 here. [6] CP keeps rejecting my emails so it looks like my lifelong ambition to become a rational CP sysop is at an end. yep User:Niandra, also a CP sysop, inserted the previous subtexted comment. Kewl, we love CP sysops with sense of humour! Wow! I was contacted by 2 CP users because of this post! Maybe one of them will forward my request to TK. Think that will happen?
  • On the Main Page Andy (I presume) rejoices in a young promising string theorist (Billy Cottrell) going to jail for "environmental vandalism". Andy fails to mention that the article he cites also states that Billy has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. How's that for love and forgiveness?
  • Ooh, Mr.SmartyPants, you sound much too smart for us so you're BANHAMMERED!!! [ (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page).
  • True Lies is a great conservative movie that showcases conservative values like... uh... lying to your wife about your job for a few years and later deceiving her into stripping for you. In an interesting breach of commandment , The editor in question states that "most terrorists are Middle Eastern Arabic speakers who don't value human life". Hmm... Kosovo, Albania, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Sudan, DRC, Indonesia, Burma, Laos...
  • LydiaK was blocked for inactivity, creates a sock to ask why she was banned, two sysops eventually agree to unban her on a test basis (while blocking the sock), but then Head Sysop TK overrides the sysop agreement and also re-bans the original account, thus protecting CP from another lurker who might decide to contribute later. (Block logs of LydiaK and LydiaK2)
  • Remember the "undecoded Matrix view" Neo had in the Matrix trilogy? The one with all the green text? Apparently, the directors got their inspiration from lawyers listing cases in wiki articles (you may have to scroll down a bit to see the full dimension of OMG). So much for "conciseness".
  • Sysops bashing their heads against a brick wall trying to introduce the concept of subtlety to Philip J. Rayment's life - surprisingly for cp there seems to be a clamouring for a grey area! Art vs. Pornography (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page) Round 1. (The discussion may not be finished so you may want to check the current page instead of the permalink provided.)
  • Karajou Uses the old Knuckleball to cover up a really stupid main page post [7]
  • Philip J. Rayment Elevates Conservative Circular Reasoning to an artform with an amazing "If they do the wrong thing, it's because they left Conservative teachings." Line 916 Andy's a little nervous about lawyers showing up, trolling for business to defend him from the wrath of the FBI, on his web page...[ (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page)
  • TK blocks a fellow Conservative (00:46, 5 July 2007 TK (Talk | contribs) blocked "BritCon (contribs)" with an expiry time of infinite (Bye.)) apparently for no reason. Aschlafly had even asked Brit Con if (s)he would like to volunteer for possible selection as a judge in the Conservapedia team contest. Perhaps TK was just after the 2 points for a blocking in the afore mentioned contest.
  • Andy and Roger disagree over what silly things you have to take seriously in order to be considered 'open minded'.
  • Possibly the most ironic page on CP
  • Aschlafly continues the tradition of tacky news page postings by making a crass joke about suicide bombing.