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June What Was Going On?[edit]

  • Mr. Asshat Err..... Aschlafly decided to take another stab at a contradictory, intelligence draining reply recently with this[1] gem of a post. Which was debated by at least three users.
  • Battling it out for E-censor supremacy, Karajou makes his 262nd block at 11:54 AM today [2] or about 1 out of 10 total edits; TK makes his 553rd as of yesterday [3] or about 1 out of 10, as well. Aschlafly leads the pack with a stunning 789 [4]
  • A user removes a duplicate sentence; TK reverts; Bohdan removes it again, again noting that it's a duplicate; TK reverts again, then protects the page with an edit summary apparently threatening Bohdan; 12 hours later, TK himself removes the dupe, and apologizes to Bohdan and the original user. Two hours later, he re-adds it, with an additional phrase about liberal deceit. As of this writing, the duplicate sentence is still in the page, and it's still protected.
  • When it comes to Woody Allen, the stand against "gossip" doesn't count. The article has more words about his personal life than his career.
  • Andy, master of spelling, "found a serious of insertions of the form {{fact}}"... very serious indeed. (Disclaimer: I'm only making fun of this because (1) Andy often delights in mocking people for innocent typos, so his own spelling and grammar better be top notch, and (2) it hasn't been corrected in over an hour, despite Andy having been active in that time.)* A 'Final Fantasy' vandal creates 36 FF-related user names and replaces many pages with a Final Fantasy 7 parody article
  • Will N. feels the heat, just for asking a freaking question! Meanwhile Andy censors dissent again.
  • Aschlafly proves the point (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page).
  • Aschlafly has a problem with the Theory of relativity. EnFrancaisSVP asks if it is a commonly-held notion that the government won't fund any test to might disprove the Theory of Relativity and requests some links to material that may substantiate that. Aschlafly suggests"don't read a book, write a book." and suggests he improves the Theory of Relativity article. Without access to Aschlafly's pet theories that may prove difficult. All other sources often full of Liberal Falsehoods. Poor old EnFrancaisSVP may find that all his hard work gets reverted.
  • TK removes a bunch of embarrassing observations. He describes them as garbage posts from trolls, mostly.
    • And it goes on and on.
  • Aschlafly decides America won the war on her own. AlanE is not impressed and calls Aschlafly an utter IDIOT (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page), asks for an apology and suggests he should be blocked forever. Clueless TK joins in (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page) and blames everything on Liberal deceit, not America.
    Will Aschlafly apologise? Will he be blocked forever? or will we see AlanE here soon?
    The sly Foxpuppet slips up (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page) and may have set his cunning scheme to become a sysop back a bit.
    TK removes (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page) the sly Fox's illustration of British stiff-upper-lippedness and blocks him for one day for "fanning the flames" (read criticising CP).
    Philip J. Rayment then removes the American agrandisement that offends many non-Americans and apologizes (link removed because TK is an idiot and deleted the talk page) to the Americans. He then asks people to "be understanding of these Americans that hardly know that the rest of the world exists", not exactly flattering for Mr. Aschlafly. Will the offended receive an apology?
    Aschlafly unblocks the sly Fox and thanks him for his insight about Joseph Kennedy Sr. Still no apology. Perhaps Conservatives don't do apologies, that's for Liberal wimps. Fox misses out on Aschlafly's latest sysop nomination. Why?
  • Making constructive edits is bad when the IP was also used by banned people - I thought that a meritocracy judges people based on their merits, not on IPs (especially since IPs can be assigned to different people or could simply belong to IP Pools or Proxies)...
  • TK never lets me down; I love that guy.
  • "It's rabbit season!" - "Duck season!" - "Rabbit season!" - "Rabbit season!" - "No, it's duck season! FIRE!" - *BLAM*
  • Ed's plan regarding articles connected to global warming sounds more or less (emphasis on "less", but eh) reasonable, except for one last slip that nicely sums up what this is all about: "I cannot single-handedly fight against a two billion dollar industry". Apparently, casting one side of the debate as wrong by default is CP's way of being "neutral to the facts".
  • The header at the bottom here is after a correction (to add a signature); apparently the homeschoolin' grammar ain't what it used to be.
  • This one took a little thinking for me to figure out what was wrong with it - how can the Bible prohibit something that arose *after* the spread of Christianity?
  • Exposing yourself is a Good Thing! And it's really not about search engine rank on CP! Really!
  • Andy sees "liberal bias" in a bias-free piece on a key court case.
  • Do homeschoolers never learn how to write? How does one "be homosexuality" anyways?
  • Whilst schooling a user on spelling, Schlafly gets schooled himself on usage.
  • Despite the fact that the Army even SAID it was "deception," Schlafly is not letting the Pat Tillman announcement into the deceit article.
  • The insanity at Conservapedia over the FBI Incident continues unabated.
  • DanH thinks better of being a shit disturber.
  • Sometimes, TK just has to delete something. Anything. No matter how silly, no matter how trivial. Like a page that once kept track of stats (which can still be found here, anyway). Oddly enough, the page that exposed what people think of the ToE article still exists... at least until TK gets another urge to delete random stuff.
  • Less than 48 hours after the cold-blooded murder of 3 teens, Conservapedia blames it on the public schools. For Christians, their prefrontal cortex is awfully small.
  • Using a preliminary study as an authoritative source is wrong... unless it attacks global warming.
  • "We don't like google driving traffic to the site"; "Then again, maybe we do."
  • TK shows: It's "American custom" to name an article "Cellulosic Ethanol" and not "Cellulosic ethanol", even though the word "ethanol" loses the capital letter (which apparently is "global custom") in the article itself. Guess that a retroactive Manual of Style update is in order.
  • The Boy George biography, including his official website.
  • What are conservative points in "Team America: World Police"? That "actors support dictators" for example.
  • A hacker shows how an apparently photoshopped image released by Al-Qaida fooled the media - in the eyes of Crocoite, this of course is an example of Liberal Deceit.
  • Is this really "better wording"?
  • Takin' on tha Googles and endangerin' their profits soon, yessirree Bob.
  • TK blocks cp:User:AungSein, because he mistook a talk page for an article. Standard defense when confronted:SOCK!!! (Update: Unbanned)
  • Removing cited material is only cool when it says nice things about atheists.
  • The new "Godspeed"? (only when it also starts to mean "F. Off" as well as "kiss me")
  • The "Critical Thinking in Math" course has 3 aims: 1) sharpen analytical skills, 2) awaken an interest in mathematics, 3) encourage adults to keep their mind sharp, 4) help parents who would like to teach math. Well, this math course sure had a rocky start. (After two hours, the error was finally fixed by a helpful editor)
  • Aschlafly creates a new page AP from a redirect and fails to embolden the subject name, provide a category or put the references in a small font as well as putting in a new red-link to a non-extistent page (Special:Wantedpages. Please help us reduce this list by inserting entries into each page). Not even to mention the lack of a disambig link to the Associated Press (which can't even be found at Associated Press, but at Associated Press (AP) - tough luck for people who need information on the largest news source on the planet.)
  • TK is hosting a discussion on categories in his sandbox to try and establish some order. However he makes this edit to Winston Churchill that takes him out of an established category and puts him into a non-existent category!
  • Conservapedia: The self-labelled "top family-friendly general encyclopedia on the internet!". It's OVER 9000!
  • British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, leader of the Conservative Party, was a liberal[5].
  • "Consistent format" - revealing who is in charge of CP. The entire conversation is incredibly surreal.
  • After months of trumpeting the Student Panel's decision to not make major changes to the Theory of Evolution article, Conservative adds an entire new section, completely counter to the same decision. To date, not only has no one called him on his hypocricy, but another sysop copyedits the added material, tacitly approving of the addition.
  • Conservapedia sees a Great Debate in a sea of relative silence. "A columnist just criticized Conservapedia, probably expecting to win support for it." How one expects to win support for CP by criticizing it only RobS can know. Apparently the columnist is "widely criticized by the public" At time of writing (10:27, 8 June 2007) "the numerous public criticisms" of it consisted of 9 entries, not all critical of the columnist. Hardly the stuff of Great Debates.
  • Conservapedia gets it knickers in a twist about a smear in the Wikipedia article about U.S. Senator Thad Cochran alleging wikipedia is THE LIBERAL SMEAR MACHINE.
    Perhaps CP should keep its own house in order before questioning other people's treatment of Facts, that version of the article was approved by the CP Sysop Ed Poor in numerous small edits on 9 April 2007. The (to conservatives at least) false allegations were made on 13 March 2007 by Leftocenter surviving on CP until 4 May 2007, almost 8 weeks after the initial smear. As usual a soon-to-be-banned user provides a less conspirative explanation.
  • The main page CP spin on the news is a re-occurring classic.
    CP quotes a journalist's opinion of the Amnesty International 2007 report as fact, something they claim is only done on Wikipedia because its not allowed on CP.
    I have vague memories that the news spin was exempted from this. Source?
    Providing a link to the report itself so that people can make up their own minds isn't necessary. Andy and his coterie kindly save you the bother and do it for you.
  • Aschlafly informs us that an ideology can be true or false. A list of true and false ideologies would prove enlightening.
    This little meander into the realm of philosophy takes us to Idolatry where we learn that Modern secularism is considered to be a form of idolatry. Which is apperently the same thing as (secular) humanism.
  • Aschlafly, having once said "Moreover, is copying OK to "kickstart" a project? No, of course not, especially when attribution is not prominently given for such wholesale copying", kickstarts his project by copying from such glossaries as The EPA's Ozone Depletion Glossary, leading to further contradictions.
    • For even more confusion, consider his earlier statement that "[s]ome copying is OK, and some is essential" and that "[c]opying with express consent is also fine".
  • Aschlafly informs us that ozone depletion is the alleged chemical destruction of the stratospheric ozone layer beyond natural reactions but the allegations become fact because various ozone-depleting substances (ODS), however, accelerate the destruction processes, resulting in lower than normal ozone levels.

Fox v Wilmington[edit]

Wilmington is an occasional editor who pointed out a few parody articles. Pox of course is a RW sock trying for sysopship by being CP's Luke Skywalker. However, they are involved in a couple of edit wars over The Guardian newspaper and Intifada. Wilmington has now left the site in disgust [6]. This is an observed behaviour of socks and trolls however, and his imminent registration at RationalWiki is eagerly awaited.

[Wilmington writes: I am now happy to be here under username Tony. I registered and have a forum post (Topic "Softly, softly") under CP. On CP's "Intifada" page I had merely added a sentence pointing out mildly that innocent Palestinians have also died but it was deleted within a few hours.]

Front Page/Breaking News[edit]

The Breaking News section is now dominated by overly large pictures - presumably to try and make it more attractive to the illiterate. A typical tabloid newspaper tactic.

Apparently someone at CP reads this page; as of 18:55 (AEST) 24 August 2007, there is only one thumbnail in that section. Fancy the conservatives being so insecure that they listen to their detractors.