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Damian Jacob Markiewicz Sendler is an American fraudster, and fake medical doctor.[1][2] He claimed to be a licenced medical doctor, and graduate of Harvard Medical School with a MD and PhD. Using these credentials he got the mainstream media to publish his outlandish work on sexuality. In March 2019 it was revealed that his credentials were an elaborate falsehood.[3] A followup investigative article revealed the extent of his efforts, including the creation of an entire research institution -- Felnett Health Research Foundation -- that he claimed had over a dozen staffers, but actually consisted of only himself and another individual.[4] The same article found that while he is a graduate student and perhaps a medical student, he has not yet completed any advanced graduate degree program.


He used his media publicity to build an online psychotherapy and sex therapy business.[3] After the allegations were revealed, he replaced his website homepage with a notice claiming, among other things, that practicing without a medical license is only wrong in the US.[5]


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