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Steven Kenneth Bonnell II (1988–), better known as Destiny, is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber. Though primarily a gaming channel, his YouTube has become better known for his political content taking down right-wing and reactionary ideas. He is most famous for exposing JonTron’s white nationalist sympathies via a debate.

General positions[edit]

Destiny could be described as a progressive neoliberal. Below are a few examples of his views:

Debate catalog[edit]

The good[edit]

Here's a list of some of the alt-right chuds Destiny has debated:

Former alt-right sympathizers, most notably Caleb Cain (Faraday Speaks), currently a leftist YouTube content creator, credit Destiny and ContraPoints, among others, for their de-radicalization.[18][19]

The bad[edit]

Expectably for someone who spends so much of their time criticizing notable right-wingers and anti-SJWs, Destiny has garnered a sizable leftist fanbase. He openly detests the more extremist portion of this portion of his fanbase, though, and even went as far as to say:

What God do I have to pray to to get rid of my lefty following? I'd almost rather have fashies at this point, ugh.[20][note 1]

Oh sorry also by "lefty" I meant commies and shit, not just people who are progressive/lean left.[21]

In an attempt of balance, he has also debated some leftist YouTubers:

While most of these debates don't hold up nearly as well as his debates against the far right, his debate with NonCompete was a particularly disastrous example, where he went out of his way to trivialise the atrocities committed by the US in Vietnam while whitesplaining/mansplaining Vietnamese socialism to a Vietnamese socialist woman. This was met with a pretty poor reception, even from his fans.

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  1. It's worth noting that this tweet was from April Fools' Day.