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Howard in 2001
It's the same song and dance. Menzies was Smooth Criminal, the Howard government was Alien Ant Farms cover. It's the same song performed by someone with less hair.
—Jordan Shanks[1]

John Howard (1939–) is a former Australian Politician, former leader of the Liberal Party of Australia, and the 25th Prime Minister of Australia, he served as prime minister for eleven years, making him the second-longest serving prime minister in the country's history.

Howard was the first liberal party leader to openly wear the title of "Conservative" as a badge of honor, and helped bring the LNP further to the right throughout his tenure. Given Howard's political longevity and his outspoken conservatism compared to other LNP leaders, he has had a very significant influence on Australian politics and the policies of the LNP. Many of the issues that Australia has been facing in the past few decades can be traced back to Howards uninterrupted reign of Wingnuttery. You could even make the argument that the previous 9-year LNP streak of Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison (along with the widespread political apathy amongst the Australian public (encompassed with the phrase 'She'll be right')) are the natural end results of Howards tenure.