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Essay:How death camps can end Androcentrism

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Essay.svg This essay is an original work by an individual RationalWiki user. It is a satirical response to Essay:How cloning can end Gynocentrism. It should not be taken literally. Unless otherwise stated, this is original content, released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 or any later version. See RationalWiki:Copyrights.

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Androcentrism is a scourge that is destroying the world as we know it. With girls in India forced to marry boys against their will (which is a blatant human rights violation), Nazis and incels compete with Republicans and conservatives over who is more androcentrist, and courts around the World enslave women to men leading to more suffering than antitheists claim religion ever did, how could one really blame lesbian separatists for being resentful, or Andrea Dworkin for suggesting "all sex is rape"?[1][2]

Fortunately, death camps can solve all these problems.

On a side note, I will address the human males I find evil as Machodouchi. "Machodouchi" is an eloquent neologism that captures the hypermasculinity; "macho", and "douchi" to symbolize the foul lazy nature of a man with no soul selling out to satan himself to get his sense of entitlement.

Why women should use death camps democratically[edit]

I tend to sympathize with genocidal dictators in their choice to use death camps to get rid of people they hate, citing the financial and emotional burden these people have on society (especially if you live where the local government doesn't allow you to do something as basic as shooting people dead when they are asking for it). However, if a genocidal dictator does take power and betrays their people and decides they suddenly want to be a god emperor, they can force everyone into subjugation and slavery.[3]

It is for that reason I tend to sympathize more with supporters of Fascism and totalitarians. I personally am a little upset they don't try working together to achieve world domination like the Soviet Union and the Red China worked towards domestic harmony (and no, I DON'T support the Soviet Union or Red China or what they tried to achieve).[4]

Totalitarian fascism is considered to be extreme by moderates because it's harder for people to control their future by appointing a dictator. If anything, Antifa is applauded by the masses![5] The populous, whether they call themselves equality feminists or just decent people fight against misogyny and corruption in the courts, fear the problem of toxic men is out of control.

Death camps allow us to remove the worst men, and keep the rest[edit]

Before death camps, women would have to just put up with toxic assholes like men's rights activists. This isn't ideal today with society being heavily misogynistic and giving unfair advantages in favor of men. The courts are so bad that even in the US they force girls to endure pregnancy and childbirth for babies made when machodouchi rape them![6]

Now that we have the technologies of mass surveillance and humane euthanasia, we don't actually need the machodouchi to continue existing.[7][8] Death camps opens the door to keeping the best men without having to keep the assholes, possibly eradicating a good proportion of sexual assault, mental illness, physical and psychological abuse. Of course this is just common sense.

The Final Solution to the Male Question[edit]

If toxic men are obsolete via genocide, then the answer is to create a Society for Culling Asshole MRAs (SCAM). Seriously, how are you supposed to have androcentrism if there are almost no males left? At that point you may have warfare amongst women over the few remaining men, but at least that's a hierarchy you can climb. Lack of people is valid consideration to the issue of gender balance, but not directly relevant to the problem of androcentrism.

Male chauvinists for example, are a living example of how men will hold absurd views that are supposedly in their interests to maximize personal gain. Supposedly men are "against toxic masculinity" (and they are to an extent), however in recent years men have pandered to the machodouchi by trying to be more chauvinistic than ever in a reactionary circlejerk.

This will worsen machodouchis sense of entitlement, which after careful observation of boys and men who are bullies are motivated by sadism and a sense of entitlement. While there are a few (emphasis on the word "few") men who aren't complete scumbags in this regard, the origin of the blight of entitlement and evil in general comes from a culture encouraging males to be abusive, particularly from Follywood and Sicko Valley.

Thus they're continued existence can be solved via the eradication of the machodouchim. Gulag-style extermination camps are a good solution, so their dying is fast and efficient and sure as to not alarm the civilian population. Cannibalizing machodouchi might not be a good idea, as cannablism in humans leads to Kuru; a fatal disease that nature likely put in place to deter humans from literally eating our own.[9]

Allowing for safe, nontoxic societies, whether they be feminists or just normal decent men, with deportation to death camps for the machodouchi, they can create the happy safe communities that can last for generations. I see that as a good thing, as that is how they can end toxic sex-based discrimination and oppression in their communities. Only control freaks with bad motivations would oppose this.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for better generations.