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Yesterday evening a event took place here, at my home, that I felt would be worth an essay. In it I shall present a few of the things that happen when New Agers and Old Agers of a like mind get together. I'm not exactly sure how to do an essay, but will just type something up and post it and see what happens.

I am part of a tiny cult that does, among things, vibrational work with/on others. Yesterday a man came over who had been a Trappist Monk (which, for the sake of a snappy title, I'm calling Old Age) for many years and was now involved in another monastic order that has more dealing with the general public than his former group. So we did some work with him, not a lot because he was, although a Christian, (or perhaps BECAUSE he was a real Christian), a very . . . ... realized person. At some point he was asked if he had any questions and he sort of smiled and said something like, "Not really, though my mother died not too long ago and I am sort of wondering where and how she is. I realize that her body does not exist, but I am wondering about other parts."

So our peerless voyager went off and did . . ... whatever she does and came back and said, 'Your mother is fine. She is enjoying herself. And what she particularly likes doing is getting into statues in churches and watching you." And the fellow just laughed and laughed and then told us a story. He had recently been in a church and had received a strong impression that one of the statues was watching him and that it was in fact, his mother. "So I thought something like, 'Mom, if that is you send me some sort of a sign.' And at that exact moment a car or something drove past outside and the sunlight reflected off its window and through a splash of light across the statue in question. To me, there is not question. How about to you? Coincidence that we would bring something that odd sounding up and he would be right there? Or . . . . . . ............. something else.

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