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Essay:Skeptics vs Tech-Rationalists

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There seem to be many types of Rationalists. In fact there seem to be two main types: Scientific Skeptics and Tech-Rationalists. Unfortunately the pair often get mixed up. The opposing sides seem to despise each other. There is only one famous person that could be described as both: Richard Dawkins and that's stretching it.

Aspects Scientific Skeptics Tech-Rationalists
Archetypal Figure Harriet A. Hall Elon Musk
Politics All over the spectrum. If politics conflict, there is either a fight, or avoidance. Libertarian, Egalitarian. Politics don't often conflict but if they do, both sides are more willing to engage in polite discussion and the conflicting politics are more moderate.
Focus Promoting Skepticism, debunking unscientific falsehoods Effective Altruism, Artificial Intelligence, Improving the World
Criticism from the other side Assholes Out of touch with reality. Ridiculous.
Walks of Life More diverse. Both a white man and an Indian woman are willing to chat happily about how wrong anti-vaxxers are. There is a majority of white men. Mostly white or light-skinned rich men.
Archetypal Website Skeptic's Dictionary LessWrong
Mutualities Pro-Critical thinking, both want the world to be better, reliance on science