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Estelle Roberts (1889-1970) was a British physical medium who dressed up as a spirit.

Roberts claimed to materialize an Indian spirit guide called "Red Cloud" in her séances. The paranormal debunker Melvin Harris examined some photographs of Red Cloud and wrote the face was the same as Roberts and she had dressed up in a feathered war-bonnet.[1] A photograph of Roberts can be found here [1] which has the same face as "Red Cloud" [2]. It's clear that Roberts and Red Cloud were one and the same, however spiritualist cranks who refuse to accept any evidence of fraud such as Michael Prescott and Michael E. Tymn claim that Red Cloud was a real spirit.[2]

Red Cloud (Roberts) also made false predictions such as claiming World War II was not going to break out and that there was going to be peace. As Roberts was a fraud who would dress up as the spirit during her séances it's no surprise that she refused to allow any psychical researchers or scientists to attend her séances.


  • Forty Years a Medium (1960)
  • Red Cloud Speaks (1938)


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