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First off I love the site. I'm also very new at the wiki thing but since I deleted the fail book account I have been on forums like white on rice. I couldn't help but notice this site seems to be pretty much inline with all the pro vacers kind of stuff and well.... I'm kind of lazy. Why is that? I have attempted to do a little research on the subject of how safe they are but I hit walls of people saying, "it just is safe because," or "they are poisoning your babies in a Zionist plot to usher in the reptilian overlords!"

Like I said I'm kind of lazy and my computer isn't up and I don't have time to do serious research so if someone can like, break it down for me, that would be awesome.

And thanks guys for providing endless informative entertainment. Even if this post doesn't work or it gets me banned I will be watching this space :D— Unsigned, by: RhymedOrange / talk / contribs

Part of the problem with asking about "vaccine safety" is there are so many different vaccines. A much better question to ask than "are vaccines safe?" is "how safe is vaccine X?". Blacke (talk) 09:40, 18 September 2015 (UTC)
While no system is perfect there are plenty of people not in the pay of "big pharma" who have dedicated their lives to ensuring vaccines are as safe as possible. Whereas the stuff you buy from the "alternative medicine" vendor has never been tested in any real way you simply can't get a new vaccine out there without rigourous double blind testing.
Better still, turn the question around. How safe is ignoring vaccination. Do you really want to see the return of polio, smallpox, measles or any of the other child killers? Doxys Midnight Runner (talk) 11:04, 18 September 2015 (UTC)

Dope. Yeah I vaccinate my kid I figure whatever risk it poses is minimal. I actually got some pretty good answers today on another forum. I think my main issue would probably be the fact vaccines are done by big pharma now instead of non profit. I can see all kinds of ways that can become an issue. Especially now that they are immune from law suits and have a separate court. I still can't help but wonder about all the stories I hear of kids dying and getting hurt immediately after vaccines. I don't think all of them are lying. Is there some sort of quality control that is not happening? I don't know. On the whole I'm pro vaccines but I get scared when people start talking about forced vaccinations. What's next? Forced psychotropic drug medication? Wait.... That probably happens already— Unsigned, by: RhymedOrange / talk / contribs