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As for Gamergate, this site is firmly, fanatically opposed to it in any form, and if you don't agree with them expect to be spit on and disrespected until they hound you out. Don't argue the subject here, they've made up their minds, and anything less than total agreeance with their position makes you the enemy. This is no longer the site I joined, and if you're wise, leave this place like I'm going to again, it's not worth your sanity to stay here, they've already spit on the very concept of rationality, and I'm leaving again having left the information I planned to leave, and I suggest you gracefully exit before they hound you out too
User:Arcane, 23 September 2015(source)
God, you gators are loathesome pieces of shit and you really need to just fuck off
—the ever-charming David Gerard, 24 September 2015(source)