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Buy Nothing Until Tomorrow Day is a variation on the highly convenient form of protest known as Buy Nothing Day. On this day, consumers will sit at home with a cup of tea, postponing their shopping until the following day. The event is normally staged on the first day of the Christmas shopping season, although Orthodox Jews and real Christians do this every week due to the Sabbath.

Like with Buy Nothing Day, the objective of this protest is to prove that protestors are not slaves to consumerism, and that they're willing to delay their inevitable shopping by as much as a day in order to get that message across. Take that, Wal-Mart!


People either bring forward or delay their purchases by one day, thus sticking it to the man![1]


  • Buy Nothing Tomorrow Day: Consumers can do all of their shopping today, but not tomorrow
  • Buy Nothing Until The Weekend: Consumers take jobs that would normally keep them busy working during the week, forcing them to make their major purchases at the weekend
  • Buy Nothing On Any Day: This becomes increasingly popular during recessions
  • Buy Now Pay Next Year: This, oddly enough, almost always precedes a credit-crunch induced recession
  • Buy Half Today and Half Tomorrow: Participants will only do half of the their shopping on the nominated day, leaving the remaining half to be done tomorrow


  1. Seriously, is this what we've come to? Think about that Chinese guy who stood in front of the tank as it rolled through Tiananmen Square? How about Rosa Parks? What about monks setting themselves alight? If this is our idea of a protest then we are doomed! We may as well protest against Exxon by half-filling our gas tanks twice a week instead of making a single weekly trip to fill them. If anyone wants me, I'll be outside, drunk.