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A drama queen in the context of a wiki is somebody who believes that the wiki should be about them.

Typical drama queen activities[edit]

  • Threatening to leave the wiki. Drama points 0.5
  • Complaining that they the are the victim of one or more editors. Drama points 0.5
  • Reacting with shock and/or horror when their edits are questioned or reverted. Drama points 0.75
  • Engaging in edit warring. Drama points 0.75
  • Creating an article page listing the abuse they believe they have been subjected to. Drama points 0.75
  • Having an obsessive fixation about their edit count. Drama points 0.75
  • Frequently leaving the wiki and coming back. Drama points 1.0
  • Frequently leaving the wiki and then posting as a totally transparent sock. Drama points 1.0
  • Attempting to turn any discussion on the wiki into a discussion about themselves. Drama points 1.0
  • Using sockpuppets to spread rumors about themselves. Drama points 1.0
  • Creating a poll about oneself. Drama points 1.50
  • Believing that this article is about them. Drama points 1.0

How the calculation works[edit]

All the above activities gain Drama Queen points.

  • If you score 1.0 then you are officially a Drama dame.
  • If you score over 2.5 points then you are a Drama princess.
  • Scores of 4 and above give the you the title of Drama queen.
  • A score of 8 or more is a "Drama Empress".
  • A score of 10.5 is a "Drama Demi-Goddess".
  • A score of 10.75 is a "Drama Goddess". Naturally, this is unobtainable

Differences between a drama queen and a troll[edit]

A drama queen is superficially similar to a troll, the main difference being that the troll both wants to cause dissension and draw attention to itself. The drama queen, on the other hand, really believes that they are an important addition to the wiki and feels (mistakenly) that their antics are for the good of the project.

Drama dames, Princesses, Queens, Empresses, and Impressively Titled Females are lonely individuals who need the attention of the wiki to compensate for this (and if they existed, so would drama Goddesses.)

How to deal with a drama queen[edit]

In the same way that smart people don't feed the troll, they also don't applaud the drama queen.