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Flag of Liberalism

Liberalism, also known as Radical Chinese Anarcho-Eco-Communism-Socialism-Fascism-Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Maoism-Obamunism-Bidenism, is a totalitarian political ideology based on the total destruction of tradition, discrimination against straight cisgender white men, and forced destruction of inequality. Thanks to the evil “globalist” media, fluoridation, chemtrails, and vaccines, it has become the dominant ideology in the world.


Liberalism was founded by Kim Karl “Hitler” Zedong Stalin along with Satan. Stalin, a disabled transgender gay black Muslim atheist Satanist drug addict, founded it because he was angry at Jesus because atheists hate him of course, and he was a Muslim simultaneously, because Muslims also hate him. Stalin then went on to become the dictator of Soviet North Vuvuzela where he directly murdered 1 billion people and founded the Democrat Party.


Liberalism is extremely anti-white, anti-cisgender, anti-heterosexual, anti-male, and anti-Christian. Liberals believe that all Cisgender heterosexual white men should be sent to concentration camps where they are mass-murdered. Liberalism requires food to be illegal, cool things such as iPhones to be illegal, and everyone to live in poverty. Liberals value the environment more than humanity, and have made up myths such as global warming. Liberals have no morals due to them being Muslim atheists. Liberals want to absolutely destroy western civilization, especially the United States. A core principle of Liberalism is the suppression of all opposition, through media control and censorship, cancel culture social media mobs, and terrorist Antifa militias. Liberal schools teach nothing besides how to have gay sex, Communism, Critical Race Theory, and Evolutionism. Toxic chemicals are also used for liberal mind control, especially through vaccines. Some scholars say that some of the American conservative traditions are rooted in classical liberalism, but it is just a brainwashing trick to justify liberal values and color America liberal!


Whenever Liberalism is implemented, everyone within a 1 million mile radius immediately dies of starvation and poverty, except the Liberal elite. It is estimated that 10 quadrillion have died directly from Liberalism.

Liberal Countries[edit]

Liberal countries include Nazi Germany, China, the Soviet Union, Europe, North Korea, and the United States currently. All Liberal countries ever have a combined GDP of -50 trillion dollars.


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