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There are, as we all know, thanks to the X-Files, thousands of not tens of thousands of conspiracies going on around the world at any one time. The conspirators suppress everything from free energy to cancer cures, the death of John F. Kennedy, Elvis, Area 51, Roswell, 9/11 and many more.

What all these conspiracies have in common is that nobody breaks ranks and spills the beans, even if it would obviously be in their best interests to do so, even if they have been given written permission by the President of the Free World™.

The conclusion is obvious. There is, in fact, an overaching meta-conspiracy (or Überconspiracy if you are into rock music). Members of this sinister overarching conspiracy work with the lizard overlords, illuminati and freemasons to kidnap and kill anyone thought likely to spill the beans. They then kidnap and kill anyone who might talk about the missing people, and so ad infinitum.

With the growth of the internet and the widening appreciation of all the other conspiracies and their Inalienable Truth™ the meta-conspiracy has gone beyond the limit to which the traditional black helicopter approach can scale, and they have been forced to build a fleet of invisible helicopters. The stupendous cost of these advanced devices was funded through a series of elaborate Ponzi schemes which unfortunately unravelled causing the global financial crisis. The meta-conspiracy was kept particularly busy making sure the true cause was not revealed.