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New World Order Drinking Game[edit]

  • Can be played with any "Truther"
  • Any type of Alcohol can be used
  • You win if you run out before he gives real evidence.


If he cites a video, drink, and add a certain amount according to the type of video:

    • Anytime a misleading title is on a video he cites, take a drink.[1]
      • If the video is at least an hour, take another drink.[2][3]
      • If George H.W. Bush's Speech is cited, or any speech with the words "New World Order" are cited, Drink.
        • Finish your current drink if he cited a Whistleblower.[4]
          • Add one if the bible is mentioned in any part of the video.
            • If it's a slideshow of out of context speeches, three drinks.[5][6]
  • If he misinterprets a speech he cites, two drinks.[7]
    • If he interprets the speech wrong, and the video is under three minutes, finish your drink.[8]
  • If any site on the Webshites are cited, two drinks.
  • If you debunk their evidence, and the Truther resorts to "That's the perfect cover-up", then three drinks.
  • Two drinks for any use of "Coincidence Theorist"
  • If hand signs like the A-OK sign, JayZ's sign, the Rock On, or the Peace Sign are cited as "satanic Illuminati hand signs", drink.[9]
    • If the truther says symbols like the Pentagram (Pagan), the Eye of Providence (Egyptian), or the Inverted Cross (Catholic) are considered satanic, three drinks for not knowing their origins.[10]
      • Finish half your drink if they create a video describing said symbol/sign's history on Youtube.
  • If said truther resorts to Ad hominem attacks Drink.
  • Two drinks if they confuse LaVey Satanism for the Satanism they're thinking of.
  • If he calls you or the website you cited a Government Paid Shill, you win because he has no more evidence. Finish all your alcohol, leave a sarcastic reply, and immediately leave the argument.