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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
—Dante Alighieri, The Inferno

The following is a list of webshites: really bad sources of information. Be forewarned, prolonged exposure may result in the following side effects: nausea, depression, high blood pressure, loss of IQ, periodic outbursts of hysterical guffaws, broken keyboards and monitors.

Exemplary material should be submitted to What is going on in the clogosphere? or to Fundies Say The Darndest Things.

Remember to keep Poe's Law in mind.


See the main article on this topic: Pseudoscience

When God was handing out Science Points™, he forgot these folks.

Alternative medicine[edit]

  • Age of Autism(link): Autism pseudoscience and vaccine hysteria.
  • Association of American Physicians and Surgeons(link): The principal mouthpiece for wingnut opinions regarding medicine. Contains opposition to universal healthcare, advocation for the total deregulation of the pharmaceutical industry, and anti-vaccine hysteradia.
  • Alex Chiu(link): Sells life extension cuff links and magical rings that make you immortal.
  • Citizendium(link): Initially a well-intentioned effort to trump Wikipedia that requiried the authors of its articles to actually be certified experts on the subjects in question, it promptly became a mouthpiece for pseudoscience promoters and has floundered ever since.
  • Crystalinks(link):
  • CureZone(link): A site set up as an altmed echo chamber for people who fear scientific medicine.
  • Doctors Health Press(link):
  • Vaccine hysteria.
  • Nature woo, food woo, misguided activism, and occasional cheesecake. Citing it for anything other than the occasional recipe is not so hot.
  • Gimpy's GimpyBlog(link): A homeopath writes from the perspective of a straw-man of an allopath.
  • Fluoride Action Network(link): Anti-flurodiation website that promotes "facts" based on fear-mongering and brags about its "accomplishments". Also teamed up with the director of GMO OMG (an anti-GMO propaganda film) to produce another likely-propaganda film "Our Daily Dose", so they're in good company.
  • H2Om(link): Water woo.
  • Health Care Site(link): Buggy Wordpress webshite loaded with weed woo (with an unhealthy obsession with heroin and gluten thrown in for good measure). There is literally not a single disease that this site does not claim can be cured (not treated, cured; not symptoms reduced, cured!) by cannabis.
  • Health Freedom Rights(link): Primitive 90s-style webshite offering 2 oz. bottles of Gulf water for a mere $22.99. Oh, plus shipping. Oh, plus expert advice such as "measles doesn't kill."
  • is also much like citing Mercola or Mike Adams.
  • HeartAndBodyExtract(link):
  • Homeopathy Vancouver BC(link):
  • Hpathy(link):
  • Humans Are Free(link): A slightly more insane version of NaturalNews.
  • Ramanand Jhingade( link): Homeopathy and woo defender at WO, CZ and anywhere else he can grind his axe.
  • Jim Humble(link): "Inventor" of the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). On top of claiming he can cure almost any disease with bleach, he also claims to be a billion year old space god from the Andromeda galaxy who used to move solar systems for fun. Sells MMS through a multitude of websites and online stores.
  • Institute of Noetic Sciences(link): Where pseudoscience and New Age quackery collide.
  • Joseph Mercola(link): Home of the eponymous uber-quack.
  • Kryon(link): Lee Carroll's website; channelling, DNA and magnet-related woo.
  • Modern Alternative Mama(link):, who never met an alternative medical procedure she didn't like, or an science-based one that she did.
  • NaturalNews(link): Home of other uber-quack Mike Adams.
  • Official Homeopathy Resource(link):
  • Psychetruth(link): A 'health' site and YouTube channel full of New Age crap and alternative medicine.
  • QuantumMAN(link): Idiocracy, here we come! This website claims to be able to upload cures for diseases such as the common cold directly to clients' bodies via "quantum teleportation" technology obtained from extraterrestrials. What this means, in other words, and we swear to God we're not shitting you, is that it charges users money to download nothing, claiming that a magical portal will be opened through which will be transmitted invisible medicine when you do. It even offers this shit for pets!
  • Real Farmacy(link): From conspiracy theories, to whacky holistic, anti-vaccine-promoting garbage, this site is famous for not citing sources, nor is there any continuity with their claims. It is most likely because the site owner(s) pull the information straight from their ass(es).
  • Reality Sandwich:(link): A cocktail of New Age woo and all sorts of spiritualist/alternative offerings, all in one convenient package. "Reality" appears to refer to one small sliver of pickle chip, and "sandwich" to the two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, onions, and sesame-seed bun that are made of everything but reality.
  • Colloidal silver.
  • Trepan(link): Advocates trepanation, or the theraputic drilling of the human skull to "improve brain function." The founder of the organization behind, Peter Halvorson, drilled a hole in his own skull with a power tool and found happiness. Uh huh. At least the background music is relaxing.
  • Dana Ullman(link): Homeopath and author so notorious for his online dickery he was awarded his own Internet law.
  • US Right to Know(link): Quack front group trying to discredit scientists who have discredited their favorite quacks by using Monsantodidit.
  • Warning: not a debate website!
  • Same rubbish as (along with an even less appropriate name).
  • What Doctors Don't Tell You(link):
  • cites many of the above including Natural News, and again will get you laughed out the room.
  • Wiki4CAM(link):
  • WikiSynergy(link):

Creationist, Intelligent Design, and Evolution denial[edit]

  • A Storehouse of Knowledge(link): Conservapedia's slightly less gonzo, but no less wrong splinter wiki.
  • Answers in Genesis(link): One of the online creationism resources.
  • Creation Ministries International(link):
  • Creation Science Evangelism(link): Run by notorious tax fraudster and creationist Kent Hovind (at least until his incarceration, since then run by his son Eric).
  • CreationWiki(link):
  • Darwin's Predictions(link):
  • Evolution News(link): This site purports to be an independent factual site reporting on the debate over intelligent design vs evolution, but is actually a mouth piece of The Discovery Institute in order to promote intelligent design as fact by apparently debunking evolution and related science using disingenuous selective quoting, misunderstanding or misstatement of scientific processes.
  • Discovery Institute(link):
  • Genesis Park(link):
  • Ted Holden(link): Creationist and Velikovskyite known for cyclical trolling of "". A Usenet crank going way back. Ted currently posts at the right wing website Free Republic, possibly under the handles wendy1946, GodGunsGuts, or varmintman (or possibly two or three of those)[1][2] and is known for pushing not only Young Earth Creation garbage, but also claiming that science leads to communism and atheism, and that AIDS is a conspiracy created by the government and HIV doesn't cause AIDS. Ted also spent a few years trolling comp.lang.ada. Despite his otherwise tenable standpoint - that the programming language ADA is a failure - his attitude and methods alienated all other readers of the group [3].
  • The Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation(link):
  • Missing Universe Museum(link): Evolution isn't true because... humans aren't covered in lots of vestigial penises, and because... piles of Lego bricks don't assemble into houses when left on the table with the light on.
  • NephilimFree(link): A YEC Christian who likes the sound of his own voice, and has posted a large number of videos. He always wears headphones, either for that "finger on the pulse" look, or for going "lalala I can't hear you"? "I hope you find something interesting here," he says. He is even a geocentrist. His general creepiness (and his comments about stoning children) have given him the informal nickname of "PedophilimFail."
  • Question Evolution!(link):
  • Bob Sorensen(link): Sometimes known as "PiltdownSuperman," a litigious creationist prone to projection.
  • True.Origins(link): Attempts at rebutting Talk.Origins, ironic and inaccurate name because it is not a Usenet newsgroup and is most definitely not true, features such scientific luminaries such as Jonathan Sarfati, Harun Yahya, and Michael Behe.
  • Creation Evidence Museum(link): Noted "museum" ran by scientific genius "Dr." Carl Baugh, a noted fraud whose batshit claims are even disregarded by other hacks such as Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research.
  • Website created by Paul Abramson, host of Kent Hovind's screeds while in prison, as well as a site of links to different creationist sites, and a few incoherent "articles".

Global-warming deniers[edit]

Pseudoscience crankery[edit]

  • Alexander Abian(link):: Insane math professor from Iowa State University (deceased). Believed that a massive rearrangement of the solar system would fix all of humanity's problems. Also believed that "time is mass", and that therefore for time to progress a little bit of matter has to be disappearing from the universe continuously. Was published—in the Weekly World News.
  • Archimedes Plutonium(link): Janitor at Dartmouth College; known for a bizarre fascination with the plutonium atom and a series of bogus mathematical proofs designed to establish him as the greatest genius on Earth.
  • Stephen J. Crothers(link): Physics crank who disputes the existence of black holes.
  • Field Liberation Movement(link): Belgian anti-GMO, borderline terrorist, activist group. Came in support of someone who gave her diploma to an unqualified anti-GMO activist and wants to reform science into "slow science" because most scientists at the Catholic University of Leuven claim that they are fighting for a bad cause.
  • Bill Gaede(link): Insists that "mathematical physics" is a religion, and science should only deal with material objects as he understands them, that forces involve double helices (that somehow are more tangible, despite being unobserved), and that the human race is inevitably doomed due to something called a "population pyramid."
  • Gaetano Marano(link): General aerospace nut. You name it, it's an idea that someone stole from him. Known for mindlessly spamming forums even vaguely related to space until he gets banned.
  • Miles Mathis(link): Conspiracy theorist and physics crank who claims that NASA is involved in a massive cover-up to conceal the real value of pi, which according to him is actually 4.
  • Kevin Martin(link): Untrained amateur meteorologist who's made an enemy of the entire Internet weather community. Viciously racist and sexist with a habit of flinging violent threats at anyone who calls him out on his shit. Even the US National Weather Service has (in a read-between-the-lines kind of way) told people to ignore him. Basically a dumber and more arrogant version of Vox Day.
  • Newton's Equation Solved Wrong for 350 Years U Tube(link): A Time Cube-esque dissertation by a guy named Joe Nahhas arguing something to the effect of all physics of the past 350 years being wrong, with the obligatory use of different colors for every sentence. In his words: "I am Joe Nahhas discovered at age 15 in summer of 1973 that all of physics for past 350 years is mathematically solved in event time or lab time and later these same events will look different if measured in real time and will have different values and what we see later in real time will not be what started." Um, uh-huh.
  • Gary Mosher(link):: Physics crank who fervently asserts an alternate "theory of everything", rejecting all evidence of special/general relativity and the double slit experiment. He is also known as "inmendham", and alternately proposes a "destroy all life" philosophy.
  • Ronald W. Satz(link): Proponent of Dewey Larson's Reciprocal Theory.
  • Jeffrey Wolynski(link): A newbie pseudoscientist and crackpot pushing the crank theory of stellar metamorphosis. He has an equally cranky Youtube channel.[4]


See the main article on this topic: Religion


  • Adam Marshall Dobrin(link): God himself[5] kook with a Messiah complex who spawns numerous blogs, spams multiple listservs and universities, and pens incoherent screeds[6] that purport to use religion and language to "prove" that God exists, in order to "end world hunger and heal the sick" as well as cause a "revolution" just by "knowing" we are living in The Matrix.
  • Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps(link): Bizarre cult loosely based on old Salvation Army screeds.
  • aka Catholic(link): Reactionary, ultratraditionalist Catholic site.
  • Amightywind(link): Rambling, sloppily-designed Pentecostal website with a section on UFOs and aliens. "Breakingwind" might have been a more apt name for this one.
  • Apostle and Prophets Network(link):
  • BarbWire(link): Matt Barber's website.
  • Beginning and End(link):
  • Berean Research(link): A conservative, fundamentalist Christian website that expresses homophobic, transphobic, islamaphobic, anti-evolution, biblical literalism views and has expressed disdain towards anyone and anything that doesn't share their views, especially liberal and progressive Christians. Co-run by Marsha West, who is notable for claiming that yoga is of the devil.
  • Bible Life Ministries(link): Promotes health woo in addition to the usual evangelist message.
  • Bible Gender Roles(link): a website run by a sole man who thinks married men are owed sex even if they abuse their wife, and encourages punishment for your wife if she doesn't put out. He goes as far as suggesting you ignore your wifes face and have sex with her anyway and that God would like that.
  • Brad Harrub(link): A Ph.D. 'scientist' who only does videos on Christian apologetics, creationism, and homophobia. His channel appears to be inactive.
free Free FREE Doctor of Divinity Degree!
  • Cambridge Theological Seminary(link): A frighteningly awful web site for a diploma mill that offers free divinity degrees.
  • Capalert(link): Movie reviews by a fundie. Literally every single one except that for Mary Poppins is negative; and they include complaints about such things as "suggestive eye movements".
  • Catholic Family News(link): Traditionalist Catholic site.
  • Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights(link): Bill Donohue whinges about the non-existent anti-Catholic sentiment exhibited by anything and everything.
  • Chalcedon Foundation(link): Christian Reconstructionist organization founded by R.J. Rushdoony.
  • Christian Courier(link):
  • Christian Persecution in America(link): Apparently 90% of the US's population is complaining about persecution.
  • Christopedia(link): A measly (and thankfully now-dead) pretender to Conservapedia's throne; what was really notable about this webshite were articles on race so horrific they might have made David Duke grimace.
  • Church Militant(link): Utratraditionalist Catholic site.
  • Church of the Crusaders(link): Another ultratraditionalist Catholic site.
  • CreationScience(link): YEC who, albeit having good quality videos, debates in the comment section with an annoying arrogant tone. Is famous for using the "it's possible, though because I believe it, it's true" argument in many of his videos. Has been featured on Potholer54's Golden Crocoduck competition. Formerly known as jesse8857
  • creationtoday(link): The reboot of Cseministry, run by Eric Hovind.
  • Cseministry(link): Kent Hovind's ministry (now run by his less than stellar son Eric).
  • Cutting Edge Ministries(link): mixture of fundamentalist Christianity and conspiracy theories.
  • Debunking Atheists(link): A site that claims to debunk atheism, but in reality, says no new arguments. Ignores portions of comments he doesn't like and quote mines said comments.
  • Escape All These Things(link): A site that takes an assload of verses in the Bible out of context, and forms a "map" of the end times.
  • Evidence for God(link): Shoehorns science into the Bible. Nothing new to say.
  • Eye2EyeIIIV(link): A YEC and a supporter of Kent Hovind and pseudoscience.
  • Family Research Council(link): Homophobia wrapped up as family values.
  • First Things(link): Ecumenical, conservative "journal of religion and public life", more thoughtful and erudite than most but nonetheless decidedly right-wing in orientation. Founded by Richard John Neuhaus, a Lutheran pastor turned Catholic priest, after his expulsion from the Rockford Institute over his (well-founded) charges that the organization was friendly to anti-Semitsm and nativism.
  • Fish Eaters(link): Ultratraditionalist Catholic site.
  • Time Cube with a fundamentalist Christian spin.
  • Foundations For Freedom(link): Ironically named, theocratic website.
  • Not much to say. Batshit insane zealots, great for "moherowe beretyWikipedia's W.svg.
  • G Man(link): An obnoxious man child who defends Biblical slavery. Doesn't believe starving children Christians exist.[7]
  • GEERUP(link): Also an shill for alternative medicine, and heir to the VenomFangX channel.
  • Geronami(link): A fundamentalist Christian preacher named KJ Paul. He is a physician originally from Hyderabad yet he disregards evolution as nothing but "the devils work". He's made videos vehemently criticizing Eastern religions (especially Hinduism), Atheism, and American left-wing policics while giving his support to the American religious rights. He's a brown-skinned Jerry Falwell!
  • Girl Defined(link):
  • God and Country(link):
  • Heavyduty3737(link): User:conservative of conservapedia fame.
  • iEmanuella(link): Came out as a friend who said she wasn't like most of the other Christians and said her channel would be that of love.[8] Eventually made a video called "Real Talk on Homosexuality" where she compared being gay to shooting children.[9] Granted, that was her only video in regard to being a bigoted fundamentalist Christian, as far as we know, but it was the video that ruined her career on YouTube.
  • In Plain Site(link): Just another Christian site that claims to have "proof" of God's existence.
  • Jack Chick(link): The infamous Christian cartoonist, complete with conspiracy theories and enough strawmen to make cowardly lions and tin men completely redundant.
  • James Lyman (as OneChristianVoice(link)): He is an extremely sexist, homophobic, bigoted street preacher. His videos typically consist of him screaming and ranting at pedestrians, pissing them off in the process. While most of his content involves him bashing other religions, homosexuals, and females, he has also made bizarre videos criticizing Avatar Toys, Family Guy, Veggie Tales, and dirty cars.
  • James Morre (as THENEWJMONEY507(link)): Makes Hell threats on other videos.
  • Jesus Is Savior(link): Run by David J. Stewart, allegedly a child sex offender[10] and neo-prohibitionist who bravely works to expose everything in the world as evil.
  • Jezuzfreek777(link): A rather dull, boring creationist who has defended slavery and rape, yet has a rare quality not found in other creationists: belief in free speech.
  • Joshua Feuerstein(link): Paul Blart lookalike with a serious case of Vertical Video Syndrome. Fails horribly (and often humorously) to legitimately challenge scientific theories and logical arguments against the existence of God from his car.
  • Judgement House(link): Much like Hell Houses, Judgement Houses is a walkthrough presentation that uses fear mongering to scare people into accepting Jesus Christ. Unlike Judgement houses, however, each judgement focuses more on the choices the characters make before they die. There is only two choices: choice Christ or reject him. There is no grey scale morality when it comes to Judgement House.
  • KabaneTheChristian(link): An Eastern Orthodox vlogger. Most of his videos center around Christian apologetics and Orthodox Church history. He is a theistic evolutionist and has a channel (currently retired), called Kabane52(link) dedicated to refuting creationism. Or so we thought. On September 20, 2016, Kabane made a video where titled "The Trouble With Naturalism: The Evolutionary Argument Against Nationalism", where he accepted the creationist beliefs he once refuted.
  • Kent Hovind's blog from prison(link): Veers between ignorance, megalomania, and just plain weirdness.
  • MegaSage007(link): A YEC Geocentrist youtuber who insists on atheism being a faith, having no morals, and being self-refuting. Dismisses science offhand with the fervor of an egotistical layman. Claims to have found Jesus a few decades ago, and apparently hasn't bought a razor since that time.
  • Mere Comments(link):
  • Movieguide(link): Christian right-wing fundamentalist website "pro-family", "pro-life", pro-capitalist, Homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-pagan, anti-humanism, anti-atheist, anti-communist and anti-socialist, anti-PC (aka political correctness), anti-leftist and whatnot film reviews, and whining about the Hollywood agenda.
  • Mundabor's Blog(link): Another ultra-traditionalist Catholic fanatic.
  • mysticalforest(link): A heavy right-wing religious conservative YEC who bashes evolution, science, non-Christians, or anyone who leans any other way. Out of touch with reality and believes Fox News is the most reliable news source (wait, that's redundant).
  • Now the End Begins(link): Principally an end times fearmongering website positing that Obama is a Muslim poised to institute martial law, etc., but it also contains everything from Jack-Chickian all-non-Christians-are-doomed-to-Hell preachery to stuff about secret government weather control projects to gun nuttery to stuff about Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity among other things.
  • Official Street Preachers(link): Site founded by Islamophobic and homophobic hate preacher Rubin Israel.
  • Operation Save America(link): Formerly Operation Rescue.
  • Patriactionary(link):
  • Peace by Jesus(link): Mid-90s style site with excessive use of multiple colors and Comic Sans.
  • Plugged-In Online(link):
  • PPSIMMONS(link): A group of YEC Christians who makes many videos attacking evolution and promoting intelligent design. They repeat old creationist arguments and search for any scientific article that mentions "design" in any form to conclude that scientists do recognize design in nature, and thus must require an intelligent designer.
  • Presidential Prayer Team(link): Seems to be as much "support the troops" jerks and George W. Bush jerks as Jesus freaks. Mark Twain's ‘’War Prayer’’ applies here.
  • The Prophecy Chronicles(link):
  • Rapture Letters(link): As if leaving your nearest and dearest behind when the Rapture comes isn't bad enough, now you can send them a smarmy letter, gloating about how great life in Heaven is, while they suffer the torments of the damned.
  • Rapture Ready(link): A psychotically-paranoid echo chamber of rapture believers encouraging each other to be mentally ill.
  • Reasonable Faith(link): William Lane Craig's apologist site filled with its author's hallmarks: mixing fundamentalist apologetics with philosophically sounding sophist window dressing. Useful for debunking due to its huge number of transcripts of Craig's debates and to contrast his academic airs in these with his naked fundamentalism in the site's Q&A section in which Craig counsels the faithful. Named after Craig's magnum opus.
  • The Remnant Ministry and Real Talk Radio Network(link): Bizarre Christian-ish interpretations based on paranoia and criticism of others' interpretations. Their radio show is a mash-up of angry, pretentious and totally insane screeds.
  • Repent and Prepare the Way(link):
  • Shockofgod(link): YEC and best internet friend of Conservapedia's Conservative. Makes videos by pointing his webcam at the computer screen creating hideous aliasing. Has ignored repeated requests and beggings to download Capture Fox. Never has anything original to say. His videos mostly consist of him reading Conservapedia pages and giggling to himself, sometimes on his motorcycle in order to compensate for his.
  • Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the TEN COMMANDMENTS(link):
  • Society of St. Pius X(link): Ultratraditionalist, neo-monarchist, rabidly anti-Semitic Catholic sect.
  • StateofDaniel(link): During the iEmanuella controversy from December 2013 into early 2014, Daniel was one of the few Christians to stick his neck out and actually defend her, despite the bigoted comments she made towards consenting adults having sex with each other regardless what the gender of their partner is. Claims that people like MrRepzion were responsible for bullying her off YouTube, despite the fact that MrRepzion has spoken out against the bullying that she has received, and then proceeds to bash Laci Green regarding abortion clinics being under attack, to the point where he even called the video Womb Raider. Anti-atheist as proven in his video Gay vs. Christian.
  • Support Christian Porn(link): Pornograhpy the way Jesus intended. Our minds are blown. Poe or the real thing? You be the judge.
  • Sword At-The-Ready(link):
  • The American Vision(link): Dominionism.
  • The Orthosphere(link): Another blog for ultrareactionary "throne and altar" types .
  • The Path of Truth(link):
  • The Way of the Master(link): Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort's evangelist show and home of the banana fallacy.
  • TheAtheistAntidote(link): A Christian YEC, apologist, and exposed plagiarist.
  • TheInterlang (Langdon Parks)(link): A vlogger who makes videos about how evolution is a lie, homosexuality isn't real love, dubstep will make us go deaf, and transgender people are counterfeit. His earlier videos show him wearing a fedora and sunglasses. He is known for his weird facial expressions, his reliance on biased websites, and his monotone voice. He also admits he used to think he was a bisexual.
  • Throne and Altar(link): Ultratraditionalist Catholic site "devoted to defending the legitimate authority of God, tradition, fathers, and kings against the diabolical partisans of freedom and equality."
  • No Greater Joy(link): Michael and Debi Pearl provide instructions on how to beat the disobedience out of your kids.
  • Tom Wattkins (as Bride In the Wilderness(link): The end is here! Apparently thinks the 144,000 will see his obscure Youtube Video. At least he doesn't think Obama is the Antichrist.
  • Tradition in Action(link): Another reactionary Catholic site.
  • Truthislife7 (as truthislife7(link)): Blatant lies in a nutshell. Galileo was a myth, The Bible says the Earth was round, and we're... misrepresenting Pascal's Wager... Just because we're not quoting his entire pensees book...
  • TruthShock TV(link): All about how the government is the satanic, Illuminati NWO that will usher in the Biblical end times.
  • Unam Sanctam Catholicam(link): Still more reactionary Catholicism.
  • VCP(link): Short for Flemish Christian Party, which is a splinter of the CD&V. Just like the CD&V it promotes family values. Unlike the CD&V it believes that The Ten Biblical Commandments should become a political institution. As a mayor, is signing permission for the party to expand its activities to your municipality like making a deal with the devil.
  • VenomFangX(link): Barely sane young man who apparently retired from YouTube when his mom and dad discovered his illegal and morally dubious charity drive. As September 2013, he seems to endorse AIG's 3D movie Genesis[11]. He has posted a Youtube movie in which he and Eric Hovind interview Ray Comfort on his movie GodvsEvolution.[12]
  • Vine and Fig Tree(link): A site that was dedicated to "Anarcho-Calvinism," a simultaneously Christian fundamentalist and anarchist form of government. Now defunct.
  • Wild Bill for America(link): A teabagger known for his rhetorical rants against homosexuality, abortion, Islam and atheists. Intends to bring back the "Biblical principles that were the key of our founding fathers".


  • Alminbar(link): Extremist website with Anti-Semetic, pro-Hitler content, calls for women to be completely subjugated to inferiority. It even has a whole section on the evils of the World Cup. It constantly complains of the "filth" that all nonbelievers spread, and that they should all be hated.
  • Calltoislam(link):
  • Dawah Man(link): YouTube proselytizer from the United Kingdom known best for a video about atheists drinking sperm because they have no morals. His real name is Imran ibn Mansur.
  • Drkhalid(link): Created by British fundamentalist Khalid Khan
  • Harun Yahya(link): One of the more well-known Muslim creationists. Once included a fishing lure in a "natural history" book.
  • Islamic Awakening(link): The forum deserves a special mention for the sheer amount of bloodlust.
  • Islamic Network(link): Islamic website which requires a password and account to view. It includes horrific content about women, gays, and apostates.
  • Islamic Research Foundation(link): Site of Zakir Naik
  • Islamophobia Watch(link): Not strictly a Muslim site, but apparently dedicated to defending any and all Muslims from criticism no matter how nutty they are. It also has some anti-semitism.
  • IslamQA(link): Islamic fundamentalist-Salafi website coming out of Saudi Arabia that is unfortunately quite popular, has such ridiculousness as claiming that women should cover everything but the eyes, they shouldn't drive, and that muslims should hate westerners.
  • Liam Egan: Irish convert to fundamentalist Islam who runs the website "Islamic Vanguards" (as well as the now defunct sites "MPAC Ireland" and "EireMuslim") with the mission of bringing Sharia law to Ireland. Egan supports the death penalty for homosexuals; the imprisonment of alcohol consumers, fornicators, and unmarried couples who kiss in public; the forcing of women to wear hijab and men to grow beards, and the destruction of non-Muslim religious monuments (such as the Great Pyramid in Egypt). Also openly supports Islamic terrorism in their jihad against the infidels, including Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban and the Boston marathon bombers, now teaches in Saudi Arabia.
  • Muslims Against Crusades(link): Now banned, and probably back under another yet another new name.
  • Salafimedia(link): Extremist videos, led by Abu Waleed who has claimed that "We will put the niqab on even Queen Elizabeth". Waleed is also one of Anjem Choudary's entourage. His plan includes bringing slavery to the UK, kill apostates, and chopping heads for blasphemy.
  • SalafiTalk(link): Message board with Ultra-conservative theologians mainly debating trivial matters, only hardline positions are acceptable and users who are too liberal may be shunned by the community on the site.
  • Islamic forum with hordes of hardliners and extremists, and noted to be similar to Islamic Awakening.


  • Torah Philosophy(link): Blog run by "Jewish philosopher," an Orthodox Jew who really hates atheists.


See the main articles on this topic: Hinduism and Hindutva
  • Hindu Existence(link): advocates the creation of a Hindu State in India, promotes Ayurveda, and advises its readers to "Keep some actual weapons in your Puja (worship) Place. Worship them and use them against your enemies, enemies of Hindus." [13]
  • Hindu Unity Against Anti-Hindus(link):
  • Stephen Knapp(link): pseudoscience-promoting site. Its description reads: "This has become a huge site with lots of information for the promotion of personal and social spiritual development, especially by using the Vedic path. This site has something for everyone interested in Spiritual Enlightenment, Eastern Philosophy, the Vedas, Vedic Culture, Yoga, Hinduism, reincarnation, or life after death." It provides links to websites of Hindutva organizations.[14]


  • Eye of Woden(link): Conspiracy theories and white nationalism in the name of the Divine Self-Harmer.
  • Nationalist Asatru News(link): Odinists gather in their united hatred of Jews. Worth a look for the brilliant dating system ("Published: 6th Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 6th day After Yule 2264.RE")

Lack-of-religious-text-thumping (a.k.a. "Rationals", "Skeptics")[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Atheism
  • Agnostic Plague Doctor(link): Anti-feminist YouTube channel who hides behind the disguse of a plague doctor, almost in the vein of the Satiratician (see below). Accuses people of being crybabies with titles such as "TRUMP WON. GET OVER IT.", and questions the intelligence of people who disagree with him. His voice sounds like there have been effects made onto it make it sound much deeper than it actually is.
  • AlphaOmegaSin(link): YouTube ranter and gamer. In favor of GamerGate, though he sees it more as a pro-gaming protest movement. Despite this, it seems that he isn't exactly spiteful towards social justice in general, having endorsed Alanah Pearce for giving trolls their just desserts. He seems more ignorant rather than genuinely misogynistic.
  • TheAmazingAtheist (T.J. Kirk)(link): Makes videos on religion, politics, media and other topics. Used to be a jerk, but has mellowed out. Still a jerk with some nasty stupidity issues and rape apology.
  • Amos Yee(link): What's defendable is his Freedom of Expression regarding the mocking of religion, for which he is currently being unfairly persecuted for in his home country of Singapore. What's less defendable is his support for the legalisation of child pornography.
  • Angie The Antitheist(link): An antitheist blogger who caused a stir by filming her RU-486 induced abortion and posting a video of it to YouTube. For this stunt, she got to go on CNN.
  • Armoured Skeptic(link): His main body of work consists of rebuttals to creationist Christian arguments in videos by his character (a guy in a modern suit and a knight helmet) and seems to consist of pure snark, minus citations, in monotone (which he uses on everything from the standard creationist crap, to really crappy movies, and his friends' inability to identify the Millennium Falcon from the U.S.S. Enterprise). He is noted for his interest in medieval history and knightliness and his rejection of groupthink or identity politics. The controversial part only comes when he discusses, albeit briefly, culture wars: he calls himself "neutral" towards Gamergate, though he believes the movement genuinely started as a response to gaming ethics (which ruffles feathers on just about every side). Doesn't like RW very much, questions its name.[15][16] He claims he's neither June's father nor her brother, but he touts anti-feminist rhetoric and he is known for hanging out and siding with known anti-feminists, see his involvement in The Amazing Atheist's "Questions White Men Have for SJWs" where his neutrality was completely destroyed.
  • ARTV(link): YouTube music review channel run by Jon. On his alternate channel, made a video titled "The Problem with SJWs", thus appealing to Trump supporters (despite him telling his audience to vote for Hillary during the election). Advocated violence against people who wrote in Harambe during the election.
  • Asalieri(link): Compared a pro-transgender webcomic to those done by PETA, thinks that transgenders who speak up about their identities are attention seekers.
  • Atheism-is-Unstoppable (Devon Tracey)(link): A narcissistic, islamophobic neo-atheist with borderline racist and misogynist views. He constantly defends police brutality with the same arguments you hear from far-right people, that "well, they were obviously dangerous and they are criminals, so it's fine to beat them and attack them even without weapons". He also uses the term regressive non-stop, even calling Lawrence Krauss a regressive for not supporting far-right policies on the Middle East and spying on Muslims. As your typical butthurt anti-progressive (in the same zone as Pat Condell), he makes extremely long videos (almost all of his videos are at least 30 minutes long) picking apart videos of people who he perceives to be too progressive, although they largely just consist of ad hominem attacks and cursing. The Young Turks and Secular Talk are some of his favorite targets. Also for some bizarre reason tends to use a picture of Kurt Cobain (a well-known leftist) while criticizing people who would have the same views. Notorius for blocking and doxxing his critics, proving that his support for free speech is only a one-way street.
  • TheAtheistGamer(link): Is known for making videos against feminism and is known for yelling and cursing almost every sentence. Made a video attacking an 11 year old little girl for wearing a FCKH8 t-shirt. After internet music reviewer Danny Korcz, known as 94SideKick, called him out for doing so in his commentary on Undoomed's video response to Maja Anushka, TAG doubled down and went after Danny too. TAG became one of the biggest fanboys of Undoomed to the point where most of the videos the latter responds to are sent him by TAG.
  • Atticus TheDeathMetaller(link): Blames SJW's for the success of Donald Trump in the 2016 election and for enabling racial Islam.
  • Bearing(link): Is known for making videos against feminism and claimed that Laci Green was being classless despite in that same video response to her, Bearing made the claim saying, "Yeah, I think I'm going to wait for the porno version comes out. The Cunting Ground," in regards to her not being able to wait until the documentary "The Hunting Ground", a film that serves as a documentary about sexual assaults that happens across college campuses, comes out. Is known for hiding behind the disguise of the bear from the Total Drama series as well as disclaimer warning making him not responsible for his fans going after the small targets he chooses when someone accuses him of bullying. Doesn't understand the basic concept of consent. In a hangouts with Michael Rowlands, Bearing whipped out his wee little member and he got called out regarding his toxic views on consent and before he could give Rowlands a valid answer, Bearing, being the defender of free speech that he was, kicked Michael out of the conversation. To get back at Rowlands after he made a satirical video towards Bearing, he then responded to a video Michael liked titled "Why I'm A Feminist". Known for attacking YouTube channels with less than 100 subscribers, especially those featuring 8 year old kids. Appears to prefer his targets to be young, female, and feminist. As of December 5, 2016, Bearing's YouTube channel has been terminated, not for the harassment of women on the internet, but by Fresh TV, the owners of the Total Drama series that own the rights to the bear that Bearing was using on his videos and his merchandise that he was using without their permission. He's not only back on YouTube, but accused both Danny Korcz and Kristi Winters of sharing the doxxing information about him to Encyclopedia Dramatica, without any actual evidence to back up his claims. On September 26, 2017, despite being an atheist, Bearing made a video where he explained that he was going to vote no in regards to Australia legalizing gay marriage.[17]
  • BionicDance(link): Rabid and screaming (of the same two arguments for 638 videos) lesbian atheist of DOOM! Animator, skeptic, advocate of reason. Also a well-known blocker, who assumes all criticism is simply trolling and often swears excessively at her opponents, including many atheists. Among other things she's gone into the comments section of a harmless parody video to accuse the maker of trying to start drama for subs,[18] and has said that people who choose to identify as "agnostic" are cowards.[19] Her commentary on religions often shows a fairly shallow understanding of the beliefs of the people she's criticizing (she once suggested that the phrase "til death do us part" indicated a lack of thought on the part of Christians, since they believed in life after death. She was apparently unaware that the book of Matthew explicitly states that after the resurrection formerly married couples would be "like angels", thus invalidating marriage contracts). Has recently become an infrequent co-host/guest on the radio show Ask an Atheist.
  • Bluemagus(link): Made a few videos debunking Anita Sarkeesian's videos. Attempted to call out Cody Briscoe as a white knight, a term that anti-feminists give to males who side with the feminist movement suggesting they only side with the movement to get laid...despite the fact that Cody is gay.
  • calpurnpiso(link): Possibly an atheist, or possibly a reverse-Poe. He insists that all religious people suffer from psychosis, and refers to atheists as "mentally healthy" (apparently unaware that mental illness can occur in atheists). Most of his videos are incoherent rants, with countless bizarre tangents. Strangely, he seems to show almost no compassion to the "psychotics", frequently calling them "stupid", "morons", and "imbeciles".
  • Canadian Atheist(link): Typical egalitarian atheist who makes videos such as how religious moderates leads to extremism and how Sharia Law is taking over.
  • charmingman93(link): A British egalitarian who is known for rambling on and on about topics such as how horrible feminism and Black Lives Matter are. While he has claimed to be of liberal leaning, such as claiming to be pro-choice and his support of gay men, he makes the usual talking points that the antifeminist community likes to regurgitate time and time again. Made a 22 minute video titled "Ginger the Friendly Feminist", where he made typical antifeminist talking points without providing evidence to back up his claims... and then begged her for evidence. When Danny Korcz made a video response to that video where he called him out for not providing evidence to back his claims, he made a video to Danny. Has a style of rambling and ranting that is inspired by TL;DR, despite charmingman93 trying desperately to claim to be nothing like him. Fails to understand the irony of his own avatar, that avatar being The Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. To put things into perspective: The Black Knight, even after he had all of his limbs cut off, except his most important, obviously, his schlong continues to assert that he is the winner. It's the "If I never admit defeat I can never lose!" mentality, and that even after being defeated he continues to scream about how he will defeat King Arthur. He is left to die while he is still screaming his victory.
  • Chris Ray Maldonado (as Chris Ray Gun)(link):
  • coffeelover239(link): Bernie Bro who voted against his own interests during the 2016 election. Can often be seen on Twitter liking Alex Jones videos. Many of his videos are usually him ranting at the camera.
  • coverkillnation(link): Music reviewer. Made a video in regards to social justice channels titled, "5 Reasons People Hate SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS (SJWs)".
  • CultofClusterfuck(link): Angry ranter who made several videos ranting for minutes on end about various topics. These topics he ranted about include language policing, the war on drugs where (where he says it needs to keep happening), the nobility of impulse. Admits that he loves South Park more than his first born child, hates political correctness, and thinks American liberals are "the dumbest cocksuckers in the entire political scene".[20]
  • Damian Skyfire(link):
  • Dprjones(link): A once well respected atheist and lawyer who assisted many users, including Thunderf00t, through rough times of mass censorship by religious YouTube users. Unfortunately, because of his association with Thunderf00t, he has some "questionable" claims about feminism, specifically regarding Rebecca Watson.
  • Dusty Smith(link): Atheist who appears to have a bit of an ego problem and is a bit of a jerk, although it's very likely this is all just an act. Cannot go 10 seconds without swearing. Made a video where he insulted his Christian fanbase calling them stupid,[21] and made has been known for comparing organized religion as a whole to cancer.
  • Ellie Jayden(link): Hasn't said specifically whether or not she was or wasn't an atheist, but has made several videos in defense of gay marriage even stating at one point that she marched at gay pride parades. That being said, that is the only form of social justice she participates. Recently became a social commentator and started making videos criticizing feminism and SJWs as well as attacking Black Lives Matter. Basically, no different from any other antifeminist channel on YouTube.
  • Esoteric Entity(link): A Libertarian Anarchist nutcase who generally makes videos in support of his utopian system of Anarcho Capitalism, going as far to advocate for the privatization of nuclear weaponry [22]. He's also a noted anti-Feminist, climate-change denier, and proponent of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.
  • fringeelements(link): Said this: "Whites, by far, are the least racist people on the planet as well. This doesn’t have to do with implicit or brain-stem racism. If a black man is standing behind me, I am more concerned than if a white man is, and that’s an entirely rational way to feel. Anyone who says that’s “wrong” is telling you to put human-creationist insanity above your own safety."[23] Enough said. A notable moment in his Youtube career being his asswhopping in a debate over Genetics, Race, and Intelligence by theskepticalheretic.[24][25][26][27][28]
  • Fringy(link): Gaming Critic. Internet Watchdog. Angry Australian. Atheist who makes response to anybody who disagrees with him in order to protect the video gaming community, whether that be the religious right or the "regressive" left. Made it clear that he doesn't mind saying the words "retarded" or "cunt" to people. Made it clear that despite disagreeing with the religious aspects of the Christian right, that he's a displaced liberal because he hates the feminists and "SJWs" on the left also.
  • Furious Fossa(link): YouTube channel who claims to have videos with a, "focus on fighting regressive actions from the left & right". Has made anti-social justice content in the past such videos exposing Steeeeeeeeeeeve Shiiiiiiiivvvvvves, complaining about Black Lives Matter, and misgendering VarmitCoyote.
  • GageMcRantsInHats(link): Despite his small subscriber count, Gage has jumped aboard the growing anti-feminist bandwagon. On the one hand, has made videos calling out the Westboro Baptist Church, the woman who thinks dinosaurs are a hoax, Roosh V and Evalion. On the other hand, has also made videos criticizing safe spaces, Black Lives Matter, and Feminism. Takes joy when Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election in response to Laci Green's "Trumpocalypse" video and made a video criticizing Riley Dennis's "Dating Prefences" video.
  • Gryffix(link): An outspoken atheist who while succeeding in the fields of atheism, such as calling out both Joshua Feuerstine and stateofdaniel, fails regarding... everything else. Has a series where she reads tweets from feminists making fun of them along the way. As chrisiousity proved in her video response to "Questions Women Have for SJWs and Feminists", she has weird misconceptions of history and thinks feminist objectives are more vague than the previous generations, despite feminists still fighting for abortion rights, the right to breast feed in public, and wages men and women have to endure. Also, has proved to be extremely Islamophobic.
  • Godless Cranium(link): Has most of his videos calling out religious peddling. Unfortunately, has some videos calling out anti-social justice channels such as "Stop Blaming White People for Trump", "Is Game of Thrones Diverse Enough?", "Reverse Racism and Who Can Be Racist?", and may others.
  • Hi, I Think I'm Real(link): Makes videos responding to both the religious and anyone who believes in social justice. Even when he makes videos responding to people on the far-right, he compared them to "SJWs", hence why he created the term "Right-Wing SJW" despite not realizing why his political opponents are upset. In his, "The White Rose Is a Right-Wing SJW" video, he makes comparison of Rose closing her comments section to that of Anita Sarkeesian, despite not realizing that the reason why Anita closes her comments is because of the harassment and death threats she receives on a daily basis.
  • Introverted Smiles(link): Ex-Muslim youtuber who makes popular videos criticizing Islam, though also several videos bashing Muslim YouTubers. In one exchange, he claimed that "all muslims make me sick" and started referring to muslims as "Sandn***ers". [29] (check in comment section)
  • Irate Bear(link): Agnostic atheist who makes videos responding to feminist and social justice channels on the internet. Created the "Feminist 100" challenge where he challenged any anti-feminist to respond to Elin's video.I think he's black and gay or something, too. Who knows.
  • Jeff Holiday(link): One of Bearing's inner circle, Jeff Holiday is your typical angry antifeminist who makes the same talking points you've heard time and time again.
  • Joey Hollywood Films(link): Film maker and movie critic who called the safety pin an annoying internet trend. Among the "free speech" warriors who was among the #FreeBearing crowd and believed JonTron's apology. Made a few anti-SJW videos himself calling out Buzzfeed.
  • JonTron(link): YouTube gaming channel run by Jon Jafari. Recently outed himself as an antifeminist during a podcast with Sargon of Akkad. Said he hoped for far-right candidates to win elections in Europe and has defended the concept of ethno-nationalism by regurgitating alt-right propaganda.
  • Kristi Thinks(link): Makes videos usually with her breasts sticking out. While doing this, rants on several subjects, making over generalizations along the way. Among those videos involve condemning feminism and Anita Sarkeesian, to the point of literally citing a video from Paul Joseph Watson, and makes comments regarding an incident over a transgender person being bullied without actually reading the article, though she did defend the person in the article.
  • Logan Crews(link):
  • Martin J. Willett(link): Rotund racist conservative, trying to act like the new Pat Condell. Except he's somehow found a way of making even more boring videos. He's also known for kissing the backsides of white nationalists such as HeyRuka but he's so not a racist because he keeps insisting in a hissy voice that he isn't and therefore it must be true. Also wants to keep all Muslims "out of our lands" as shown in a video made after the Paris attacks called "Terrorism has a Religion".
  • Mouthy Buddha(link):
  • MrRepzion(link): A former Christian YouTuber who has been known for being hit or miss. When he's hit, he's defended people who have autism, defended gay marriage, called out Sam Pepper's sexual harassment and even linked Laci Green's petition calling him out for it. When he's miss, however, he's a hypocrite. He's against feminism, made video responses to Anita Sarkeesian, used to run a tumblr blog in which he claimed suicide was beautiful, and at one point, threatened that he would kill himself if he didn't find a girlfriend before he hit 25. Is also buddy-buddy with The Amazing Atheist.
  • MundaneMatt(link): 2edgy4me Pro-GamerGater and misogynist. Made an entire video dedicated to Confederate Flag-apology.
  • NateTalksToYou(link): Victim blaming and trying to downplay sexual assault.
  • noelplum99(link): A British atheist who makes many videos debunking religion and promoting science. Unfortunately, spends most of his videos rambling at a camera for several minutes. Made several videos negatively criticizing feminism to the point where, by the time most of his videos are over, they put people to sleep.
  • TheNonBeliever(link): Extremely close with Atheism-is-Unstoppable, similar content with him making video responses against regressives and liberals.
  • OfficialGATG(link): Started out as a generic run of the mill ranter that was popular in the early 2010s when topics about Justin Bieber and Blood on the Dancefloor fans were still relevant. As time went on, he dipped his toes into the field of anti-social justice including criticism of feminism, #BlackLivesMatter, and Islam. Said that Nash Grier's "What Guys Look for in Girls" video wasn't that offensive. During the Brock Turner allegations, OfficialGATG was willing to defend Brock Turner.
  • Onision(link): In spite of being an atheist who is also a feminist, the controversy from Onision comes from the fact that he threatened that people who refuse to become vegetarians should be killed. He also made exploitative videos such as those towards his girlfriend Shiloh and exploited her sepsis disease (this was later revealed to be an act by Shiloh). Despite his label of feminist, there have been videos in the past to prove that he is a complete misogynist. The only good thing he did on his channel was call out Evalion for her neo-Nazi propaganda. Has embraced the use of the term "feminazi" in the past, and has stated his belief that women are superior to men. He also likes to judge pictures of underage girls.
  • Pat Condell(link): British vlogger with a particular emphasis on anti-Islam commentary regurgitating whatever utter tripe the Daily Mail has fed him, sometimes to the point of bigotry. He doesn't like the European Union and once spoke favorably of the racist, far-right UK Independence Party because they also oppose it.
  • Queeny(link): During the iMustDestroyAll incident, accused the people of calling him a pedophile a liar and said that the screenshots taken were photoshopped.
  • TheRandomGangsta(link): YouTube ranter who made a video ranting about not being able to say the n-word.
  • RanterInShades(link): Agnostic deist who exercises his First Amendment rights vlog-style. Is a supporter of #MetalGate, think #GamerGate only for Metal music. Even has a video entitled, "Hey SJW's! #MetalGate Is Still Here!"
  • Ranting Monkey(link): One of the newer faces in the antiseptic community who hide behind avatars, Ranting Monkey makes vidyas responding ta thangs he disagrees using the same cuntservative talking points that other members of the anti-feminist community use. Most of his videos are read in an extremely boring voice and while reading Bearing's cue cards.
  • Ali Rizvi(link): Ex-Muslim and former Huffington Post contributor who is well-known in the "Anti-Regressive" community and opposes arguments by people such as Reza Aslan, Glenn Greenwald, and Steve Shives, who he considers "Regressives" and "SJW's". Also joined the bandwagon of calling Cenk Uygur a "fat buffalo", and referred to journalist Linda Sarsour as an Islamist for disagreeing with him on the hijab.
  • S-Man Speaks(link): Bases his opinions on feminism and the channels he's responding to based on what the YouTube channels he likes to kiss the asses of tell him to think. Has a playlist of videos he plans to respond to titled, "Future Battles Playlist", which is basically the videos he plans to respond to, and he has nearly 400 videos in that playlist despite having less than 200 subscribers.
  • The Satiratician(link): Generic, boring antishoeonhead YouTuber hiding behind an avatar. Everything any other antifeminist has done, such as criticize feminism, #BlackLivesMatter, etc., he has done it. Most of his videos are response videos and claims that a school dress code is justified.
  • Second Clancy(link):
  • Shane Killian(link): A holdover from the early days of YouTube atheism. His original Bogosity series focused on debunking your typical targets of skepticism: Moon landing hoaxes, creationism, etc. In later years his focus has shifted from general skepticism to promoting extreme libertarianism. He's come out in support of GamerGate on numerous occasions (despite admissions that he doesn't fully understand it), and has uploaded an epic 40-minute-long video explaining" feminism. Tends to call people who disagree with him in the comments LIARS in all caps.
  • The Skeptic Feminist(link): Despite their feminist beliefs, much of TSF's problems come down to their Islamophobia. Many of their videos are seen criticizing Islam to the point where they're even mirroring videos from other Islamophobes such as Pat Condell and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. They even claim that certain people aren't "real feminists" just because they believe in a religion, such them mirroring Ayaan Hirsi Ali's video saying Linda Sarsour is not a real feminist because she believes in a religion. After Bearing, an antifeminist well known for harassing women on the internet, made a video response to them, TSF did apologetics for Bearing saying the people who reacted negatively to him and his fans harassing women on the internet were overreacting. Sadly, Aleksandr Kolpakov, the male member who went as "Russian Deadpool," shot and killed female member Heather Annabel, who went by "Poison Ivy" during an argument.
  • SkepTorr(link):
  • Sketchy White Dude(link): Made videos calling out feminism, such as "Church of Intersectional Feminism" and made fun of both Steve Shives and Kevin Logan.
  • someguy827(link): Makes videos about how feminism is disgusting. Accused feminists of blaming MRAs for Elliott Rodger's killing spree, similar to Sargon of Akkad's rant where he blamed feminism for Elliott Rodger. Did, however make a video lambasting Rodger and his reasons for killing, and has criticized Onision for his behavior towards women in the past.
  • SyeTen Atheist(link): Is known for making cartoons that make fun of both feminists and Islamists as well as other anti-SJW cartoons. Mainly like Dark Matter but more crude and "offensive", and heavier focus on Islam.
  • TakeShotAction(link): YouTube ranter who spent most of his time in the past responding to acts like PewDiePie and Onision. Doesn't understand what institutionalized racism is as evident by the video titled, "Racism Towards White People Needs To Stop - My Message To Radical/Over Sensitive Extremists".
  • tehMimi(link): Claimed to be centrist on certain issues in her "Elections: My Final Thoughts" though has admitted that she didn't vote Trump and only voted Clinton more for the issues that Trump and the Republican party stood for rather than enthusiasm over Clinton. Made videos calling responding to feminism and calling it out such as video responses to FCK H8, MTV News, Laci Green, and even a video explaining why she started disliking feminism.
  • That Lovely Bitch(link): Makes these quick little videos that range from about 15 seconds to about 1 minute making fun of anyone that supports social change. Made fun of social justice advocates by saying they're creating a new generation of victims. On her other channel, Albany Rose, made a video about how she's a pro-life atheist and appealed to emotion as to why she disagreed with the pro-choice position.
  • Thunderf00t (Phil Mason)(link): Came to prominence for making his series "Why do People Laugh at Creationists?" as well as his intractable defense of free speech. Has frequently been the target of false DMCAs, and his anti-Islamic views have somehow ironically provoked controversy. Unfortunately, he also got thrown off of within two weeks of his first post for defending sexism and causing back-channel drama. Has devoted most of his post-FTB time to manufacturing more controversy by waging his own personal war against feminism despite refusing to educate himself in the least about the subject (tl;dr: outed himself as a hypocrite).
  • TL;DR (Teal Deer)(link): Tries to justify slut-shaming, denies Laci Green's sexual assault story. In his response to BadMouseProduction's response to him, TL;DR completely skipped out the part where BadMouseProductions explains how the people in the Western world being oppressed mainly to focus on the comment BadMouse made telling him to grow up. In his video response to Jacq'd Up, went on to use evidence to prove how feminism was never necessary.
  • The Transgender Atheist(link): Typical militant atheist making video that have delved into the anti-social justice camp. Among those video include the clickbait "Why I LOVE Saudi Arabia! *NOT CLICK BAIT*" illustrating Islamophobia displayed in several of today's militant atheists, Casey Neistat uses fearmongering, and the typical feminism is cancer talking points. Often uses the word "bitch" in almost every sentence.
  • Trash Alert(link): Anti-feminism response video channel from a guy hiding behind the disguise of a poorly drawn Microsoft Paint garbage can. Believes that solution to the dictionary definition of the word feminism is that people should get rid of it and label themselves egalitarians instead.[30]
  • TruthofthePeople(link): Wouldn't be bothered by feminism that much if, according to Truth himself, "feminist doctrine inherently blames society and 'male values' for their problems."
  • Tyler Preston(link): He devotes almost the entirety of his channel to attacking progressives, and seemingly anyone who wishes for their minority's position in society to improve. Believes moderate Muslims do not exist, supports (and completely misrepresents) Donald Trump's immigration policy and believes anti-trans bathroom protesters have legitimate concerns.
  • Undoomed(link): A hypocritical anti-feminist hiding behind the disguise of Slender Man. In his video response made towards Maja Anushka, he claimed that she was a broken record for constantly making videos about feminism, despite the fact that a good majority of his videos were about feminism. Many of his videos mainly just consist of him making insults towards the person without providing any actual evidence to back up his claims. Strawmanned Lifeofaunicorn's video where she came out and talked about her feminist experience, even the opening graphic of the video appeared, as the title of that video is called, "I'm an Idiot (Thanks for Admitting It!)". A good majority of response videos are made to teenage girls who are brave enough to get in front of a camera and calmly admit that they're feminists or why they're feminists.
  • Vegan Gains(link): Is in the camp of vegans who thinks any person who isn't a vegan deserves to die. Makes videos both commenting on people's bodies, such as saying Eugina Cooney isn't naturally skinny. Gains also makes anti-SJW videos, such the infamous "Laci Green raped me" which served as a parody of her false rape accusations video. Made fun of the people who were disappointed with Trump winning the 2016 presidency.
  • Vernaculis(link): Recognized by his voodoo doll head avatar, he is an aspiring journalist who spends most of his time criticizing the media and "dangerous ideologies", and is of the same anti-progressive bent as Sargon of Akkad (who endorsed him) below. His arguments, however, are best described as "appeal to ridicule", in that he presents the opposing viewpoint in such a way that makes the viewpoint ridiculous, usually by misrepresenting or exaggerating the argument and making his opponents out to be disingenuous manipulators. He consistently expresses an outright denial of research that opposes his viewpoints (such as the wage gap, workplace discrimination, or gun control), he quite literally goes TL;DR for studies that contradict his views, and he frequently contradicts himself in his own videos (saying it is "arrogant" to presume that anyone votes incorrectly, while also saying that it is "unintelligent" to vote for a woman based on her gender, in the same video). One of the newer anti-progressives on the block, he is fervently anti-feminist (believing that it is authoritarianism on the level of George Orwell's 1984), he dabbles in mild transphobia, and he holds Gamergate to be an example of good journalism. He denies or downplays systematic discrimination in Congress, politics, and the workplace, defended the cops who murdered Eric Garner, once implied that the election of Barack Obama is a sign of a post-racial society, and defended the Confederate Flag by denying that it is a symbol of racism or treason.
  • Warcorpse666(link): An obnoxiously overgrown man-child known for drinking beer and making video game reviews with absolutely no detail whatsoever. Is notable for criticizing the concept of feminism, especially his rants on Anita Sarkeesian and Marinashutup. Made a video where calling out somebody who supported the hashtag, #FreeKesha, because God forbid a rape victim leave the person who raped her.
  • Woz Lee(link):
  • Zoe Does Life(link): Female atheist and anti-feminist.


Conservative, right-wing, "cultural libertarians", "classical liberals", and reactionary[edit]

  • 100 Percent Fed Up(link): Known for promoting hyped-up Islamophobic conspiracy-mongering.[31]
  • 6oodfella(link): Scottish anti-feminist wingnut who is subscribed to the white nationalist YouTube channels of David Duke and "Libertarian Realist". But look on the bright side! At least he's subscribed to some black libertarian/conservative channels!
  • 28 Sherman(link):
  • ABitOfBritt(link): From her about page: Patriarchy Advocate. Pro Common Sense. Not-PC. Completely deplorable.
  • The Academic Agent(link):
  • Ace of Spades HQ(link): Ostensibly "humor-driven" wingnut blog.
  • Accuracy in Media(link):
  • Acts17Apologetics(link):
  • Action française(link): Neo-monarchist French movement.
  • The Activist Mommy(link):
  • A.K. Dart(link):
  • Allen B. West(link): Allen West's "News Site" that uses crazy, capitalized letters in each of their headlines, followed by a textbook load of opinionated and biased journalism. Constantly makes Islamophobic articles about how Islam is such a threat to the west (though most of these articles aren't even made by West himself). West himself is clearly very worried about the extremely serious threat of Muslim men not handling alcohol in the checkout lane.
  • American Decency Association:(link): Yet another anti-gay conservative Christian hate group trying to peddle an affable, friendly persona (à la Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family, ETC...); this one places an emphasis on disparaging sexuality in the media.
  • American Enterprise Institute(link): Neoconservative think tank. Home to Christina Hoff Sommers, Dick Cheney, Jonah Goldberg, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
  • American Family Association(link): Donald Wildmon's anti-LGBT, anti-sex media boycott machine, and the sponsor of the OneNewsNow propaganda website.
  • American Family Radio(link) Amercian Family Association's spectrum pollution network, spewing islamophobia, homophobia, and all kinds of other far-right wing programming wrapped up into a package easily digested by evangelical Christians.
  • American Greatness(link):
  • American Thinker(link):
  • The American View(link):
  • Andywarski(link): A YouTuber who used to make comedy videos but lost the plot when he started making reactionary content on his channel. Has a hate obsession with Franchesca Ramsey of MTV News to the point where, when she took a break from working on production on her show MTV Decoded, spread a rumor that she, Laci Green, and MarinaShutUp just gave up and quit YouTube (despite Franchesca and Marina not actually saying that they quit YouTube and Laci took a break to go back to school) and said he wanted Franchesca to come back for the sole purpose of harassing her.
  • Angry White Dude(link): A fat, vain Texan internet tough guy who rants and raves about Obama, blacks, feminists, socialism and all the other stock conservative pet peeves.
  • AnnaMae Renee(link): A run-of-the-mill conservative antifeminist, only this time presenting as a cutesy anime-esque girl.
  • AnonymousConservative(link): Liberals are mentally deranged because r/K selection theory and the most outright batshit insane evolutionary and pop psychology you can (and can't) imagine. So over the top it's possibly a parody.
  • Anonymous Cop(link):
  • The Anti-Democracy Activist(link): Neoreactionary blog.
  • The Anti-Gnostic(link): Another neoreactionary blog.
  • Apocalypse Cometh(link):
  • Asra Nomani(link): Hit or miss, as an Islamic reformer, she has righly spoken out against forcing women to wear hijab and promoted the idea of integrated male and female prayer in mosques. However, she also thinks that Ben Carson "had a good point" when saying he'd never vote for a Muslim, and supported the NYPD spying program on even moderate Muslims. Recently made an article giving homage to Trump.
  • Atlas Shrugs(link): Despite the title, is not so much a Randroid website as the cornerstone of anti-Islamic hatred in America. Led by deranged blogger and SPLC-nominated hatemonger Pamela Geller.
  • Barbara4u2C(link):
  • BASSFZz(link): Made a thirty minute video on why evolution and the people who believe in it are a problem. Is known for making videos attacking feminists and is known is blaming the victims, such as Laci Green for instance, and is amongst those aboard the "Elliott Rodger is mentally ill" bandwagon. Kevin Logan made a video calling him out on his misogyny. [32] Made a four part series of videos where defended Nash Grier's inappropriate comments towards women.
  • bbomg02(link): An agnostic Taoist who makes videos in regards to social commentary. Views channels like Milo Yiannopoulos, Lauren Southern, and Christina Hoff Sommers as valid sources of information. Makes videos that features conservative and "status quo" warrior talking points including how the LGBT community ruined gay rights, thinks political correctness plays a role in ruining comedy, and random generic talking points about feminism.
  • Ben Shapiro(link):
  • Bernard Chapin(link): In his words, he is "a wandering cauldron of politically incorrect commentary". An anti-feminist Trump fanboy who, in one video, voiced his support for the Alt-right [33] and appears to be convinced that nazis are/were actually leftists (whatever it takes to protect his precious right-wing ideologies).
  • Being Conservative(link): In concept, just a Facebook like page, nothing bad in and of itself. In implementation, basically a more shareable Liberal Logic 101. Probably the most telling part of this page is that its image is of Ronald Reagan.
  • Blaire White(link): Transgender woman that thinks there is only two genders and mocks and invalidates non-binary genders. Has also made a video claiming that Islamophobia is "reasonable", and made yet another video saying that Black Lives Matter is stupid.
  • The Blaze(link): Glenn Beck's litter box is best known for his time on Fox News, and CNN Headline News before that, but his primary TV venue these days is video shown through his website. Tomi Lahren is a former contributor to the site.
  • BLH Productions(link): Former science channel that made microwave videos. Unfortunately, nowadays, makes videos responding to SJWs and feminists.
  • Blonde in the Belly of the Beast(link): Female antifeminist who in "Sensitivity to Women's Feelings Will Be the Death of Us | Orlando Reactions" blames women and sensitive men for supporting the Muslim community after the Orlando shooting incident when that couldn't be further from the truth. Cites both Stefan Molyneux and Black Pigeon Speaks as sources to that same video. Has a bloodlust against Islam which Chrisiousity displayed in the second video where she responded to "Questions Women Have for SJWs and Feminists". In one video, she claims that all practicing Muslims are "jihadists". [34]
  • All of Andrew Breitbart's web properties are shite; the most annoying is Milo Yiannopoulos' Breitbart London.
  • Brittany Pettibone(link): An alt-right author and Trump supporter that was one of the earliest proponents of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory on Twitter (she even lauded the gunman "investigating" it as a hero). Hosts a podcast titled Virtue of the West with British white nationalist Tara McCarthy, and is a contributor to Alternative Right, Richard Spencer's website. She also has a YouTube channel(link).
  • BrothersJudd Blog(link):
  • CaidenCowgerShow(link): Came to prominence back in June of 2012 with his video Official Obama is Making Kids Gay![35] He is known for not reading articles past the headlines. Wrote a book entitled "Restoring America" featuring hateful language towards the left wing, doesn't cite the textbooks he had, wants Christianity to be taught more in schools in spite of the fact that a good majority of the American public is Christian and already know the stories, and he has piss poor grammar.
  • Canada Free Press(link): Because Canada has wingnuts too.
  • Chicks on the Right(link):
  • Citizen Warrior(link): Anti-Islam wingnut site
  • The College Fix(link):
  • The Comical Conservative(link): Wingnuttery, more Liberal Logic 101, borderline Tea Party worship, and this one doesn't even try to hide teh Conservative bias.
  • Concerned Women for America(link):
  • Conservapedia(link):
  • Conservative Black Chick(link): Once crassly told Trayvon Martin's grieving mother to "move on from this manufactured race-war"[36]. Also more or less likened Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to the KKK [37].
  • Conservative Daily(link): Another Facebook Like page. Essentially they spin every news story a conservative way (and they even do party switches if they need to), except without the slogan "Fair and Balanced". All that needs to be said is that its image is Ronald Reagan in front of an American flag.
  • The Conservative Papers(link):
  • Conservative Videos(link):
  • Their actual mission is to destroy the constitution and the rights it grants.
  • Counter.Fund(link): A crowdfunding site specifically for alt-right causes.
  • Cultural Heresy(link): Neoreactionary blog.
  • The Daily Wire(link): Ben Shapiro's website since leaving Breitbart. The fact his YouTube channel avatar is a picture of St. Ronnie tells all you need to know about his content.
  • Dave Cullen (as Computing Forever)(link): An Irish vlogger that does reviews on tech products. Unfortunately that is all overshadowed by his political and social commentary, where he reveals himself to be from the same anti-progressive, anti-"SJW", Islamophobic, and anti-feminist bent as many other YouTubers of his ilk. He is also pro-Brexit and came out in support for Donald Trump during the 2016 election.
  • Dave Rubin(link): Host of The Rubin Report on YouTube who rambles on about what he considers the "regressive left" and claims defending liberal values is now a conservative position. Hangs out with many other prominent neoreactionary/antifeminist figures like Sargon of Akkad, Christina Hoff Sommers, Mike Cernovich, and Milo Yiannopoulos (whom Rubin had the privilege of being a guest with on his "Dangerous Faggot" tour). Recently partnered up with Learn Liberty, a libertarian website partly funded by the Koch Brothers, and collaborated with Prager U in making a video explaining why he "left the Left" (in exchange for having Dennis Prager appear on his show and vice versa). Would you believe us if we said this guy was part of The Young Turks once upon a time?
  • The Declination(link): Right-leaning blogger who, in his about page, seems really concerned about how birth rates in the west are declining, stating "Americans, British, French and Germans… they are all being replaced with Arabs, Mexicans, Africans and Turks. On a side note, he supports Gamergate and features Return of Kings and Gates of Vienna in his blogroll.
  • Dissident Prof(link):
  • Doctor of Common Sense(link): Black conservative YouTuber with a large following, mainly videos of him yelling about how our society is too tolerant of foreigners, gays, and non-Christians. He supports Trump, and many videos focus on black violence and Muslim refugees possibly causing terrorism, going to the point of paranoia. His name is E.W. Jackson.
  • Dr Shaym(link):
  • dreamydiglot(link): Female anti-feminist who makes videos that, while having impressive editing, are not funny in the slightest. Blames Social Justice Warriors for Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 election and says Hillary Clinton doesn't care about women being raped or about LGBT+ people getting killed in the Middle East.[38] Thinks that pwnage videos bring people together, despite them causing harassment towards the original publisher. Identifies as a conservative on most political compass quiz she's ever taken. She's also appeared in a video with white supremacist Tara McCarthy on the latter's channel [39]. Make of that as you will.
  • Drinkingwithbob(link): Queens, NY-based crack addicted comedian Bob Thompson does political and cultural commentary, usually taking Fox News/Rush Limbaugh/WorldNetDaily/other wingnut talking points at face value while acting like he's talking politics at the bar: [40] e.g. "Obama is a socialist", "the government is broke,"[41] "the illegals are invading,"[42] in a ranting, fast-talking, outraged manner ending with "What's next? What's next?" and five seconds of cool-off silence. Thompson has done commentary on the KNBC program The Filter[43][44] and even the RT network.[45]
  • Drudge Report(link)
  • Eagle Forum(link): Phyllis Schlafly's blubbering blog.
  • Elisha TV(link):
  • Eric Allen Bell(link): Right-wing nutjob and former DailyKos contributor who came out with anti-Islam scribes while making a documentary about a mosque, quickly calling for all mosques to be shut down. Quickly was fired from DailyKos after such antics as creating an article on Obama being a Muslim and his supposed "connections" to terrorism, but now writes articles for far right blogs. Also believes in nuking Mecca [46] and is an avid Trump supporter.
  • Esoteric Entity(link) Makes videos from an Anti-SJW, anti-Federal, Market Anarchist/Anarcha-Capitalist point of view. These types of videos include calling antifa terrorists, calling several of the people he responds to "cancerous cringe", generic antifeminist talking points, basically everything you'd expect to find.
  • Face to Face(link):
  • Family Security Matters(link): A paranoid, jingoistic warmongering website that once advocated that George W. Bush nuke Iraq and proclaim himself president for life.
  • Fanghorn Forest(link): Neoreactionary site.
  • Focus on the Family(link):
  • Flopping Aces(link):
  • Flowerprincess(link): Was influenced by a Lauren Southern video called "Why I am not a feminist" to abandon feminism. Cites her along with prominent anti-feminists such as Sargon of Akkad, TL;DR, Milo Yiannapolous, Thunderf00t, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Captain Nemo as her influences. Like NateTalksToYou above, she downplayed catcalling.
  • Fox News(link):
  • Free Conservatives(link): A third wheel to FR and WND. Is now dead.
  • Free Northerner(link): Neoreactionary blogger.
  • Free Republic(link): WorldNetDaily's twin, in a more thread-like format; serves as basically a forum for die-hard supporters of the latest right-wing sensation, such as Glenn Beck.
  • Freedom Outpost(link): "Freedom" is used ironically.
  • Free2pray(link): Fringe-right site pushing for mandated school prayer
  • FrontPage Mag(link): David Horowitz's online magazine, which grows more unhingedly wingnutty with every passing year.
  • The Future Primaeval(link): Neoreactionary site.
  • The Gateway Pundit(link):
  • Gerald Legault(link): YouTube user who makes videos displaying chainsaws and re-uploading Angry Grandpa videos. A few years back, when Gerald went by the name Modelshidden2, he made the comment, "I don't see no slut's name on that list.
  • GhostPolitics(link): Alias: True Capitalist Radio, True Conservative Radio, PoliticsGhost. An all-around crank, Ghost spews racist, sexist, Islamophobic, and homophobic garbage to a bunch of trolls and people who laugh at him interracting with them TENS of THOUSANDS of capitalists THROUGHOUT DA WURRRRRRRLD! He also dabbles in conspiracy-mongering (particularly ones involving "international bankers", Hilldebeest, WWIII being juuuuuust around the corner, HAARP, and denialism of the existence of space (No, seriously.).), transphobia, Brony-hating, fat-shaming, and generally being a massive scumbag. He has been known to give out numbers of callers on air, hang up on callers for "sounding fruity", and treat his few honest fans like trash. For a small-time podcaster, he has been the centre of a surprising amount of drama, including dox-wars amongst his fans.
  • GlobalVortex(link): Mostly Islamophobic.
  • GOPUSA(link): Takes stock wingnut positions on virtually everything. Has a rabidly homophobic comments section as well.
  • GrasstopsUSA(link):
  • Gypsy Danger(link):
  • Handy Mayhem/Uncle Hotep(link): A black pro-Trump YouTuber who frequently rants "chimes in" on current political debates, usually when it's related to the black community. Among his subscriptions include some rather interesting channels, such as Paul Joseph Watson,, and David Duke. He even dabbles into transphobia![47]
  • Hard Bastard(link): Neoreactionary, anti-feminist YouTube crank who, in the same vein as Devon Tracey, makes long critiques about his ideological opponents. Frequently refers to mainstream media outlets as "propaganda" and "fake news" (especially The Young Turks, because of course they are). Supported (and voted for) Trump in the 2016 election, and is an endorser of Pizzagate.
  • Heat Street(link): Or, what happens when Dow Jones takes the unhinged wingnuttery of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and expands it into an entire webshite.
  • Hestia Society(link): Neoreactionary site.
  • Hot Air(link): It was founded by Michelle Malkin. Need we say more?
  • Human Events(link): An old right-wing rag gone online and a sister company of poison-pen politics publisher Regnery Publishing. Publishes the latest screeds of Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, and even Chuck Norris.
  • Hunter Avallone(link): Christian YouTuber who said he was just a normal person who didn't want to shove his beliefs down people's throats, especially without using threats of "if you don't convert to my way of thinking, you'll go to hell". But where Hunter knows how to handle things in regards to his religion, where he fails is... everywhere else. He's anti-transgender and an anti-feminist. Bases what he sees regarding the topic of feminism on YouTube videos to the point where he thinks that the movement is cancer. Proved how pathetic he truly was when he made a video entitled "The Truth about Transgenders", that even Shoe0nhead and Blaire White, two prominent anti-feminists on YouTube (the latter a transgender herself), called him out on. Despite this, he accuses somebody else of being pathetic by then insulting a woman calmly talking to a camera, even quote-mining what she had to say, especially the part when she said that she needed feminism because of how unsafe her transgendered friends are, instead choosing to focus on the bit where the young woman said that she believes they live in a rape culture. Like TheAtheistGamer above, is a fanboy of Undoomed.
  • I Am the Tea Party Leader(link): A Tea Party blog.
  • Ian Miles Cheong(link): Former anti-GamerGater who switched sides. Writer for The Daily Caller, a conservative news site,
  • Instapundit(link)
  • Jace Connors(link): Not only is he the Internet's most outspoken mall ninja (he claims to be a "retired Marine" despite it being blatantly obvious he's never seen any combat and purports to be the commander of an armed militia consisting mainly of his idiot friends), he also believes Obama is openly a Muslim and runs a regular segment called "Fact Zone" on his weekly livestream show in which he discusses the evils of Islam, feminism, Obamacare, and homosexuality, among other things. In what should surprise absolutely no one, none of his followers and callers take him seriously, instead preferring to troll him. Or at least that was what everyone thought. As one of GamerGate's most unhinged promoters, "Connors" openly threatened target Brianna Wu over a period of several months, eventually being revealed as comedian Jan Rankowski, a member of the sketch/provocateur group Million Dollar Extreme, leading to absolutely everyone on both sides hating him.
  • Jacob R. Guillory(link): Conservative kid who has been known to make response videos to feminists and makes claims that political correctness. Complains that left were the ones who abandoned the LGBT despite making a video about how there are only 2 genders. Came to minor prominence in July of 2016 when in response to a MarinaShutUp video said, "Your damn right this isn't going to end well for you."
  • Jason Mattera(link): Former activist for Young America's Foundation and author of Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation. In 2010, he became editor of Human Events magazine at age 27. As the Human Events editor, he hosted a satirical clip mocking Kwanzaa as a "crackpot holiday."[48] In addition, he has also done ambush interviews at Capitol Hill, basically throwing right-wing talking points at Democratic members of Congress.[49] One in which he complained to Senator Al Franken about a provision in the health care reform bill spending seven billion dollars for jungle gyms got him much negative attention.[50] Mattera's video where he confronted White House press secretary Robert Gibbs "if he ever feels dirty defending this administration's lies and deception" also has had a bad reception on YouTube.[51]
  • Jihad Watch(link): Anti-Islam site run by Robert Spencer
  • John Birch Society(link): The commies are everywhere; they're under your bed, they're in your hair!
  • Jordan B. Peterson(link):
  • KassieDill (as LibertyChickLive(link): An anti-feminist Christian. She is best known on YouTube for a surprising lack of common sense, weird comments, and ridiculous personal beliefs.
  • KeyWiki(link):
  • Kirsten Lauryn(link): A female red-piller who, on her twitter has more than once posted about "Deus Vult", a term generally associated with the alt-right as a call for another crusade. She goes as far as to say (hopefully possibly jokingly) that she finds it sexy[52][53].
  • Kisara Vera(link): Female anti-feminist who spews the same reactionary fearmongering other members of her side claims to spew. Videos topics she covers include but are not limited to "Trump being president is not a bad thing", "Black Lives Matter are kidnappers", "Transtrenders should be used to describe any person who claims to be non-binary", the ever so favorite "Why I'm NOT a Feminist", and even some anti-Semitism with "KEK WARS - THE MEMES AWAKEN".
  • Kraut and Tea(link): German vlogger with focus on immigration and political correctness, claims that Western governments support Islamists, and spends time defending far right politics, despite claiming to be a left winger. Seems to actually be in favor of discrimination against Muslims.[54]
  • Larry Schweikart(link): History professor at the University of Dayton. Responsible for writing the book "A Patriot's History of the United States" in response to the leftist biases featured in Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States". Claims to be an accurate account of United States history, but leaves out valid information and the information it does provide comes from biased articles.
  • The Last Great Stand(link): Another bat-shit insane Conservative site.
  • Lauren Southern(link): News reporter for The Rebel Media, a right wing news association. With them, she made a video about how she's not a feminist,[55] takes pride in mocking feminists who blocked her saying things like how she doesn't believe in cultural appropriation and claims that she is the victim in spite of the fact that she blames those that use Tumblr,[56] and is responsible for the creation of #TheTriggering.[57] She later made a video on White Privilege, and claimed that homophobia doesn't exist in the United States.
  • Leftist Idiot of the Day(link): A once anarcho-capitalist Facebook Like page now hardcore alt-right.
  • Libertarian And a fourth wheel.
  • Liberty Doll(link): Conservate YouTube channel who made a video titled "Feminism is Irrelevant."
  • Liberty Dwells(link):
  • LifeSiteNews(link): A Canadian online magazine that's essentially the nutty right-wing twin of‎. Pro-life and ultratraditionalist drivel with a slew of conspiracy-mongering aside, it has more similarities to its moonbat counterpart than its contributors would outwardly admit.
  • Living Life On The Right(link):Thinks genocide is an opinion and not a threat, had sided with Nazi's openly, thinks disabled people aren't oppressed, and bullying isn't oppression.
  • The Mad Monarchist(link): A Texan monarchist blog that's reactionary against just about everything and extolls the return of ancien regime-style absolute monarchy for all humanity regardless of creed or nationality. Tellingly, the site's mascot and patron is the infamous Baron Ungern-Sternberg, while any concession to such things as republicanism or democracy is considered heretical.
  • Madame Liberty(link): Engages in the "Autistic screeching" ableist meme, and thinks people saying they have depression are lying
  • Mapping the Dark Enlightenment(link): Clearing house of links to neoreactionary movement sites.
  • Margaret MacLennan(link): Made several videos responding to Anita Sarkeesian. Margaret also provides tips for several up-and-coming young conservatives. While she's at least honest with her conservative views, she also made a video about how many libertarians are conservatives on training wheels.
  • Marra Jane(link):
  • The Masculine Epic(link): The author is a guest-writer for Return of Kings[58] and is by all appearances a die-hard trump fan.
  • Matt Walsh(link):, anti-feminist, anti-immigration anti abortion angry white man blogger who has delusions of persecution.
  • Matthew Hopkins News([ link]), is a blog run by a former Tory MP named Sam Smith. The site is named after the infamous historical figure "Witchfinder General" Matthew Hopkins, who was responsible for the torture and killings of 100s of women during his "Witchfinding" career. So it's no surprise that it's own Sam Smith is a supporter of GamerGate, a fan of Milo Yiannopoulos, a misogynist, and a transphobic crank.
  • Media Research Center(link):
  • Michelle Malkin(link)
  • Millennial Millie(link) Female reporter of InfoWars. Much of the same type of fearmongering used by people like Paul Joseph Watson (see below) is also used by Millie.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos(link): A Breitbart reporter and fairytale Knight of the Gamergate world, Milo is perhaps the most recognizable internet celebrity aligned with the hash tag movement. He is incredibly provocative, taking part in a witch hunt on Sarah Nyberg, considering gays to be "the master race" (to Dave Rubin) while simultaneously saying that he wishes he was straight (to Joe Rogan), saying the wage gap is a myth, calling atheists to be thin-skinned and "easy to wind up," dismissing the idea that atheists are a discriminated minority in America, writing about how "violent" gamers were the day before he discovered Gamergate, he doesn't think that there are any oppressed classes in America (apart from blacks), loving Donald Trump, saying the left wing wants to legalize pedophilia.[59]
  • Moonbattery(link): Could have been a good blog mocking really embarrassing liberals, but instead mostly flogs pseudoscience like global warming denial and idiotic wingnut obsessions about Obama playing golf and using a teleprompter. It exists solely to bash and demonize liberals, is rabidly homophobic, and makes WorldNetDaily look level-headed and rational in comparison.
  • More Right(link): Neoreactionary site.
  • Musings of a Mad Conservative(link): A small, appropriately named blog that thinks the GOP will have a comeback so long as they don't deviate from a far-right agenda (the writer thinks there's too many moderates in the GOP as of today) while insisting that the Democrats are "Marxists". Supports a lot of other conspiracy theories too (e.g., ObamaCare as a socialist scheme to redistribute wealth), along with climate change denial, "Islamophobia", an amazing amount of anti-environmentalism, gun nuttery, and so on.
  • NakedApe(link): A misogynist who considers feminism a "hate group". He also hates Muslim immigration, often using similar language to Geert Wilders. He misrepresents arguments of those he opposes, in the same vein as Vernaculis or Atheism-is-Unstoppable. On the flip side, Naked Ape has loudly called out Atheism-is-Unstoppable for doxing and TheAmazingAtheist for condoning him and giving him a platform in the video "Questions White Men have for SJW's". Is toxic enough to be disliked by members of his own community due to being racist, sexist and antisemitic.
  • New English Review(link):
  • New Media Central(link): Run of the mill Trump-loving "news" site. One of their podcasts is eye-rollingly called "The Patriarchy Show".
  • NewsBusters(link): Right wing topics including global warming denial and support for creationist.
  • NewsReal Blog(link): David Horowitz's webshite.
  • No Bullshit(link):
  • NoMore Dogma(link): Conservative YouTube channel that makes video responses to feminists and social justice advocates.
  • Now The End Begins(link):
  • Occupy Democrats Logic(link): Yet another Liberal Logic 101 knock-off.
  • On The Offensive(link): Yet another in the line of neoreactionay YouTube channels.
  • The Other McCain(link): Blog maintained by former Moonie Times editor (and onetime League of the South member) Robert Stacy McCain, who among other things has ruminated on the "natural revulsion" people feel toward black-white relationships and suggested that date-rape victims are sluts who have it coming.
  • Pat McCrory(link): Current governor of North Carolina. Responsible for doubling down on House Bill 2, in regards to transgendered people and the bathrooms they feel like using. HB2 is a bill that's responsible for the discrimination of the LGBT+ community and McCrory is one of its main backers.
  • Patriot Voices(link): "Grassroots" online community founded by Rick Santorum.
  • Paul Joseph Watson(link): One of Alex Jones's stable, he was a commentator for InfoWars and Prison Planet before starting his own YouTube channel. He goes for many of the modern wingnut tropes: liberalism is a mental disorder, transgender individuals are mentally ill people who should accept who they were born as, feminism seeks to dominate and subjugate men, political correctness is destroying America, black people are out of control, yada yada yada. Recently, he made a video about how conservatism is the new counterculture, despite not even coming close to what counterculture actually means.
  • PeterSweden(link): A far-right youtuber who hs claimed on Twitter the the Holocaust never actually happened and that Hitler had some "pretty good points", among other antisemitic and overall racists views.[60] Katie Hopkins actually posed for a picture with him once, but later deleted the tweet (possibly after learning who he was).[61] He has also worked along side Paul Joseph Watson from time to time.
  • Peuple de la France(link): Is for those that believe that news on TF1 is way too left-wing.
  • PJ Media(link):
  • Politically Incorrect/Save America's Liberty(link): Unapologetic neo-nazi/far right channel that frequently delves into antisemitism.
  • Poseidon Awoke(link): Pseudo-intellectual neoreactionary who is anti-semitic and an all-around horrible person.
  • PragerU(link):
  • PropagandaBuster(link): An elderly, and extremely conservative, Catholic man. Known mostly as an object of mockery for his political beliefs, and commentary on things he doesn't understand (he once expressed uncertainty as to whether the BNP were actually racist, or if it was merely a left-wing smear). However, most of this seems to come from general ignorance, rather than malice, and for the most part he's an affable enough old man.
  • Pro Life, Pro Liberty(link): Unless your gay, unless you want birth control, unless you want an abortion, unless you wanna talk about bad people, or are poor, really really hardcore anti abortion to the point of lying daily.
  • Proud Kaffir Infidel Harbi(link): Anti Muslim youtuber
  • RadioEqualizer(link): A project of former Seattle talk radio host Brian Maloney, who also blogs at Controversially, KIRO-AM canceled Maloney's Sunday talk show during NFL season as the station broadcast Seattle Seahawks games, but Maloney and his supporters claim it was a politically-motivated move.[62] He posts video clips from liberal talk radio shows in a criticizing manner in response to liberal criticisms of conservative talk radio.
  • Reaction Times(link):
  • The Reactivity Place(link): If you ever get tired of all the Protestant fundies, this one's a Catholic who hates them. He’s a big fan of Pius X, hates John XXIII, subscribes to all the requisite white nationalist and MRA shit, and doesn't even seem to understand the theology of his own religion. Oh, and he thinks Henry VIII was alive in 1611 to authorize the King James Bible (meaning he did so at age 120 and named this version of the Bible for another king, wtf?).
  • Rebuilding Freedom(link):
  • Reddit/r/Anarcho_Capitalism(link): "Oh I'm just your ordinary liberal guy who believes in the impending race war. Hey, who's up for a discussion on those roving Muslim rape gangs I read about on my favorite site Breitbart?"
  • Reddit/r/Conservative(link): You've been banned from /r/conservative (Rule number 92 Not completely making shit up).
  • RedState(link): Erick Erickson's webshite.
  • The Remnant(link): A more organized version of the above by ultra-traditionalist Catholics who see even the notion of everything after Vatican II as heretical to their visions of theocratic eden.
  • RenewAmerica(link):
  • Right On(link):
  • The Right Opinion(link): "The home of a twat with too much free time". British YouTuber who thinks political correctness and "SJWs" were responsible for why Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. Doesn't think racism played a role in why Trump won the election, and made fun of Laci Green's tweet about white people possibly playing a role in election results despite the systematic history of racism in America.[63] Has been known for making fun of left leaning positions. During the Brexit vote, he voted to leave because he thinks trade and the economy won't change and hates the democracy of the European Union and that they're a second corrupt government.[64]
  • Right Side Broadcasting Network(link):
  • Right Wing News(link): Crazy right wing web shite run by John Hawkins, a totally insane wing nut who's made a career out of making "lists" that prove liberals are the real [insert any insult]. A transphobic,[65] race-baiting,[66] global warming denying conspiracy theorist,[67] he fits right in at, another site he regularly contributes too. He is so devoted to making the "conservative" movement pure that he thinks Republicans like Peter King should be voted out of office for not being extreme enough.[68]
  • Rightly Concerned(link): A subsection of the American Family Association's website principally dedicated to the many opinions of card-carrying uber-douche Bryan Fischer. The fact that one of the other regular commentators is Chuck Norris should tell you everything you need to know.
  • Riposte Laïque(link): In assertion a left-wing website, but in reality an obvious right-wing loving one that loves the Front National.
  • Roaming Millennial(link): Young millennial girl, who is among the new rising tide of conservative women on YouTube. Despite speaking in a calm and gentle manner, Roaming Millennial makes every right-wing talking point you'd expect to hear from the modern conservatives (minus bible verses), including how the Women's March in Washington D.C. doesn't represent her, gender isn't a social construct, and that women are actually the privileged class compared to men.
  • Rocking Philosophy(link): Pseudo-libertarian website promoting anti-feminism, homophobia, pseudo-history, pseudo-philosophy while attempting to disguise itself as a legitimate philosophy discussion blog.
  • Sargon of Akkad(link): A similar fan of history as Armoured Skeptic above, his body of work includes criticism of political correctness, discussion videos of historical ruins/cities/figures, criticism of the social justice movement and its alleged ties to academia, and evisceration of general stupidity immortalized by his "This Week In Stupid" series. He is very critical of the current political system in the U.K. and the U.S., opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and made two videos eviscerating the British Conservative Party. His generally center-left politics are overshadowed by his passionate hostility to feminism. Pro-Gamergate (to the point of not believing that at least some members of the hash tag movement were taking part in online harassment), alleged to have blamed a girl's suicide on feminism, used mental gymnastics to ignore Elliot Rodger's misogyny, and claims "feminist cultists" and feminism in general are responsible for misogyny. Created a petition to temporarily ban social justice courses in universities and says it isn't a joke. On October 12, 2016, Sargon finally voiced open support for Donald Trump, stating "Hillary must lose."[69]
  • Sayanythingblog(link): A conservative website founded by atheist libertarian Rob Port in 2003. It purports to be an atheistic, libertarian blog, but its commentariat is comprised of primarily fundamentalist Christian, anti-science creationists.
  • Secular Right(link): Atheist republicans
  • Secular Patriarchy(link): One lonely men tries to write a atheist radical traditional blog about gender roles, later falls into both Christianity and red pill. Very, very alt-right.
  • Shockofgod(link): Friend and confidant of both NephilimFree and Conservapadia man-child, Conservative. Frequently makes videos on Conservapedia making comment on his videos on Conservapedia after Conservative asks him to comment on Conservapedia. Shock, as he is fondly referred to as, is known for his high levels of machismo.[70]
  • Show With No Name(link): Mentioned that he was a Christian in a blog post at one point. Reviews music and TV series, such as the Total Drama series. In his review of Pahkitew Island, said he didn't mind Sugar, but hated Ella, despite the latter being bullied by the former. Is subscribed to channels like Paul Joseph Watson and Bearing.
  • Sierra Marlee(link):
  • Smash Cultural Marxism(link): Homophobic, anti-feminist, 8transphobic, white nationalist Facebook Like page.
  • Social Justice Warriors(link): A pro-Trump Facebook page mocking social justice warriors. Claims to be a credible source of news.
  • Social Matter(link): Neoreactionary site.
  • Some Black Guy(link): Reactionary metalhead who claims to be "nonpartisan". He hates the "liberal media" and believes that Donald Trump is a good guy, ignoring the fact that he's been openly endorsed by white nationalists.[71]
  • Some Dumb American(link):
  • Someone's Bones(link): A self-acknowledging conspiracy website.
  • Stares at the World(link): Davis Aurini's blog.
  • Steven Crowder(link): A conservative "comedian" and host of Louder With Crowder. While his humor can be quite funny at times, some of his videos regarding American history and politics are very bizarre. He has made factually incorrect videos about the origins of the peace symbol and the education system in America, [72][73] and, as any good Christian should be, he also is against same-sex marriage. While he has cited religion in his arguments against the ACLU, Crowder did use secular reasoning and arguments in his argument against Gay Marriage, albeit bad ones.[74] He is the definition of smarmy. Oh, and he used to play the cartoon character Brain on the show Arthur.
  • Suit Yourself(link):
  • Taki's Magazine(link): Online magazine, nominally libertarian but also featuring much paleocon, neoreactionary, and white nationalist commentary, founded by expatriate Greek socialite and Golden Dawn supporter Taki Theodoracopulos.
  • Tea Party Community(link): A Facebook ripoff where rightwingers and teabaggers can preach to the choir.
  • Ted Cruz(link): Senator from Texas and runner-up from the 2016 election cycle. Mentioned that his strategy to defeat ISIS involves carpet-bombing the Middle East despite the fact that several innocent people live where he plans to drop the bombs. If he becomes president, he'll use police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods. Supported Kim Davis's refusal to do her job when she was required to give marriage licenses to LGBT couples. Boycotted Obamacare for 21 hours, thus costing the United States thousands upon thousands of dollars. While Trump boasts that he can make America great again, Cruz intends to burn bridges just to ensure that his policies get passed. Intends to overturn the Supreme Court's decision to allow members of the LGBT community to get married. Would use the Bible as a justifying force to rule the nation as he sees fit, thus violating the separation of church and state. Claimed there weren't any Christian terrorists, completely ignoring the Army of God.
  • Terry Hurlbut(link): He is of Conservative News and Views "fame." His videos are primarily Tea Party and birther related.
  • THATbeautifulpunk(link):
  • Thermidor: The Magazine(link):
  • Theryn Meyer(link): A conservative/libertarian trans woman who is essentially the South African answer to Blaire White[75]. In addition to supporting Trump[76], she made a rather questionable joke in connection to sexual harassment/assault allegations against him.[77]
  • Thoughts from a Conservative Mom(link): Run of the mill ultraconservative Tea Party blog.
  • Tom O'
  • Tomi Lahren(link): Conservative millennial pundit and Donald Trump supporter. Gained fame for her appearance with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.
  • Tommy Sotomayor(link): Listen to this ex-convict[78][79] explain how his fellow black people are the bane of human existence and how the Democratic Party and white liberals are keeping them down.[80] He makes Uncle RuckusWikipedia's W.svg seem rational.
  • Just plain crazy and to the right of National Review. It's one of the most popular right wing sites though.
  • True Pundit(link): Known for fabricating stories about NYPD seizing Clinton's emails for child sex trafficking rings and alleged that Hillary Clinton wanted to drone Julian Assange (to be fair, Clinton's shiftiness on this question did lend an air of respectability to True Pundit's claims early on). Cited by Donald Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn, alongside WikiLeaks, RT and other sources of such repute.[81][82]
  • Truthfeed(link):
  • Truthophobes(link):Rabidly islamophobic site set to "Expose the Truth about islam, Cultural Marxism and the Globalist Agenda".
  • Twitchy(link): Twitter content aggregator founded by Michelle Malkin and striving to make wingnuttery "hip" for the young folks.
  • Unqualified Reservations(link): Mencius Moldbug's blog, basically the flagship site of the neoreactionary movement.
  • The Unz Review(link):
  • View from the Right(link): Blog of the late neoreactionary writer Lawrence Auster.
  • Vladivostok3701(link):
  • Vox Populi(link): Vox Day's little well of self-important narcissism where he posts pretentious screeds attacking atheists, arguing that women should be kicked out of universities to serve as baby factories, and promoting Austrian economics, creationism, denying global warming, and Christian fundamentalist-ing. If some of that sounds familiar, fear not — Beale is nowhere near as charismatic.
  • Wayne Dupree(link):
  • Weasel Zippers(link):
  • whiskeysplace(link):
  • The White Rose(link): Possibly British antifeminist and Trump supporter. Made a video celled "why are we normalizing transgenderism?" where the first sentence ofthe description is "Transgenderism not cool and it's not normal - it's a mental illness." On her twitter[83] she frequently retweets from far-right xenophobes/racists such as Paul-Joseph Watson and Voice of Europe[84] among others (make of that as you will).
  • The White YouTuber(link): An anti-SJW YouTube channel that makes video responses to people who disagrees with him. Most of the generic anti-social justice talking points that their community makes, this is guy is willing to make as well. Among the camp who accused both Kristi Winters and Danny Korcz of doxxing Bearing without evidence.
  • Wild Bill for America(link): True American Patriot Neoconservative wannabe cowboy. Everything wrong with the American right wing. A Tea partier, Christian fundamentalist, homophobe (believes homosexuality is perversion), islamaphobe, gun nut...whatever else of that nature you can think of he is most likely for it as he is very much the caricature of the stereotypical Republican. In fact, he could very much be considered a comedian for his videos that he makes about liberals/Democrats, "unmanly men", Obama, Hillary Clinton, Atheists, Hollywood etc. supported by some very bizarre rhetoric. In his most popular video "Secret Service Secrets" he tells us of some stuff that he learned from his supposed friends in the Secret Service (who are not very good at their jobs). George W. Bush is described as "intelligent and disciplined" while Michelle Obama is apparently a "hardcore racist".[85] Basically, Republicans = GOOD, Democrats = BAD. He will, however, occasionally attack conservatives, typically Libertarians who oppose his more authoritarian views. The most common targets are Ron Paul and Alex Jones.
  • WorldNetDaily(link): The internet headquarters of white outrage, founded by conspiracy theory promoter Joseph Farah. Absolutely nothing on the front page is particularly newsworthy; just paranoid and hateful ravings, Z-list celebrities, and opinion polls catering to the US right, as well as numerous advertisers of dubious products involving gold, weight loss, and seduction.
  • Would You Like Borders With That Socialism(link): A rare instance in which an ultra wingnut blog at least attempts to maintain a (pseudo) intellectual guise.
  • Your Lord and Savior(link):
  • Zack Edwards(link):

Liberals and left-wing[edit]

  • Andrew Gavin Marshall(link): An "independent researcher" and activist who pretty much exemplifies and Truthout at their worst. Left-conspiracist material abounds with a strong emphasis on the sinister Federal Reserve and corporate New World Order along with crank-laden woo that wouldn't be out of place in Infowars.
  • Being Liberal(link): As with Being Conservative above, it's a Facebook Like page, with nothing bad originally in concept. After BC started making its rounds, BL decided to "balance the scales" and essentially became your go-to resource for Republican and Libertarian bashing, with liberal bias all around.
  • The Canary(link): For those that think The Guardian is too right-wing. Generally pro-Corbyn clickbait. Also employed shoddy ethics when discussing a doctor's suicide.[86]
  • Corbett Report(link): An alternative news site that despite being left-wing is as far from the Colbert Report as you can imagine. 9/11 conspiracies and NWO schemes aplenty, which is not helped at all by his ties to
  • Counterpunch(link): A very leftist online magazine founded by Alexander Cockburn. It's made its professed leftism and radical sympathies clear over the years, as well as seen contributions from the likes of Noam Chomsky and Ralph Nader. What is more, Counterpunch's reputation of including anti-Semitic screeds, the crankier sides of the left-wing (including Pol Pot apologetics and genocide denialism[87]), and a tendency to milk Godwin's law on what they hate have made it positively infamous.
  • Grover Furr(link): On Stalin, communism or the USSR.
  • Anti-globalisation, anti-war news aggregator website which unfortunately loves them some conspiracy theory and can't resist indulging in various woo topics.
  • ICOR(link): Short for International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and OrganizationsWikipedia's W.svg. Saying they don't acknowledge the atrocities of Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong is an understatement.
  • International Communist League (Fourth International)(link): Webshite of the Spartacist League.
  • Korean Friendship Association (link): A western pro-North Korean propaganda website.
  • Maoist Rebel News(link):
  • RevLeft(link):
  • Revolution News(link): A largely anonymously-run website with a presence on Facebook that's devoted to the radical world of protest. While the site does cover some legitimate rallies and movements, there's also a strong bias towards anarchists and far-left movements. Its "news" coverage, some of it aggregated from dubious sources, vary in accuracy, objectivity, and credibility, if not ideological and borderline-conspiracist crankery.
  • UK Indymedia(link): A great place for heartfelt paeans to rioting and arson.
  • FCKH8(link): An organization that has noble goals, but uses people swearing to get their point across. The most infamous being Pottymouthed Princess Drop F-Bombs for Feminism where little girls use swear words to try to convince people that a little girl cursing isn't as bad as the things boys do on a daily basis.


  • aTalkingDude(link): If Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams had a lovechild in the UK, it would be this guy.
  • The Atlas Society(link):
  • Ayn Rand Institute(link):
  • Cato Unbound(link):
  • Common Sense Capitalism(link):
  • Ilana Mercer(link):
  • Ludwig von Mises Institute(link): So fanatically libertarian it doesn't merely engage in global warming denialism and gold buggery; it defends Ebeneezer Scrooge and extols Somalia as a utopia!
  • Mr. Dapperton(link):
  • Objectivism Online(link):
  • Rants & Reason(link): If Ayn Rand and Gene Ray had a daughter…
  • Rational Libertarian Corner(link):
  • Rebirth of Reason(link):
  • Reddit/r/Libertarian(link): r/conservative for potheads. Which is strange, since folks tend to be most conservative when they aren't stoned. (It's just money, maaan.)
  • Lew Rockwell(link): Libertarian-flavored wingnuttery. Also runs columns by Ron Paul, Joseph Mercola, and Gary North. Lots of woo and general craziness as well: Creationism, Christian dominionism, global warming denial, diet woo, quackery, gold buggery, anti-vaccine, 9/11 conspiracy, raw milk, and Neo-Confederate rants. Runs frequent good columns (they're hardcore anti-war, critical of the culture of militarism rampant in the U.S., pro-drug legalization, anti-airport security and police overkill, etc.) and several columnists whom one might agree with almost always. The problem is all that good writing is side by side with the likes of neo-Confederates, Christian fundies and all that woo. Read selectively or just visit where you can get the good content minus the baggage.
  • That Guy T(link): Black anti-feminist anarcho-capitalist who wishes to live in a society without anti-discrimination laws[88]. That's right. A black American millennial is against anti-discrimination laws.
  • Julie Borowski (AKA Token Libertarian Girl)(link): Paulbot who wants to "End the Fed" and return to the gold standard. Has declared healthcare, along with education, to not be a right, but instead a "good", and has compared universal healthcare to slavery.[89] Believes women aren't libertarian because they've been duped by the "liberal media".[90]
  • HowTheWorldWorks(link): Rabid libertarian, anti-environmentalist and (former) climate denier, has a bad habit of being monotone when reading from a script (usually when he's staring into the camera). Has been criticized for not only blocking people who have different opinions, but he "allegedly" used sock accounts. Has stated his main goal on YouTube is profit.
  • Philip DeFranco(link): During the era of the ranting community, he got hatred for the overuse of fake titles, misleading thumbnails, and excessive jump cuts while exploiting the deaths of innocent people all while showing no human decency while doing so just to garner views. He is still a view whore who still doesn't have human decency, but now he does this by appealing to the anti-SJW community to the point where even Undoomed was citing him as a source. He also made questionable tweets regarding Donald Trump's "Grab Her By the Pussy" comment during the second 2016 Presidential Debate. Plays himself as the reasonable middle ground man, but actually doesn't discuss white supremacist racism and anti woman bigotry because that might lose eye balls to his show. Is seen as reasonable and well adjusted by many many red pill and traditional men
  • Scotty M (as Libertarian Views Scotty M)(link): Made a video about how Nazi Germany was socialist despite it not even coming close to what socialism actually is.

Literal government propaganda[edit]


  • Dignitadoc(link): A Belgian unionist website with more than 60% of its content dedicated to hating the ever-living shit out of Flemish nationalists. From saying that all Flemish nationalists are either fascists, sweatshop liberals or communists,[91] to implying that moderate Flemish nationalists don't exist, to conspiracies about how all Flemish politicians are led by a corrupt Flemish nationalist majority preventing a true peaceful and democratic regime, passing through opposition to gay marriage because the Flemish Belgian LGBT movement called itself "Flemish", it definitely offers everything to cure you from your Flemish-nationalist hating needs, but at least it opposes religious fundamentalism.

Racist or xenophobic[edit]

  • 28 Sherman(link):
  • Age of Treason(link):
  • Alternative Right(link): Richard Spencer's blog, whence the "alt-right" got its name.
  • Ambrose Kane(link): Blog run by a white supremacist (er, "traditionalist conservative") ex-cop.
  • American Crisis(link):
  • American Freedom Party(link):
  • American Nazi Party(link):
  • American Renaissance(link):
  • Amerika(link):
  • Amos Magazine(link): Black supremacist site.
  • Anglo-Saxon Foundation(link): A forum of hardline English nationalists — which sounds straightforward, except in practice they're far, far weirder than that.
  • The Apricity Forum(link):
  • Aryan Nations(link):
  • Aryan Wear(link): Sells neo-Nazi books, clothing, collectibles, DVDs and flags. Is currently having a 25% off Hitler's birthday sale. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • For a change of pace, try these anti-white black supremacists. You get all the incoherency of Time Cube while you're at it.
  • Atavistic Intelligentisia(link): Alt-right site.
  • Atlanta Black Star(link): Black supremacist, supporting everything from your more "ordinary" black supremacy to such pleasantries as seemingly celebrating the fact in-and-of-itself that Nat Turner's rebellion involved killing white children.[92]
  • Atlantic Centurion(link):
  • Baked Alaska(link): Right-wing YouTuber. Was among the several people who marched in Charlottesville, Virgina during the Unite the Right rally to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue.
  • Bare Naked Islam(link):
  • The Barnes Review(link): Publishers of historical revision, with a special emphasis on Holocaust denial and general Jew-bashing.
  • The Beer Barrel(link):
  • Beyond Highbrow(link):
  • Black Liberation LoveN Unity(link): Black supremacist site.
  • Black Pigeon Speaks(link): An extremely racist, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, transphobic ultra-Christian who literally believes that women destroy civilizations simply by being given the right to vote and believes in the craziest anti-George Soros conspiracy theories. When questioned on his views during an interview with Romanian vlogger Vee, BPS couldn't bring himself to offer a single source for any of his most insane anti-woman claims. And none of his other content has any redeeming value. It's literally all prejudice, all the time. Oh, and he also claims on his profile that he is not alt-right, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary.
  • Blonde on a Mission(link): The mission in question doesn't appear to entail a lot more than posting a sentence or two of white nationalist commentary on news reports or pictures pertaining to racial and social issues.
  • British National Party(link): "God save the Führer!
  • Caste Football(link): A website created especially by and for racist sports fans.
  • Chimpmania(link):
  • No neo-Nazism, white nationalism or neo-confederate cloggery; just the plain old bashing of blacks for the sake of the bashing of blacks. Now blessedly defunct.
  • Christianity & Race(link): Self-described "Christian identitarian" blog.
  • Christogenea(link): White supremacy and Christian Identity thinly disguised as Christianity
  • Chronicles(link):
  • Civilizing the Beast(link):
  • Confederate Renaissance(link):
  • CoonBurg(link):
  • Council of Conservative Citizens(link):
  • Counter-Currents Publishing(link): White nationalist, Neo-Nazi, and Neofascist publishing company. Even deals in fiction, if that's your bag...
  • The Creativity Movement(link):
  • Daily Bale(link): Joshua Bonehill-Paine's sack of neo-Nazi shit.
  • The Daily Stormer(link):
  • Davis M.J. Aurini(link): Canadian third-positionist vlogger and Sci-Fi novelist whose views on race and gender steer pretty close to Eugenics territory. Like pretty much every far right vlogger, he has delusions of being a philosopher. His videos mostly consist of him sitting around regurgitating things he reads off Wikipedia or some other site with slight changes in verbal format and tuned up to his favor, but he acts very classy in the process, so he can't be wrong. Does get some points for prior service in the Royal Canadian Army (who are famous for their leet hand-to-hand combat skillz) and the fact that he doesn't flail his arms about and act like a total psycho (in contrast to most in the far-right vlogosphere), but that's probably because he's pretending to smoke cigarettes and drink scotch in nearly every vide. Has a blog called Stares at goats the world.
  • Dean Berry Ministries(link):
  • Deconstructing Leftism(link):
  • Delusions and Grandeur(link):
  • The Den(link):
  • Dissident Right(link):
  • Diversity Is Chaos(link):
  • Diversity Macht Frei(link):
  • DixieNet.Org(link): The League of the South's official webshite.
  • DNA Wars(link):
  • Does No One Have Vision?(link):
  • Evalion(link): Prominent anti-feminist YouTuber who recently came under fire, deservedly so, for her videos against the Jewish race. Her video titles include but are not limited to "How to Identify a Jew", "Hitler Wasn't Evil", and several videos where she read Mein Kampf. Onision and LeafyIsHere called her out for her hate speech, resulting in Onision's fans flagging her channel and it being shut down. Feminist Flow, another anti-feminist YouTube channel, re-posts her content... with the permission she gave. In April 2017, she appeared in a video called "Why Stalin Wasn't Evil".[93] While it is possible she happens to be a fan of authoritarians regardless of their position on the left-right spectrum, it is far more likely that she has always just been a troll.
  • The End of Zion(link): Its logo showcases a figure performing a roundhouse kick on a rabbi. Nice.
  • English Defence League(link): Islamophobes who expressed their outrage at the murder of Lee Rigby by throwing bottles at the police. Motto: Not racist, not violent, no longer silent.
  • Eradica(link):
  • Erasing Us(link):
  • European Knights Project(link):
  • European Union Times(link): No, it's not a newspaper, even if some people think so. Neither is it European.
  • Exposing the Holocaust™ Hoax(link):
  • Fairfax Underground(link): Officially a community message board for residents of Fairfax County, Virginia to discuss news and issues of local interest, this site has become notorious as a haven for racists, homophobes, and online bullies.
  • Faith & Heritage(link):
  • Faith Goldy(link): Canadian right-wing commentator. Although Goldy has rejected being labelled as alt-right,[94] her talking points mirror those of the alt-right (e.g. "Diversity" is politically correct code for non-white[95]). Other examples include her scaremongering about people being "replaced" by foreigners,[96] calling people "beta cucks" and "globalists",[97] complaining about "degeneracy",[98] opposing "Cultural Marxism",[99] and accusing every organisation she doesn't like of being "Soros funded".[100] She has also pandered to the alt-right with not-so-subtle videos such as "White Genocide in Canada?"[101][102] and "CBC celebrates white genocide".[103] In August 2017, she was fired from The Rebel Media after she went on a podcast affiliated with The Daily Stormer.[104]
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform(link): An organization that sounds official created by a bunch of Neo-Nazis. They have been accused of Schlafly statistics in the past.
  • Fred On Everything(link):
  • Forza Nuova(link): A far-right Italian political party that has great relations with Golden Dawn.
  • Gates of Vienna(link):
  • Golden Dawn(link): Political party in Greece.
  • The Golden One(link):
  • Guild of Albion(link):
  • Hail to You(link):
  • Half Sigma(link):
  • Hbdchick(link):
  • History in Images(link): Dedicated to portraying Germans as victims of genocide, and sustaining some of the more ridiculous claims used for backdoor Holocaust denial.
  • Holocaust Another backdoor Holocaust denial webshite dedicated to portraying the Germans as the real victims of WWII.
  • Hotep Nation(link): Black supremacist site.
  • Human Varieties(link):
  • Identity Europa(link):
  • Illusion of Sanity(link):
  • Incog Man(link):
  • Incredible Images for You(link): WE ARE NOT PRO NAZI.
  • Inductivist(link):
  • Infostormer(link):
  • Institute for Historical Review(link): Try to guess the one part of history this organization has any interest whatsoever in "reviewing"…
  • iSteve(link): Steve Sailer's blog.
  • James Allsup(link): YouTuber who self-identifies as a "right wing libertarian."[105] He participated in the August 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville,[106] but he has rejected being labelled as alt-right or white nationalist.[107] However, despite rejecting these labels, he appears to agree with almost every alt-right and white nationalist talking point. He agrees with racialism,[108] uses anti-Semitic dog whistles[109] and believes there is a deliberate white genocide occurring.[110] He also regularly uses alt-right memes, dog whistles, euphemisms, in-jokes and terminology.[111]
  • Jett and Jahn Media(link): They ran an article claiming that contrary to popular belief, white guys have the biggest penises. Other white supremacists panned the article in the comments section saying they were "gay for even thinking about it".
  • Jew Among You(link):
  • Jew Watch(link): The place to go if you want to watch some Jews.
  • The Kakistocracy(link):
  • KillaCommieFerMommie(link): Racist YouTuber known for making videos defending officer Darren Wilson when he killed Michael Brown back in 2014. Among these videos was a little gem titled, "Chimped Out in Ferguson", where he appears in blackface and an afro wig.
  • King Noble Black Rulership(link):
  • Knights Crusaders(link): An Islamophobic, fearmongering website, laden with Crusader-themed imagery, that warns of the impending conquest of Europe and America by the Muzzies, encouraging Anders Breivik wannabes to form Christian militias in preparation for the coming Jihad.
  • The Knights Party(link): Fancy some Ku Klux Klan T-shirts and a television show? No, neither do we.
  • The Last Gringo(link): California blogger obsessed with the "Mexican invasion" of the U.S. being orchestrated as part of the New World Order.
  • Lion of the Blogosphere(link): Formerly Half Sigma, this neoreactionary blogger combines a focus on "human biodiversity" with generous side helpings of misogyny, class bigotry, and good old-fashioned Social Darwinism.
  • Camera Lucida(link): Ethiopian-Canadian white supremacist.
  • Majority Rebellion(link):
  • Majority Rights(link): A group that looks forward to the worst effects of global warming because they will kill off most non-whites. Believes that white people will survive an environmental catastrophe because they "already inhabit areas that are cooler," "have the intelligence to develop new technologies," "are capable of taking an anti-egalitarian position if needed to preserve [their] friends and families" and they "behave rationally..."
  • Mangan's(link):
  • Manly Task(link):
  • Martin Luther Created by Stormfront to defame Martin Luther King.
  • Math Faith and Works(link):
  • Metapedia(link): Wikipedia as written by neo-Nazis.
  • Mexicans Go Home(link): "What If 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?" Cites Jeff Rense as a reputable source.
  • Millennial Woes(link):
  • Model Minority(link): Purportedly an anti-racist website; in practice, a watering hole for anti-white, anti-Semitic Asian supremacists pissed about whitey stealing all their women.
  • Mudshark Blog(link): A vile white supremacist blog aiming to "teach" white women as to why they should not date black men. Does it's fair share of throwing around racial slurs.
  • Murder by Media(link):
  • My Name is Joe Cortina(link):
  • My Posting Career(link):
  • The Naive Gatekeeper(link): Not only white nationalist and heavily anti-Semitic, but supportive of Christian theocracy, Holocaust denial, and misogyny. Overtly praises the Nazis and subtly supports the idea of a race war.
  • The National Alliance(link):
  • The National Policy Institute([ link]): Richard Spencer's white supremacist think tank based in Virginia.
  • National Socialist Movement(link): Nazi party webshite.
  • National Vanguard(link):
  • National Youth Front(link):
  • Nationalist Party of Canada(link):
  • New Black Panther Party(link):
  • Newsnet 14(link):
  • Nicholas Stix, Uncensored(link):
  • Niggermania(link): Chimpout's brother-in-arms.
  • Northwest Front(link):
  • nsvap(link): Someone attempting to reboot the National Socialist Flemish Workers Party.
  • Occam's Razor(link):
  • Occidental Dissent(link):
  • Occidental Observer(link): Kevin MacDonald's "white identity" journal.
  • The Occidental Quarterly(link): F. Roger Devlin's white nationalist journal.
  • Over-Mind Control System(link):
  • ParaPundit(link):
  • RamZPaul(link): Politically incorrect commentator who claims to use satire in his work.[112] However, his YouTube channel is a light-hearted trap into the white nationalist viewpoint. He has criticized so-called "white liberals" who do not consciously hold his view that black people are more likely to be criminals than white people and has considered the viewpoint criticizing white privilege "cultural Marxism".[113] He also blew out of proportion a story about a Massachusetts school naming the day before St. Patrick's Day "O'Green Day".[114]
  • / A white supremacist, racist, and anti-semitic version of YouTube.
  • The Political Cesspool(link): Website for James Edwards' syndicated white nationalist radio program.
  • Political Vel Craft(link): Promotes various brands of bigotry, though primarily anti-Semitism.
  • Poseidon Awoke(link):
  • Pro-Western Christianity(link):
  • Project Purge(link):
  • Radish Mag(link): Anti-democracy, radical traditionalist group for racists and misogynists.
  • Radix Journal(link): Another white nationalist publication from Alternative Right founder Richard Spencer.
  • RageAfterStorm(link): Female alt-right[115] YouTuber who claims she used to be an "SJW".[116] She is anti-democracy,[117] openly racist and race realist,[118][119] and believes in the white genocide conspiracy theory.[120] She also uses antisemitic dog whistles[121][122] but claims they are just "jokes".[123] The Daily Stormer was used as a source in one of her videos but, after being called out, she denied that she was using it as a serious source.[124] Soon afterwards, on a livestream, she unironically said that she loves The Daily Stormer and said it was a good sign that more Daily Stormer meetings were happening.[125]
  • RBG Tube(link): A black supremacist version of YouTube; affiliated with
  • Real History World Wide(link): Black supremacist "history" site.
  • Real Jew News(link): Website dedicated to disseminating the racist crackpottery of "Brother" Nathanael Kapner.
  • Red Ice Creations(link):
  • Redwatch(link): An international neo-Nazi, white-supremacist group; notorious for gathering and sharing personal information (http://such as names, home addresses, frequented places, threat assesdment in physical fights etc.) of people who actively act in favor of something they don't like - they get away with it because most of their sites are hosted in countries that are not their designated targets (http://ex. Polish version of RW Redwatch is hosted in the United States).[126]
  • Rightpedia(link): A fork of Metapedia operated by former Metapedia users and hosted by GoDaddy.
  • The Right Stuff(link): Obnoxious neo-nazi internet tough guys with a strong belief in "racial realism" and as expected, hatred of Jews. Has strong ties with 8chan and 4chan's neo-nazi /pol/ board, and many of said internet tough guys are also active on YouTube's neo-Nazi community.
  • The Roper Report(link):
  • saboteur365(link):
  • Save Your Heritage(link):
  • Semitic Controversies(link):
  • Shitskin Plantation(link):
  • The Slitty Eye(link): Obnoxious Asian 'human biodiversity' advocate, served with cheap shots at feminists.
  • Smoloko News(link): Anti-semitic site that blames everything on the Jews (Columbine shooting, porn, etc.) They're also big advocates of the seperation of synogague and state.
  • Southern Future(link):
  • racist blog mostly targeting the Southern Poverty Law Center, an civil rights charity.
  • Southern Nationalist Network(link):
  • Stormfront(link): The quintessential white nationalist online sinkhole.
  • Stuff Black People Don't Like(link): Author "Paul Kersey" (cute, huh?) runs this site, dedicated to bemoaning the rise of what he deems "Black-Run America".
  • Stuff Eurasian Males Like(link): Being the son of a white male/Asian female interracial couple is like being Joseph Merrick. Such couples oughtta be ashamed to have conceived!
  • Styxhexenhammer666 (Tarl Warwick)(link): Militant atheist who jumped aboard the antifeminist bandwagon. Lives in Sanders Country and has made countless videos about the occult. Supported Trump in the 2016 election and became somewhat of an apologist for him, much like Sargon of Akkad. Also a holocaust denier and anti-immigration activist.
  • Tara McCarthy(link): British white nationalist who hosts the Reality Calls show and co-hosts Virtue of the West with author Brittany Pettibone. Has held interviews with Rocking MrE, Jared Taylor, Black Pigeon Speaks, and Jordan Peterson.
  • Tightrope(link): Clothing site geared toward Neo-Nazis and the extreme far-right. Their classy slogan is "It's not illegal to be white... yet".
  • Theden(link):
  • Those Who Can See(link):
  • Thoughtcrime(link):
  • The Thug Report(link):
  • Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan(link):
  • Traditionalist Worker Party(link):
  • Traditionalist Youth Network(link): Matthew Heimbach's campus organization.
  • Tribal Theocrat(link):
  • True News USA(link):
  • Truth Militia(link):
  • Unamusement Park(link):
  • Unity of Nobility(link): Provides "De-Kosherized News & Research Material".
  • The Unsilenced Science(link):
  • Vanguard News Network(link):
  • VNNforum(link):
  • VDARE(link): Peter Brimelow's more-than-just-borderline-racist ‘editorial collective’ and one-stop “let's hate on the blacks, Mexicans, and Jews” webshite.
  • War on the Horizon(link): Website run by militant black supremacist (and former DHS employee) Ayo Kimathi.
  • Western Insurgent(link):
  • Western Spring(link):
  • West Hunter(link):
  • The West's Darkest Hour(link): Dedicated to rehabilitating the image of Hitler and Nazism.
  • White GeNOcide Project(link):
  • White Nations(link):
  • White News Now(link):
  • The White Republican(link):
  • The White Resister(link):
  • Who Controls America?(link): If you guessed "The JOOOOOOOOS!", you're right.
  • Wong Chow Mein(link): Asian dude in bed with the 'anti-leftist' crowd. Also appears to have major self-esteem issues.
  • Youth for Western Civilization(link):


  • Americans for Truth About Homosexuality(link): Depending on your definition of "truth".
  • Askthebigot(link): An anti-gay blog run by an Evangelical Christian woman who was raised by her lesbian mother and her partner.
  • Common Filth: A fundamentalist Christian and all-round crank who has a particular grudge against LGBT rights and abortion, characterising modern western society as being run by a shadowy cabal of gay people. Almost everything bad which has happened in the world in the last half-century has apparently been the result of people doing things he thinks are icky inside their own bedrooms. Known mainly for his "Tumblrista" and "Vine Marathon" compilations, where he insults and mocks vulnerable people who are half his age. He has been highly critical of the alt-right, but this is mainly because he believes they are too lenient on homosexuality. Has a small but extremely loyal following.
  • God Hates Fags(link): The flagship website of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. Contains such delightful accoutrements as a counter keeping track of how many days Matthew Shepard has been in hell.
  • Mission: America(link)
  • National Organization for Marriage(link)
  • Parents Action League(link)
  • World Congress of Families(link): Another one of those groups full of hateful bigots with "family" in its name. Apparently hates America and its Constitution. Loves Russia for its hard line stance on homosexuality.

Gender and sex[edit]

People who write about gender and sex. Most are sexist (though, just to spice it up, some hate men and others hate women).

MRAs, MGTOWs, PUAs, Nice Guys/Incels/AFCs, Gender "Egalitarians" etc.[edit]

  • 101principals(link): Poster of the website Manhood Academy. Claims himself to be a cult leader. Refused to agree to the claims that SickMouth gave for a debate. Had his YouTube channel deleted as according to YouTube, "This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement."
  • Alpha Game(link):
  • The Alternative Sexism Project(link):
  • Anti-Feminism League(link):
  • The Anti-Feminist(link):
  • Anti Misandry(link):
  • Anya cares(link):
  • Apocalypse Cometh(link):
  • BadBoy(link):
  • The Badger Hut(link):
  • Black Dragon(link):
  • The Black Pill(link):
  • Boycott American Women(link): "American women are fat entitled baby-killing whores, marry a submissive oriental lotus blossom instead", et cetera...
  • Cassidy Boon(link): Female anti-feminist pretending to be a feminist that has become an anomaly by both feminists and anti-feminists. Many of her videos get responded to by anti-feminists is sexist, such as "Starwars is sexist - "the dark side" symbolizes women on our periods", "I Am Willing To Serve Brock Turners Prison Sentence Because I LOVE Him", and "I'm a feminist but I love Trump and I want his baby - #TrumpLoad4Boon" who fail to realize that Cassidy Boon is a POE.
  • Chateau Heartiste(link): Not to be outdone by Roosh, Roissy spits on any woman who doesn't look like a supermodel, marry at 16, and dedicate her life to licking her husband's boots as somehow a violation of evolutionary principles - and that's not even going into the occasional thinly-veiled (or, really, not-veiled-at-all) white nationalism.
  • CoAlpha Reactionary Forum(link):
  • Community of the Wrongly Accused(link): MRA website dedicated to blaming rape victims, portraying all victims who fail to successfully prosecute rapists as liars, as well as generally trying to give the impression that false rape claims are extremely common. Moved to this blog from The False Rape Society after its being listed as a hate site by the SPLC.
  • The Counter-Feminist(link):
  • Dalrock(link):
  • Deansdale's Blog(link):
  • Derek Rake(link):
  • Drtyhippiepanda(link):
  • Eivind Berge(link):
  • Elliott Rodger(link):
  • End Feminism(link):
  • The Elusive Wapiti(link):
  • Feminism is for nobody(link):
  • Femitheist Reborn(link): Known as Divine Femitheist prior to a faked suicide; this strawfeminist is so hilariously, stereotypically over-the-top she makes the ones from Radfem Hub look like Princess Peach. Has attained fame on YouTube and FSTDT, but is probably a troll. Gone 404 as of 11 Feb 2015. Turns out that Femitheist Reborn was a actually a POE account created by Krista Milburn, a female anti-feminist, to serve as a parody of radical feminists.
  • Freedomain Radio(link): Stefan Molyneux is the patron saint of Euphoria, and his realm is Youtube.
  • GendErratic(link): A subset of the Honey Badger Brigade (q.v. below). The given website redirects there.
  • Going Your Own Way(link):
  • Gucci Little Piggy(link):
  • Gynocentrism(link):
  • Happier Abroad(link):
  • Hawaiian libertarian(link):
  • A whiny MRA crossbred with a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Feminism is a scheme on the part of Masonic/Communist/Satanic forces spearheaded by the Rockefeller Foundation to destroy society.
  • Honey Badger Brigade(link): MRA/antifeminist website founded by women (the eponymous "honey badgers").
  • Hooking Up Smart(link): A PUA site run by self-styled dating "expert" Susan Walsh; except for the fact that it's run by a woman, it's pretty much typical of the genre.
  • Human Stupidity(link):
  • Hypergamy Doesn't Care(link):
  • Illimitable Men(link):
  • Jack Donovan(link):
  • Jack's Terrible Thoughts(link):
  • Joseph Strickland (as Joseph8276)(link): Made a video regarding how women needed to lower their standards. Also made a video entitled, the problem with girls and what they should do. Brought up on charges for child pornography. Most of his videos can be found here.[127]
  • Judgy Bitch(link): aka Janet Bloomfield, alleged social media specialist for AVFM who was thrown off Twitter for harassing other users. Obnoxious, pretentious, hypocritical female MRA.
  • Just Four Guys(link): Come here for Obsidian's crankish beliefs in evolutionary psychology and internalized racism issues, Han Solo's bullshit theories on relationships, Cirian's neo-reactionary tripe and the last guy doesn't say anything.
  • Justice for Men & Boys(link):
  • Karen Straughan(link):
  • Kings Wiki(link): Roosh's "encyclopedia of neomasculinism."
  • Krauser PUA(link):
  • Liberal Lunacy(link):
  • Lifestyle Journey For Men(link):
  • "You fucking women had better date me, or I'll fucking cut your throats!"[128]
  • Margaret MacLennan(link):
  • Man Without Father(link):
  • Manhood Academy(link):
  • Manthesis(link):
  • Married Man Sex Life(link): Athol Kay's PUA site.
  • Matt Forney(link):
  • Men-Factor(link):
  • Men, Women, and Society(link):
  • MGTOW Forums(link): Along with Reddit, the Spearhead and A Voice For Men, is one of the Big Four men's rightster webshites. Here, the boys congregate in their treehouse to cackle with glee about how they'll punish those evil bitches and destroy society by refraining from marrying. Goes its own way by obsessing about what they're supposedly getting away from.
  • MGTOW Wiki(link):
  • The Misandry Bubble(link): An epic-length treatise by a Singularitarian known as "The Futurist" that reveals the vast feminazi conspiracy to destroy men and Western civilization as we know it!
  • The Modern Savage(link):
  • The Obsidian Files(link):
  • Owning Your Shit(link): Canadian female MRA. She also has a YouTube channel(link).
  • Patriactionary(link):
  • The Problem With Women Today(link): Reads like a tantrum being thrown by a 14-year-old-boy over his girlfriend breaking up with him; you can practically envision the spittle flying out of the author's mouth as you read it.
  • PUAHate(link): No, it's not for mocking PUAs. Rather, it's for Nice Guys pissed that PUA techniques aren't working for them, and who insist instead that the key to attracting women is...bucketloads of plastic surgery. Elliot Rodger, it transpires, was a regular here, and since his rampage, it's been taken offline until further notice.
  • The Ralph Retort(link): Virulently anti-feminist and a prominent pro-GamerGate blogger. Not above painfully transparent concern-trolling.
  • The Rational Male(link):
  • The Real Sexism Project(link):
  • Reaxxion(link):
  • Red Pill Philosophy(link): Some jackass who regularly cherry-picks videos of men punching women and things of the sort to parrot alt-right, pro-Trump bullshit, a shift from his earlier material levying generally legitimate criticisms toward the education system, and scientifically ignorant complaints about, well, science. Considering the view count resulting in this change, it's obvious to anyone he mainly did this for attention and money (success without school, yo). Regularly targets Black Lives Matter, feminism, and spouts nonsense about "teh maytreearkee", black supremacy, and even once claimed there was a "war on beards" (no fucking joke, search for it on YouTube, it's hilarious). Has no problem touting racist pseudoscience and boasting sexist gender norms from the 19th century.
  • The Red Pill Room(link):
  • /r/Incels(link):
  • /r/KotakuInAction(link):, a place where GamerGaters gather to demand they be taken seriously. But that requires beliefs to the left of Franco. And intelligence. And the will to slither out of your mom's basement from time to time. There's not much to be said beyond "we needed to show how we're not misogynists, so here's an anime avatar with our "Daily Dose" edgy rape jokes built right into her clothes.[129] She agrees with everything we say and is our obedient waifu. (Original character do not steal.)"
  • Reddit/r/mensrights(link):
  • Reddit/r/theredpill(link):
  • A website for rapists to register their victims as false accusers.
  • Return of Kings(link): Roosh's second, more politically-oriented blog. Considerable overlap in content and viewership with /r/theredpill, and several writers term themselves "redpills".
  • Red Patriarch(link):
  • Red Pill Report(link):
  • Rekt Feminist Videos(link): Rekt claims to be "The #1 Channel for videos of Feminists getting owned." Makes Bearing look like a PhD candidate.
  • RooshV(link): A particularly nasty, vicious PUA blog. The owner claims that women who deign not to wear high heels are worthless and that a man is not a real man unless he has sex with as many different women as possible.
  • Sandman(link):
  • Secular Patriarchy(link): Frustrated chump who wants to subjugate people while loosely disguised as fighting for 'traditional women's rights'.
  • The Secular Traditionalist(link):
  • SlutHate(link): Effectively the new PUAHate, with an added dash of crude racism.
  • Social Justice Fails(link): A compilation video channel that revels in "showing SJW's, feminists, and BLM getting rekt and triggered by 'logic'".
  • The Spearhead(link): Feminists and manginas beware! FSTDT has a taste of what you can expect.[130]
  • spinosauruskin(link): British MRA who is known for making videos calling out anybody who criticizes the Men's Rights Movement, even if the people calling out the MRM aren't even feminists, such as BLH Productions who was an egalitarian. Made a video where he said feminists are terrorists and then went on to explain how feminists were like terrorists. While he used the definition of the word terrorist correctly, he fails to realize how feminists haven't actually killed anybody. Was recently outed as the owner of an anti-Sargon parody Twitter called Hardon For Assad.
  • thatincelblogger(link): a.k.a. governmentsgetgirlfriends, "coconut", etc. The latest den of a deluded Nice Guy who spends his days advocating that the government ought to provide him with a taxpayer-subsidized girlfriend, boasting about various actual or fantasised revenges on women who rejected him, rallying against "The Atheist Cult" (all atheists that are not raging misogynists) for calling his rubbish out for what it is, and pining for the collapse of civilization. Even /r/MensRights and /r/TheRedPill consider him too sexist and crazy for them.
  • Things that We have Heard and Known(link):
  • Dedicated to a narcissistic fuckwit and Pick-Up Artist who pitched a shitfit when he realized that his fans are all love shies and virgin losers who were using him for life by proxy.
  • Turd Flinging Monkey(link):
  • Unknown Misandry(link): What would have been a fairly decent true crime blog centered around female killers - was bogged down with obvious MRA bullshit and propaganda. Has it's fair share of bashing political correctness and so-called "cultural marxism". They even fell for Femitheist's little schtick, claiming he has a "misandric fixation".
  • The Venusian Arts(link): Webshite of well-known (thanks to the VH1 series) PUA Mystery, and his 'theories'. Also sells his shit-tastic books, and overpriced life coaching sessions.
  • Viva La Manosphere!(link):
  • A Voice for Men(link): Run by Paul Elam, The flagship website of the men's rights movement does itself no favors by classifying ordinary, harmless feminists alongside female serial killers and child molesters.
  • The Voice of Reason(link):
  • Vulcan Vivacity(link):
  • What Men Are Saying About Women(link): Another typical MRA/Antifeminist blog with frequent bouts of homophobia and/or transphobia.
  • Whoism3(link): A man's 12-year dry spell produced this combination of and The Problem With Women Today. Feast your eyes on histrionic rant.[131][132][133]
  • Wimminz(link):
  • Women Against Men(link): Don't be mistaken by the title, the blog proudly states that "Feminists, government and society trampling men's rights and their dignity into the ground - pitting women, against men."
  • The World According to Bob(link): "According to Bob", a real man is one who congratulates his neighbor for beating his wife; for he was merely asserting his rightful dominance. Did we mention he believes raped women should enjoy the free sex?
  • Worldly Game(link):

TERFs and Radfems[edit]

  • You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you(link): Cathy Brennan's trans-harassment machine. Transphobic radical feminist and all-around drama llama with a thing for harassing trans bloggers.
  • Chanty Binx: Feminist that is used whenever the anti-feminist community makes fun of feminism. Goes by the nickname Big Red by the anti-feminist community. Was featured in a video where she sang Cry Me a River regarding a male's suicide. Charming!
  • Cherryblossomlife(link): One of the radfemsphere main players. Appears to vaguely subscribe to nature woo and chemophobia.
  • Cora Segal: Known by the anti-feminist community as Trigglypuff. Became a running gag in of herself when she yelled at Milo Yiannopolous at one of his rallies. Is the new scapegoat used by the anti-feminist community whenever somebody comes out and admits they're a feminist.
  • Femonade(link):
  • Feminist Current(link): More of a rip tide, actually. Conserve your energy and swim cross-current to get out. Go quietly so as not to attract the sharks.
  • Jenny McDermott(link): The feminist that most anti-feminists think of when people hear the words "feminist" or "feminism". Despite her status as a feminist, she claims that it must be a movement that is exclusively a women's only movement and that they must distance themselves from their male allies. Accused Armoured Skeptic of committing sexual violations against Shoe0nhead, despite their relationship being consensual and Shoe0nhead being 24, not 17 as Jenny claimed. Is willing to stab any of her allies in the back as indicated with Kevin Logan. Made a video regarding how a good majority of the anti-feminists have Asperger's syndrome or any other form of autism, in spite of the fact there are women who also have autism, some of whom are in the feminist movement. Has recently gone off the TERF deep end.
  • Gender Critical Dad: A rare example of a male TERF.
  • The Lesbian Mafia(link):
  • Shit Reddit Says(link): Subreddit ostensibly dedicated to calling out the toxic misogynists and racists on Reddit... by doing the exact same thing but with white people and men as their target instead of women and minorities. Is also a proud "circlequeef" that bans anyone attempting a discussion. Is also quite hostile to feminists outside their bubble, often claiming that feminist subreddits are too friendly with MRAs. However, the SRSDiscussion(link) subreddit is somewhat better, and is much less toxic than the main page.
  • The Liz Library(link): Anti-Gardner and anti-Kinsey, Reisman-quoting, parental alienation and false memory denier, holistic lawyer from Florida.
  • Magdalen Berns(link): A British Terf who frequently misgenders the trans women she is criticizing in her videos (like Riley Deniis, who she refers to as "he"). She has also made a video called "There is no such thing as a lesbian with a penis!".
  • Mancheeze(link):
  • Melanie Murphy([ link]): Irish lifestyle vlogger. Has made videos where she has collaborated with Arielle Scarcella and JaclynGlenn. On Twitter, she defended Arielle Scarcella's transphobia in response to the backlash the LGBTQ+ community was throwing towards her response to neonfiona.
  • Radical Wind(link): Because if Cathy Brennan was too sane for you, you are therefore redirected here. She believes liberal feminism and sex-positivity to be conspiracy theories. Is also very, very transphobic.
  • Reddit/r/feminisms(link): Not to be confused with /r/feminism, this subreddit looks pretty nice until you dig.[134]
  • Reddit/r/GenderCritical(link): The phrase "gender critical" is, by itself, a TERF shibboleth. It does not fail to deliver.
  • Gender Trender(link): Off the deep end blogger GallusMag, along with her(?) cronies bring you the fear that not only do trans people not exist, but the mention that they do exist by anyone not L or G warrants immediate repercussions.
  • A Room of Our Own(link): Radical feminist blogger Cherry picks crimes by transwomen in order to portray all transgender people as criminals.
  • Story Ending Never(link): A white racist lesbian atheist radfem with lots of sexist generalizations about those violent stupid animals of the male persuasion. Also hates women of color and strongly believes that only white women are being oppressed.
  • Taylor Fogarty(link):
  • Twanzphobic Since Forever(link): Exactly what it it says on the tin. (At least they let you know what you're getting into right up front, unlike the more bashful TERF webshites. Credit for honesty is due.) Most TERF websites devote 70 to 80% of their bandwith to shitting on transwomen. This one devotes 100% of it. Also notable is its fucking obnoxious "parodical" style, which is just essentially replacing "R" with "W", and saying "Lol" every three words.
  • When Women Were Warriors(link): Another TERF blog. And also witchcraft. And eugenics-style arguments for the inferiority and evil of males. Just an all-around crazy place.

Christian doormathood[edit]

  • Above Rubies(link): Quiverfull site.
  • The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood(link): Set up to combat amongst other things, "the increasing promotion given to feminist egalitarianism with accompanying distortions or neglect of the glad harmony portrayed in Scripture between the loving, humble leadership of redeemed husbands and the intelligent, willing support of that leadership by redeemed wives."
  • God Hates Feminists(link): About as misogynistic as you can get; contains lots and lots of Bible verses, most with seemingly little relevance to what the author’s talking about.
  • It's the Women, Not the Men!(link):
  • There is this thing called biology(link):
  • Ladies Against Feminism(link):
  • LeeLee in Babylon(link):
  • Loving in the Ruins(link):
  • Peacefulwife's Blog(link):
  • Sunshine Mary(link):
  • Simple Southern Spirit(link):
  • The Thinking Housewife(link):
  • Unmasking Feminism(link):
  • Visionary Daughters(link):
  • Whats Wrong With Equal Rights(link):

Secular doormathood[edit]

  • The Conservative Woman(link):
  • Darling Doll(link):
  • Embrace Your Femininity(link):
  • Girls being Girls(link):
  • The New Femininity(link):
  • Laura Doyle(link): Author of The Surrendered Wife, Supporter of lying to save your marriage, and not asking for help in the home
  • Notes from a Red Pill Girl(link):
  • On the Rock(link):
  • Red Pill Wifery(link):
  • /r/redpillwomen(link): now r/RedPillWives
  • Stupid Girl(link):
  • The Voice of Reason(link):
  • Your Slaviswife Is Evolving(link):

Alien aficionados[edit]

  • Alien-UFO-Research(link):
  • Cassiopaea(link): The internet home of "scientific mystic" Laura Knight Jadczyk. Seems to principally revolve around something called the "Cassiopaean Experiment" which involves channelling entities (aliens? our future selves?) of the same name. Also contains barely-comprehensible articles about 9/11, the New World Order, JFK, the 2012 Apocalypse, the Holy Grail and "psychopaths," among other things.
  • Echoes of Enoch(link): Biblical explanations for alien abductions and other paranormal phenomena.
  • The Nibiruan Council(link): Stargates, lion people, recoding your DNA... please, God, let this be a parody.
  • Pretty typical "you're a brainwashed sheep" webshite with the usual stuff about reptilians, Masonic imagery in the media, the Abydos helicopter and the Hollow Earth.
  • UFO Evidence(link): There's plenty of 'evidence' to check out here.
  • Universe People(link): The seizure-inducing webshite of the eponymous Czech UFO cult. Slide upon slide of incomprehensible new-agey rambling about angels, Jesus, love and saurians. Could give Time Cube a run for its money.
  • ZetaTalk(link): Nancy Lieder is a loopy channeler who hears aliens talking to her in her head.


  • All News Pipeline(link):, a Christian Conspiracy site who is so paranoid, that they believe their site host has it in for them. Slowly becoming more popular as another "go-to" site for Conspiracies.
  • American Holocaust(link):
  • Anonymous ART of Revolution(link): One of the more popular Anonymous Facebook pages due to their posting up of inspirational art, it is nevertheless a hot-bed of virtually every tin-hat theory under the roof. Basically Infowars with Guy Fawkes masks.
  • Attacking Satan in Jesus Name(link): Webshite run by Chris LaSala, a former atheist turned Protestant conspiracist. Convinced that Catholics, atheists and pretty much everyone else are worshippers of Satan. Amusing at times but also very alarming in the fact that he has managed to brainwash so many people on the internet into performing "exorcisms" on them over Skype.
  • Before It's News(link):
  • Anders Björkman(link): Also goes as Heiwa. Apollo hoax and 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Has no idea how to do energy balances or compute propellant requirements for orbital maneuvers (has notably claimed that the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation is unrelated to this). Offers million-Euro prizes to anyone who shows him to be wrong, and either ignores people who proceed to do so or makes silent corrections to his site in response.
  • ...and someone's bones(link): A very cranky blog masquerading as a news site warning the world about the Nibiru conspiracy theory.
  • Kerry Cassidy(link):: Paranoid nutcase conspiracy theorist who makes long self-worshipping videos about all kinds of woo.
  • Clouverse(link): Forum-based social network for conspiracy theory and truth-seeking enthusiasts.
  • if you don't feel compassion for a delusional man and you can't help but laughing your ass off at almost every sentence the man says. Spanish-language.
  • Conscience48(link): If you just thought that American conspiracy theorists were lunatics, listen to these French people.
  • is the shrine of Spanish conspiracy-mongers. Take a look just for the lulz!
  • Craig Cobb
  • (link):
  • (link):
  • David Wake up, sheeple! The world is being controlled by shape-shifting alien jews lizards from the 4th dimension! The moon is a hollowed-out planetoid from which reality is being projected! Secret passages in Masonic lodges lead to the Hollow Earth! WOOOOOOOH!
  • Mark Dice(link): Conservative Christian Trump supporter. Known for making videos involving conspiracy theories, science denial and arrogant conservatism.
  • A website full of people "Exposing" conspiracy theories.
  • The Divided Kingdom Radio Show(link): Shortwave radio's premiere kook show has been spewing conspiracy theories on the airwaves since the 1990s. Hosted by aging prudes Elizabeth Border and Lou Caverly, they address every known conspiracy theory known to mankind and wrap it all up into a paranoid conservative fundamentalist Christian worldview. They are big fans of Alex Jones, Rick Wiles, and Donald Trump.
  • Educate Yourself(link): Every nutter thing in the book: colloidal silver, chemtrails, the New World Order, and vaccine hysteria, to being the last people on earth to continue to defend Lauren Stratford. Also has an article entitled "Prevent Alien/Demonic Attacks". Oh, and quantum; dis we mention the quantum in at least 54 different articles?
  • and their youtube channel(link):
  • The Forbidden Knowledge(link):
  • Godlike Productions(link):
  • Henry
  • Humans Are Free(link):
  • IllumiCorp(link): Website which advertises itself as "always hiring for new Illuminati members". You know, because an alleged organisation hellbent on secretly taking over the world would surely have a site where you can "join" them and, in turn, give them more money. At least you get a cool and hip card which verifies your scam Illuminati membership.[135]
  • Illuminati Symbols(link): If you have a fetish for symbols, objects and hand gestures this is the site for you. In all other areas it is the typical website for Illuminati-obsessed freaks, with a lot of the typical celebrity and media fear mongering.
  • The Intel Hub(link): More of the same.
  • ITV(link): The name is a short-hand for "Information très vraie" (very real information). Its a flat-earth website which at one point propagated that the Sandy Hook Shooting was a scam, thinly (and perhaps unintentionally) disguised as a French version of ITV.
  • Justify Theory(link): Apparently, the logo of the Monster EnergyWikipedia's W.svg drink brand represents the number 666, and is therefore proof that Satanists/Masons/the Illuminati rule the world.
  • Mad Cow Tourist Info(link): Can you say "schizophrenia"? This website contains hundreds of pages by a woman claiming to have visited England and had her asthma inhaler somehow infected with BSE by government agents. She cured herself with herbs, and then went out trying to track down what happened. Reading the story (which has been going for 13 years) is like watching a thriller movie. Everyone’s in on it, and they’re all out to get her. Oh, and apparently Prince William is trying to seduce her.
  • Mark Peeters(link): A Belgian conspiracy theorist notable for spreading theories about the Moon landing hoax, that the pill makes women unattractive and that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001, but that Barack Obama revived him in 2010 to kill him again. He ALLso has a very PARANOID wri(gh)t/ing style.
  • Media Exposed(link):
  • Misterxmedia(link): A conspiracy theorist who believes there's secret stacked chips inside the Xbox One console and Sony is an evil omnipotent entity paying off developers and media to lie. Seems to suffer from legit paranoid schizophrenia by scribbling random nonsense on tech diagrams.
  • Muscle Missions(link): claims that bodybuilding is a huge Satanic conspiracy. The site includes various articles and videos with content resembling paranoid schizophrenia (such as a claim that bodybuilder Jay Cutler was caught on video making a Satanic hand symbol), and even offers a subscription to a weird magazine with a beach-buff Satan on the front page.
  • No Matter What ... it always boils down to ...(link): The usual Jack Chickian/Henry Makowian stuff. Illuminati/Masonic/Satanic conspiracies, racism (especially anti-Semitism) and gun-nuttery.
  • Nyhetsspeilet(link): When arguing in Norwegian, stay away.
  • One Evil(link):
  • The Phora(link): A message board for conspiracy theorists.
  • Steve Quayle(link): An all-around conspiracy theorist, prepper, pseudoscience promoter, and author of several pseudohistory books. He is known to pop up on trustworthy radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM and Alex Jones. Warning: his web site will make your eyes bleed.
  • Reality 101(link):
  • Rense(link): Jeff Rense's webshite. It's like a slightly (huge emphasis on slightly) saner version of[136] Mostly concentrates on conspiracy theories of the Illuminati/NWO/Jewish type, but also a big source of alt-woo, and just woo in general.
  • Rumor Mill News(link): Mob-driven news aggregation and general dumping ground for paranoid conspiracy theorists. The bizarre assortment of homegrown clickbait ads on the site is priceless.
  • Saints Against Tyranny(link): Same as always. Masonic symbolism in corporate logos, Bohemian Club, Baphomet, depopulation... *yawn*.
  • Sweet Liberty(link):
  • The Truthful One(link):
  • TRUNEWS(link): Rick Wiles' bizarre webshite for paranoid Evangelicals.
  • Truth and Action(link): "Learn the Truth... Then Take Action" - they rarely cite their sources and when they do, it frequently ends in circular references.
  • Truth Control(link):
  • Truth News Australia(link):
  • The Truthseeker(link):
  • The Unhived Mind(link):
  • UFOTV(link): Known for their crank documentaries[137]
  • Veterans Today(link): Advertises itself as a "military & foreign affairs journal" with a few useful bits of information on veterans' benefits and loans ripped from legit sites to boost its credibility, it's mostly another source of conspiracy theories regarding 9/11, Benghazi, Obama, the New World Order, etc., with a very generous heaping of antisemitism and Holocaust denial.
  • Vigilant Citizen(link): Dedicated to hyper-analyzing supposed Illuminati/New World Order symbolism within popular culture. Puts a special, extremely creepy emphasis on attempting to prove that every female pop star ever is a mind-controlled sex slave.
  • Alan Watt(link): Conspiracy theorist loon, believes everything other than what he teaches is being used to distract us all from the great truth he possesses. Also a climate change denier.
  • The conspiracy site to end all conspiracy sites, "highlighted" by the "reporting" of Sorcha Faal.
  • What Really Happened(link): Mostly conspiracy nuts, but also some woo and anti-Semitism mixed in for good measure.
  • Best known as a site promoting various alt-med conspiracy theories, this is more of a maelstrom of lunacy.
  • is an American version of, right down to the layout of the pages, though not quite as comprehensive.
  • DAHBOO77(link): A gun nut exposing the truth about the NWO, impending martial law, failing border, etc.
  • The Forerunner Chronicles(link): Christopher Hudson is a "guerrilla filmmaker" and self proclaimed Seventh-day Adventist "pastor" (despite having no ministerial credentials whatsoever) based out of New York. Clearly influenced by fellow SDA conspiracy theorist/creationist Walter Veith (although with a much bigger emphasis on the conspiracy theory part). Some of Hudson’s greatest hits: accusing rapper Jay-Z of being a devil-worshipping Freemason, denouncing Oprah Winfrey as a disciple of Satan, accusing Obama of attempting to turn America gay, declaring masturbation a sin that causes mental illness and calling superstorm Sandy a harbinger of cannibalism. Notorious for blocking any and all remotely critical comments, stifling honest questions and debates among viewers in his video threads and for his highly aggressive, loud, authoritative manner of speaking. Routinely begs for money from his subscribers and unfortunately has plenty of churches willing to support his "ministry". Made national news as the creepy, predatory "spiritual advisor" to young actor Angus Jones, who converted to Adventism after watching his videos.
  • FullSpectrumSurvival(link): A survivalist how-to guide for the apocalypse.
  • Gorilla199(link): A British conspiracy theorist and Christian. He claims that the world is controlled by shape-shifting aliens and Freemasons. He is known to block anybody who posts comments that criticise his videos, claiming that they worship "The Beast." He is basically Nephilimfree and David Icke combined into one person. Also engaged in anti-relativity bullshitery.(link)
  • Jarrah White(link): The (self-proclaimed?) "Grandson of the Apollo Hoax Theory ;" among his most recent stunts is ambushing Phil Plait and Adam Savage with a concealed camera at TAM8.
  • Mark Passio(link): A conspiracy theorist who talks about the occult, UFOs and the evil Federal Reserve
  • MoonlightOwl70(link): "I don't follow conspiracy "theories" I only use [sic] facts. People need to wake up." These "facts" are just hand signs, symbols and long-refuted "evidence", turns out.
  • Michelle Hopkins(link): Makes a lot of videos ranting about HAARP and Chemtrails. Thinks chemtrails have blood and can land on cars. Oh and, in some videos, her description for those videos are LONG and full of Youtube links to other Conspiracy Themed videos. Of course, to some people she's a govt. paid shill. Not even Conspiracy Theorists can trust each other.
  • Pamela Geller
  • Revelations Network(link): Every conspiracy Theory under the sun. Law of Exclamation applies. Apparently run by a man who calls himself "Brother Jessie"
  • RICK THORNE(link): Yeah... You're brain will melt when you go on his channel. Speeches out of context, "CAPS LOCK BECAUSE I AM A [sic] DISABLED VIETNAM WAR VET" and hundreds of videos of crazy. Pretty funny actually.
  • SGTReport(link): A channel with every conspiracy theory you could think of.
  • SkidRowRadio(link): Formally known as oojamaflipper, this user is typically anti-western in his theories. Recent videos have included doubt at the death of Osama Bin Laden, with the theory that Osama was killed in 2001 and "put on ice" in order to boost poll ratings for an american president. He has also expressed the thought that the Fukushima nuclear incident has been covered up by the US and Japanese governments and is actually far more dangerous than they are willing to admit. SkidRowRadio also engages in the more common "Iraq and Afghanistan was for oil" conspiracy, ignoring what has been pointed out many times by many people: Afghanistan contains no oil (he has attempted to justify this by saying that the war in Afghanistan is not about oil in Afghanistan, but a plan to build a pipe-line through the country).
  • StormCloudsGathering(link): A channel about what you aren't being told and how global financial collapse and the start of WW3 are imminent.
  • Tsarnaev Trolls Twitter feed
  • freejahar(link):
  • freedzhokhar(link):
  • jaharstrong(link):
  • savetsarnaev(link):
  • justice4tsarnaev(link):
  • tsarnaevisinnocent(link):
  • bostonhoax(link):
  • freetsarnaev(link):
  • tamerlanisinnocent(link):
  • dzhokharisinnocent(link):
  • jaharisinnocent(link):
  • savetamerlan(link):
  • savedzhokhar(link):
  • savejahar(link):
  • justice4jahar(link):
  • Tsarnaevstrong(link):
  • dzhokharstrong(link):
  • tamerlanstrong(link):
  • jaharstrong(link):
  • pray4jahar(link):
  • opfreetsarnaev(link):
  • opfreedzhokhar(link):
  • bostonfalseflag(link):
  • opfreejahar(link):
  • pray4tamerlan(link):
  • pray4tsarnaev(link):
  • justice4dzhokhar(link):
  • justice4tamerlan(link):
  • pray4dzhokhar(link):
  • TruthNeverTold(link): Wake up sheeple, the financial market is going to crash any moment now so buy gold now before the NWO ban it!
  • The Vigilant Christian(link): Conspiracy theorist who thinks that everything is satanic illuminati. Everything that is wrong is the illuminati according to The Vigilant Christian. Is anti-Semitic, thinks the Marvel superheroes are evil when he completely disregards the villains such as Mephisto, thinks Batman and Superman are Marvel when they are in fact DC, and hates he hates women as proved by the video Vigilant Manhood 101 - The Satanaic Feminist Movement EXPOSED.[138]

Survivalists and doomsday-preppers[edit]

  • American Preppers Network(link):
  • 2012 Apocalypse and Planet X/Nibiru fearmongering. Is still online, in spite of the fact that, well, you know...
  • The Economic Collapse Blog(link): Survivalist wingnuttery, constant predictions of impending doom, failing at basic economics, paranoia, gold buggery, it's all here.
  • Finca Bayano(link): as featured on German broadcaster NDR in October 2016, Finca Bayano is an enterprise of German survivalist expat Stefan Mudry, that entices people to "emigrate while they can" to Panama, and uses economic collapse, civil war and travel restriction fearmongering to entice them. He claims to want to build a survivalist community of 150 people, but according to NDR the ambition is far from getting anywhere.[139]
  • Martial Law Survival(link): A plug for a book by a purported former soldier and political advisor "revealing" how the US government is soon going to institute martial law and lock tax protestors and abortion opponents up in FEMA concentration camps, as well as what said persons can do to prepare.
  • Northeast PA Polar Shift Preparedness Site(link): The world as we know it will end next year with the shifting of the magnetic poles and only a few people in Pennsylvania know. The N.E.P.A. website may help you prepare and will also explain crop circles.
  • Stansberry and Associates(link): A painfully transparent mix of economic doomsaying and pump-and-dump financial fraud. Proudly shilled for by Ron Paul and a number of far-right "news" sites.
  • StormCloudsGathering(link): A sleekly designed website layered over a survivalist and crank-laden mess that makes the average Tea Party look sane. Where World War III and the impending collapse of the economy/nation/global civilization/etc. is just around the corner, with a good helping of NWO, 9/11 trutherism, and a kitchen sink of conspiracy propaganda. Warning: clicking the link may cause one to lose hope in humanity. That said, they don't mince words when it comes to racists and neo-Nazis,[140] so there's at least one thing going for them. Also, hear all about what you're "not being told" by the "corporate media", like: The DHS has bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, the US is preparing for a coming economic crash ... by planning to put people in slave camps, and the Sarin gas in Syria in August 2013 was orchestrated by Obama in order to blame Assad so he could go to war with Syria's allies (which, of course, the site talked about before the attack even took place).
  • The Survival Zone(link):
  • Survivopedia(link): A clickbait site targeting preppers.
  • Cleve Blakemore: US expat survivalist in Australia who maintains the market leader in computerized fallout shelter management software. (It is a very, very small market sector.) Also thinks Stephen Hawking is a fraud. Suspected of trolling us via sockpuppet, not very successfully.
  • Gerald Celente: The phrase "the pornography of pessimism" was invented to describe his message. Predicted everything, especially the global meltdown and the bankruptcy of the USA which happened exactly as he predicted on... er, wait....
  • Nicole Foss (A.K.A. Stoneleigh): Moderator of The Automatic Earth website which has been continually predicting that we are on the cusp of a massive and devastating deflation (Dow Jones to 1,000, homes lose 90% of their value), each and every day since 2009.
  • Tyler Durden/Dan Ivandjiiski: Goldman Sachs is a cabal that manipulates the US economy in order to steal from everyone. Which, y'know, really doesn't sound that far off the mark ... at least until you see the extent to which this guy takes it.
  • Michael T. Snyder: The world is going to end every day since 2008...just you wait! Then Jesus is going to kick butt.


  • Adam Curry(link): Former MTV VJ, pioneering podcaster, and completely bonkers conspiracy theorist. Hangs out with notoriously inaccurate tech columnist/hack John C. Dvorak on the No Agenda podcast.
  • Catherine Fitzpatrick/Prokofy Neva(link): A long-time Second Life troll who fancies herself a protector of intellectual property rights in virtual worlds. Obsessive Red-baiter with a strong — fuck it, pathological — hatred of gift economies in general and open source software in particular (she prefers the term "technocommunism" and needless to say took it really hard when Linden Labs made the SL viewer open source[141]). Claims to have studied journalism in the Soviet Union, but doesn't seem to understand that communism and totalitarianism are not the same thing; she also seems to think the EFF and Google are part of a conspiracy to, um, make it impossible to make money on the net or something, and thinks the IETF is a totalitarian organization because it's run by consensus instead of strict democracy. She appears to fancy herself a libertarian without actually using the word, but her general presentation is overwhelmingly corporatist. [142] She has several blogs, but it suffices merely to Google her screen name or "technocommunism".
  • Eric S. Raymond(link): Selectively insane when it comes to politics, climate change, and race; largely competent in terms of software and related issues, although he has a habit of vastly overrating said expertise, to the exasperation of pretty much anyone who's worked with him.
  • Displays an unhealthy obsession with gossiping about and generally slagging and its founder, Leo LaPorte, whose only response thus far has been "trolls gonna troll". Very sexist, fat-shamey, and has what appears to be a near-stalker-level obsession with former-TWiT-now-TechCrunch reporter Sarah Lane. Probably not completely stable.
  • Dave Winer(link): Not quite a kook in the traditional sense; more of a thundering, pretentious bore who had something to do with the development of RSS, most notably the part where it's stagnated for years because Winer has basically made a hash out of the IP ownership.[143] Has had a grudge against Apple since the early 90s because they created AppleScript instead of licensing his Frontier language. Basically the Alveda King of Mac developers. His place in history is assured, but no one quite knows exactly why because Winer would claim credit for anything he's ever touched.

New Age[edit]

See the main article on this topic: New Age
  • Auroville(link): About a New Age "utopian community" that's one part Woodstock, one part Jonestown and one part Rapture from Bioshock. It's an actual place in southern India, really.
  • Earth, We Are One(link): Collects woo news, spirituality, alternative medicine, etc., and, of course, a big dose of clickbait is also included.
  • Near Death Experience and the Afterlife(link): Pseudoscientist "experts" and "resources" galore fulfill your paranoid conspiracy desires!
  • The Spiritual Catalyst(link): New Age faith healer, whose video about vaccines[144] would be pretty amusing if it wasn't for the all the other kooks who might reject life-saving vaccines for themselves and for their children thanks to her bullshit.
  • The Spirit Science(link): A prominent New Age practitioner, whose claims have been standard issue for mockery among youtubers.[145]
  • UNIFY(link): Essentially what happens when you combine flash mobs, yoga, The Secret and New Age consciousness woo.
  • The Universal Light(link): Combine metaphysics with alternative medicine and New Age bullshit and you get the "Universal Light Inc. (TUL)...a non-denominational, non-dogmatic, parapsychological and metaphysical church without walls."
  • The Venus Project(link): The web home of Jacque Fresco's "ideal" for all humanity. Imagine Auroville above with more techno-utopianism, dubious science and crankery than New Age woo.

Internet cesspools[edit]

  • EFUKT(link): A severely NSFW bordering on NSFL that hosts a list of shock porn of various degrees of disturbing. Efukt is also accompanied by a forum that rivals 4chan in being a meeting place for shit people.
  • Kiwi Farms(link): They are known for doxing people and were in the process of making a website for deadnaming trans people. They're like 8chan lite and claim they focus on "lolcows".

Wacky media[edit]

  • Daily Mail(link): Sometimes posts articles that aren't made-up bullshit. All such articles are plagiarised from other news sources; find and use those.
  • The Sun(link):
  • The Express(link):
  • Sagacious News Network(link): Despite promoting humongous conspiracy theories, it does have genuinely interesting articles. Its main problem is that nearly all of its articles are citations from other sites. If you stumble across actual interesting stuff on the site it's always good to read the thing that is being cited instead.

Pro-Pedophilia/Child sexual abuse[edit]

See the main articles on this topic: Pedophilia and Child sexual abuse

  • BoyWiki(link): A pro-pedophilia activist wiki.
  • Egomoral(link): A pro-pedophile and pro-Zoophile site.
  • Heretic TOC(link). British pro-paedophile blog by a former chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange.
  • IPCE(link): Formerly known as International Pedophile and Child Emancipation. Pro-pedophilia/pederasty organization.
  • NAMBLA: The North American Man/Boy Love Association.
  • SafeHaven Foundation(link). Pro-pedophilia/pederasty site.

Sometimes site, sometimes shite[edit]

  • Alexandra Blue(link): Gender egalitarian who is the member of a men's group at her university. When she's sometimes good, she's allowing feminists to be involved with that men's group at her university, so the group can be a place of open discussion, and doesn't mind if people use the term feminist as well as refusing to mention the name of the radical anti-feminist group that attacked the Men's Group she was a part of out fear of them receiving harassment, thus placing her to be one of the far more respectable members of the anti-feminist movement. When she's shit, however, she's involved in Skeptorr's cringe worthy and morally disgusting video "An Apology to All Men" which was a response to two equally cringe worthy "An Apology to All Women" videos. Has a video on her channel entitled "Women in the West are NOT oppressed" where she then proceeds to spew the same anti-feminist talking points. Friends of BASSFZz, a fundamentalist Christian who had a problem with evolution
  • AlterNet(link): Tends to endorse GMO hysterics and has dabbled in anti-corporate/anti-capitalist conspiracies.
  • Anthony Fantano (as theneedledrop)(link): Internet music reviewer who dislikes "SJWs" due to his perception that they are in favour of censorship.[146] The catalyst for his anti-SJW views appears to have been when rapper Tyler, The CreatorWikipedia's W.svg was banned from entering the UK in August 2015.[147] Additionally, Fantano has featured Sargon of Akkad on his podcast,[148] has been a guest in several of Sargon's livestreams,[149][150][151] and appeared in The Amazing Atheist's "Questions white men have for SJWs" video where he suggested SJWs should drink bleach.[152] There is also his #RESIST video series, where he mocks anti-capitalists.[153] Fantano's view on "SJW" being pejorative became unclear when one of his fans asked him why he was such an "SJW vegan pussy", to which Fantano responded "because my parents raised me right."[154] To his credit, he has refuted terrible arguments from those on the right, such as Paul Joseph Watson.[155] He has also been supportive of Black Lives Matter,[156] and respectful of not saying the n-word, even in the context of an album title.[157]
  • Buzzfeed(link): Pioneer of those horrible faux-nostalgia articles that reference scented markers and orange VHS tapes.[158] Purportedly liberal, the news items are all ripped from other sites, with major factual error attached, leading to some embarrassing retractions. When they're good, they make videos such as, If You've Been Bullied, You're Not Alone.[159] They also make pop feminism videos of varying quality with a comedic tone (that are often the targets of antifeminist YouTubers).
  • Cato Institute(link):
  • Has published some hypocritical and egotistical opinion pieces and occasionally oversimplifies or misrepresents historical or scientific studies.
  • Common Dreams(link): A progressive independent news and aggregate site with a variety of articles and links. On the other hand, it's also "progressive" in a very similar manner to Truthout and OpEdNews, with a habit of including (and attracting) a number of writers from the crankier and more hardline/radical sides of the left wing. Read very selectively.
  • Gad Saad(link): Canadian evolutionary psychology professor of Lebanese Jewish descent. He deflects criticism of Israel and the crimes in the occupied territories and berates those who bring up Israeli abuses. He lies against Noam Chomsky by saying that Chomsky never calls out Islamic extremism... turns out Chomsky called out Islamic extremism in at least four interviews and denounced Saudi Arabia as the hub of Islamic extremism[160]. Also, Saad holds libertarian/conservative pundits like Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Robert Spencer, Paul Joseph Watson, and Milo Yiannopoulos in high regard while repeatedly bashing Glenn Greenwald and Bill Nye the Science Guy.
  • Gazi Kodzo(link): A crackpot black nationalist YouTube vlogger who sometimes makes good videos about the issues African Americans face while promoting black owned businesses, on the other hand he's an antisemite and is against interracial dating, not to mention that his antipathy against white people is extreme enough that he consider them biologically inferior. Is friends with Sensei Aishitemasu, despite the fact that the latter holds more mainstream intersectional feminist views. Is also a supporter of North Korea and Fidel Castro’s Cuba.
  • GOPLifer(link): Blog of Chris Ladd, a liberal Republican. Has published neoconservative leaning opinion pieces, occasionally red-baits social democracy, and has such a frothing hatred of Bernie Sanders that he goes into semi-wingnut territory whenever he's brought up, possibly to support the idea that Sanders is "just as crazy" as the GOP. Still probably by far one of the best blogs run by a Republican, especially when it comes to political analysis and domestic issues, just be cautious of foreign policy pieces (to be fair Ladd basically admits as much as well).
  • Harmful Opinions(link) A YouTube ranter that is somewhat oddball, since he's both critical of feminism and men's rights activists. At best you can expect truly mind-blowing reasoning, at worst you can expect logical errors and arguments that don't make sense. Approach his content with caution and a big dose of skepticism.
  • Huffington Post(link): Arianna Huffington's site has a lot of good news and political content, albeit with an annoying tendency toward progressive orthodoxy (read: U.S. Democratic Party) despite Arianna's having supported Ralph Nader in 2000. On the other hand, the site is full of alt-med woo and New Age nuttery, and the occasional vaccine denialism. Read selectively.
  • Jaclyn Glenn(link): Female Atheist and MRA apologist who has multiple times criticized Feminism. Jumped on the Elliot Rodger "mental illness" bandwagon. Former buddy of The Amazing Atheist. In her video against Kim Davis, plagiarized Theoretical Bullshit's points almost note for note and word for word. Perhaps not quite as bad as some other entries on this list, she does also make legitimate criticisms of religion, holds some pro-feminist views (often in the context of religious chauvinism) and is a very vocal supporter of LGBT rights. Your call.
  • Created as attempt at being the Huffington Post for the Occupy Wall Street crowd, it takes pride in promoting alternative media and viewpoints from activists though it's not formally endorsed by the movement's main players. On the other hand, similarly to its inspiration the site has an increasingly prevalent tendency to promote woo and crank-laden ideas (including oddly enough the moonbat variants of Monsanto and NWO conspiracies) as said "alternative viewpoints" along with aggregating more dubious sources alongside legitimate media outlets. As a result, it just teeters on replicating the same mistakes Truthout made. Read very selectively.
  • OpEdNews(link): Has endorsed conspiracies and antiscientific woo.
  • openDemocracy(link): A self-described "digital commons" based in the United Kingdom, whose tagline is "Free thinking for the world." As a debate floor of sorts for international politics, culture and other issues, it provides various articles and opinion pieces from academics, policymakers, journalists and the occasional activist that cover the political spectrum. That said, its professed pluralism can depend considerably on one's biases and has been criticized by some media outlets for providing voices for less worthwhile viewpoints. Thus at times, it can come across as Comment is Free for the intelligentsia if you're not careful.
  • PMRants(link): A youtube ranter and best buddy of Libertarian Socialist rants, though not nearly as political. While being generally very anti-fascist, anti-authoritarian and of considerable influence, there were moments when he was acted like an idiot, such as during the incident with PewDiePie getting suspended in early 2017 because of his anti-Semitic comments, where he defended it by saying that its a joke.
  • Rassemblement du Peuple Français(link): Has its fair share of biases (such as anti-americanism), but filled with people that fully understand Gaullism and have insightful commentary on how the current political movements represent their beliefs.
  • Reason(link): "Free minds and free markets", plays the moderate cosmopolitan libertarian counter to Lew Rockwell's radical paleo-libertarianism. Like Rockwell, makes a point of standing on principle and so both Rockwell and Reason are largely devoid of the corporate astroturf that dominates other so-called libertarian sites. Unlike Rockwell, Reason is pro-choice, pro-gay etc. and doesn't hold much truck for quacks, Christian fundamentalists, and woo-meisters. Not without serious problems of its own: chief among them a tendency to veer into neoconservatism, and another being the open comments format is a hive of nastiness.
  • Reddit(link): A massive social media site that has attracted a fair bit of cranks and extremists of all stripes who create their own "subreddits" to promote their wacky views.
  • Shoe0nhead (June Nicole)(link): Egalitarian atheist from New York. Is known for making videos attacking feminism, most commonly the pay gap, in spite of the fact that she only bases that argument based on white men to white women and doesn't even regard the other races. In a relationship with the Armoured Skeptic. She also has less-than-cordial relationship with the MGTOW movement. But she's a woman though so she passes. Has a openly spoken out against anti-feminists who make video responses targeted towards small channels and displayed horror when the Satiratician made a video response to a 13-year-old girl.
  • Wooly Bumblebee(link): A YouTuber vlogger who claims to be sympathetic towards social justice activists. However, she has in the past made disparaging remarks about trans women, fat shamed and harassed feminist vloggers.
  • Truthout(link): Has had embarrassing articles that claim to tell the reader what the mainstream wouldn't.
  • TV Tropes(link): Generally very funny and insightful; just try to stay abreast of the flame wars, childish antics of people who have nothing better to do than hate fandoms, and the psychotic mods, which used to get really mad if you were critical of Lady Gaga.
  • Utne Reader(link): Has endorsed antivaccine hysteria and food woo.
  • The Young Turks(link): Famous for its often scathing criticisms of corruption and bigotry in politics, as well as their attempts to curb money in politics after the Citizens United ruling. Gained fame for being one of the only news commentary outlets that spoke out against the Iraq War before it began, and consistently criticizes Democrats as much as Republicans (which notably put one of their hosts in trouble when he worked with MSNBC). However, it has a lot of frankly frivolous entertainment content jammed into the second hour that you might wanna skip. It also generated controversy because of its shared name with the perpetrators of the Armenian GenocideWikipedia's W.svg and that Cenk Uygur, co-founder of The Young Turks, wrote an op-ed in 1991 where he denied the Armenian genocide.[161][162] He has retracted those words in April 2016, but has never conceded a genocide did occur, only that he does not know enough to comment on it.[163] TYT has hypocritically released videos criticising the Washington RedskinsWikipedia's W.svg because their name is offensive to native Americans.[164][165]

General head scratchers[edit]

  • Against Xristos(link): (Warning:NSFW): If "I Am the Walrus" were a website, it would be this. An educated guess of the site's central thesis would be that there's a conspiracy to hide Christ's real name, which is christoV [sic]. There's numerology, something to do with how cherubs are painted, asian ladies' faces, that Jesus should be Christov not Christ, and then Baphomet... something about transgender people and the devil... Judaism... yin-yang? Wisconsin? Allah? Goo-goo-g'joob!
  • Age of Shitlords(link): Could be legitimate right-wing anti-feminist webshite, could be satire [166]. Who knows.
  • Amaqula(link): Islamo-paranoid, Pro-Catholic wingnut that's too much of a Thomas Woods fan for her own good. Spouts claims such as (but not limited to): that "Secular Society" will fall to Islamification due to a "Decreasing Demographic," that contraception usage is genocide, that the Knights Templar should be brought back and other assorted cookery.
It all boils down to one thing though: in her mind, Europe needs to return to the days of being under a CATHOLIC STATE (in all caps, just as shown.), which she claims is not a theocracy , just that the Pope/Vatican would have the final say in "Moral Matters" (er, what do we call this again? Oh right... A theocracy) . Known for posting her rather boring and uninspiring videos as video responses to more popular videos (most of which have little to do with religion or politics at all) in a very thinly veiled attempt to leach off the popularity of the video's she's "responding" to. Also suspected of using a sockpuppet account called MsCATHOLICSTATE. Thankfully these users are extremely disliked by YouTube in general, as even most Catholics don't want anything to do with either of them. Would be passed off as a simple YouTube troll, but has been known to comment on other sites in order to spout the same message.
  • The Anti-Media(link): Nick Bernabe's "alternative media" site, flipflopping between Tea Party-style and Indymedia UK-style ideas. Though it tries not to be as obvious as Infowars (emphasis on tries), this self-professed ode to "grass-roots journalism" has quite a lot of hatred for Monsanto and the mainstream media while linking to other similarly "alternative" pages, including a Truther news site.
  • Brett Keane(link): One of the first notable YouTube atheists. However, he has a history of malicious behavior on YouTube, consisting of getting banned for doc-dropping, plagiarizing a poem, contradicting himself about beating his wife, and filing false DMCAs against users who are critical of him. And now claims to be a Christian.
  • Chris Bores(link): Has a massive ego and has made pseudoscientific claims in the past to satiate it. In his book Ghost Hunting 2.0: Breaking New Ground, a book that is supposed to be about ghost hunting, he claims at the end of it to have developed a whole new branch of psychology. He has also been accused of antisemitism for how he portrayed Jews on his famous Irate Gamer Show.
  • CinemaSins(link): Make piss-poor reviews of with their "Everything Wrong with" series. Claims their series is a joke, but as illustrated on the CinemaSins Jeremy channel, most of the unfunny "jokes" made on the CinemaSins own channel are also made on Jeremy's channel. It seems like they don't even bother watching the movies before giving sins for them. Often make claims such as "There's no gravity in space." Channels like Shaun and Jen and bobvids made videos debunking them. Collaborated with Sargon of Akkad in 2014 in his video, "Everything Wrong with Feminism".
  • Citizens for the Ten Commandments(link): Weird fundamentalist screeds from someone named Yerranos, whose bizarre beliefs include that "democracy is a broad extension of atheism."
  • Collective Evolution: website(link) and Facebook(link): A clickbait website that loves nothing more than misleading its readers.
  • Ed and .org(link): Anti-evolutionist loon who seems to think that anything associated with the Smithsonian is inherently evil, also a 9/11 truther and crank who's ideas regarding life after death make many fundies look sane in comparison. (Also a Usenet spammer).
  • The Emerson Avenger(link): A guy who rails against Unitarian Universalism in a manner akin to Ken DeMeyer's railing against atheism.
  • Russ Ewert(link): Completely obsessed with a calender of his own creation. He claims that if the world switched to it there would be world peace. On various conspiracy sites he trolls threads to insert comments about his calendar that are typically completely off topic. He occasionally purports himself to be a new messiah, having recently started using the moniker Pope Russ or Pope Russell.
  • Encyclopædia Dramatica(link): Used to be a cesspool, but ever since the original creator, who hates what the site became, attempted to turn it into Oh! Internet, which almost killed the site, most of those have left leaving only a select few editors that were more interested in the cataloguing of internet drama. It could have been a great source for your daily dose of internet news, but unfortunately the editors seem more interested in making everything and everyone look bad and adding porn everywhere rather than engaging in any form of objective cataloguing whatsoever. It's bad at what it's trying to do and unless you're a fan of hentai, hardcore porn and dumb cynical humor you should stay away from it.
  • Fables of an Adjacent Reality(link): Geez, how can this one even be described? It's... this page... full of cartoon images... which link to other pages... containing rambling screeds about various contemporary societal issues such as the death penalty and the prospect of alien life... which in turn link to even more pages. Don't even bother trying to make sense of it. Could be a Poe.
  • Face to Face(link): Obsessed with the idea that the libtards, fags, feminazis, beta males, and (especially) Jews have cowed us all into a life-denying "cocooning" culture, or something. He's also big on "human biodiversity" and appears to regard the 1980s as the Golden Age and apogee of American civilization.
  • Robert W. Felix IceAgeNow(link) and EvolutionaryLeaps(link): Everything is caused by magnetic fields and cosmic rays. Vast amounts of pseudoscience, woo, and conspiracy theories.
  • The Flat Earth Society(link):
  • The Freedom Association(link): The British equivalent of the Tea Party crowd!
  • Guitaoist(channel link): An astrologer who makes videos that are enthusiastic of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, while twisting in astrological, spiritual, psychic, and in general pseudoscientific and pseudophilosophical views to Nietzsche. The majority of his videos are intellectually dishonest. He also talks about Emerson, Joyce, and Jung. He blocks people who criticize and disagree with him.
  • Haig Report(link): Some Australian guy rants about the University of Queensland, the police, feminism, Coles and mercury poisoning among other things. As the website that owed its name to Haig's Law, the design suggests the owner might have ate a kaleidoscope and vomitted on his computer monitor, and he nothing less than confesses to possessing a skull deformity.
  • Heyruka(link): Conservative (generally) vlogger who has taken up the mantle of "race realism". Also has a slight tendency to NOT read the sources she references, leading to lulz.
  • Victor Ivanoff(link): Formerly a reasonably sane commenter on atheist boards; went absolutely nuts after "Elevatorgate" and started to viciously and obsessively attack PZ Myers, Rebecca Watson, and other bloggers he doesn't like (including us).[167] Probably an MRA; definitely batshit insane and possibly Australia's answer to Dennis Markuze, or perhaps the Peter Joseph to Markuze's Alex Jones. Runs a blog called Grey Lining (no link—hate speech rule) where he rants obsessively about the targets of his rage. His rather masturbatory behavior has been named "hoggling"[168] by the people he ridicules.
  • GhostPolitics(link): Alias: True Capitalist Radio, True Conservative Radio, PoliticsGhost. An all-around crank, Ghost spews racist, sexist, Islamophobic, and homophobic garbage to a bunch of trolls and people who laugh at him interracting with them TENS of THOUSANDS of capitalists THROUGHOUT DA WURRRRRRRLD! He also dabbles in conspiracy-mongering (particularly ones involving "international bankers", Hilldebeest, WWIII being juuuuuust around the corner, HAARP, and denialism of the existence of space (No, seriously.).), transphobia, Brony-hating, fat-shaming, and generally being a massive scumbag. He has been known to give out numbers of callers on air, hang up on callers for "sounding fruity", and treat his few honest fans like trash. For a small-time podcaster, he has been the centre of a surprising amount of drama, including dox-wars amongst his fans.
  • Keemstar (as Drama Alert)(link): Covers news stories without going into details about those stories. Said an innocent old man playing video games was someone who was still in prison. His apology video got several dislikes. This video, perfectly describes him.[169]Also runs a podcast channel called "Baited!". The content of this channel consits of him, and two co-hosts, discussing current and previous Internet drama. Keemstar is known for blocking people on twitter because they don't agree with him, as well as making rash decisions and not thinking about the things he says before he says them[170] Is infamous for livestreaming a rant in which he called a man named Alex a "nigger" several times, which eventually became an internet meme.
  • Kids and Teens for Satan(link): No, REALLY.
  • LeafyIsHere(link): Youtube commentator who makes videos of himself reacting to videos whilst playing the "surf" gamemode on Counter Strike Global Offensive. Garnered negative attention when he did a video on TommyNC2010, calling him a cancer of the internet, in spite of the fact that Tommy had Autism. Forced to make a public apology, mainly just to save face, which even Tommy's buddy, Joe Cronin, called out as untrue as months before Leafy made the video, he commented on a video from OfficialDuckStudios where he called Tommy autistic. Granted both Leafy and Duck apologized saying they had no idea, but that doesn't forgive the rest of Leafy's videos, including one so "gracefully" called HOW TO NOT GET RAPED BY EVERYONE YOU EVER MEET.[171] Leafy was also revealed to have refused to promote or substantially pay people who contributed to his videos.
  • The Local Group(link): Page after page of novel length discussion of immortality virii, how to make millions and what the Illuminati really are. Pure whackadoodle.
  • Karol Florian Madera(link): Schizophrenic Canadian amateur radio operator who bills himself as "Radio Canada." He operates a station on the high-frequency radio bands and makes it his aim to slander U.S. citizens nearly every day over the airwaves. He has threatened the U.S. ambassador to Canada and a 13-year-old boy from Minnesota, expressed hopes that someone would deploy roadside bombs against Americans, and stated he would give Al-Qaeda aid and comfort. Mr. Madera also has a website that slanders those he identifies as his enemies, most of whom are American amateur radio operators.
  • The Mind Unleashed website(link) and Facebook(link): The Mind Unleashed encourages people to open and free their minds, which going by what they post means to abandon skepticism, critical thinking and embrace pseudoscience and fantasy instead.
  • New World Encyclopedia(link): A Moonie encyclopedia.
  • Nuwaubianism(link): Kooksite archiving the remnants of Dwight York's bizarre cult.
  • Orgy of the Will(link): The pseudo-philosophical social Darwinist far-right screed of Anthony Zyrmpas, a mentally ill narcissist[172] who has quite possibly mangled Nietzsche worse than anyone ever has ever. He scams people under the guise of making a videogame, which he has absolutely no idea how to do.[173]
  • Quantonics(link): Homepage of a new form of economics that is based on quantum... something-something. Holograms... Keynesian is evil... destroy the fed... Oh, hell, we don't know.
  • Pupinia Stewart(link): Is an obvious act who continues to make videos pretending how she's a complete dumbass despite outing herself as an obvious act, especially a video where she said that Onision doesn't deserve the hate he's been getting. Wants to marry and date Donald Trump despite him being 69 and despite Pupinia being only 18. Believes feminism is women earning more money than men and says that she wants that, despite occasionally yelling at feminists.
  • Sam Pepper(link): Internet "prankster" who got called out in 2014 for pinching women's butts on the street's, which is less a prank and more sexual harassment. As a response, Laci Green created a petition to kick him off of YouTube. Is known as to be a pathological liar as in 2016 during an interview with Keemstar, he admitted that the pranks were fake and that he hired actors to perform them, thus making the people involved with the prank just as bad as he was as his videos say that it's okay to harass people on the streets.
  • Riding the Tiger(link): "A guide to survival in turbulent times". In reality, a right-wing radical traditionalist website with racist and homophobic propaganda. Articles defending monarchism and Juche, and against democracy. Seriously, the most pressing threats in the world include...Esperanto and Baha'i? The editors of the website are suspected to have accepted payment from the Chinese and Iranian governments to push pro-Chinese and pro-Iranian views.
  • Thought Catalog(link):
  • Time Cube(link): The jewel of the clogosphere. Perhaps the craziest and most incoherent website ever created. A severe paranoid schizophrenic rambles on for pages and pages and pages about time being cubic and the Earth undergoing four simultaneous 24 hour days during a single axial rotation. Or something. College debating societies have invited him to campus to serve as target practice. If you only read one of websites listed here, read this one. It's much, much funnier than we made it sound just now.
  • François Tremblay(link): With his partner Alison "Hellbound Alleee" Randall, created Insolitology(link), a collection of Internet kooks. Tremblay would be a skeptical ally except for his out-of-control seething contempt for anyone who isn't an anarchist like him (among other things, he openly advocates boycotting voting, which seems a little counterproductive from a getting-things-done standpoint; he has also in the past been a global warming denier). Apart from his non-forum writings, which can be quite interesting, he's best left alone; however, he can be a very persistent flame warrior on discussion fora. He's also very strongly feminist, if a bit too second-wave (he's thrown in with the transphobe radfems), so that's working in his favor at least.
  • Donald Trump(link): 45th President of the United States. At one point was a Democrat, but is now a Republican, probably because it benefits him financially. Said he wants to build a wall around Mexico to keep them out and wants to get rid of the Muslims. Uncertain how much of what he says he actually believes, as he's not set into his beliefs, unlike Ted Cruz who is a far right wing fundamentalist Christian to the teeth. Sometimes he says we should get our troops out of Syria and other times he says we should commit war crimes. Is known for contradicting himself. Said he didn't agree with Kim Davis being sent to jail but also said that the decision of the Supreme Court must be upheld, despite not being against Davis herself.
  • Truthloader(link): A channel bringing investigative and citizen journalism together that's run by British media group ITN. But as its stated goal is also to cover things the media either ignore or don't touch, it also covers quite a good deal of conspiracy theories and fringe woo. The resulting can come across like a hipper, diluted version of RT, where legitimate news clashes with both amateur journalist fodder and features involving UFOs, Alex Jones, etc.
  • Webmaster of the Internet(link): Has something to do with, er, parents creating children for the purpose of dying and not telling them, and, er, Google's Adsense commercials for diamond rings funding immortality research, but beyond that is completely indecipherable.
  • WorthlessLoser8(link): Formerly variablast, but that channel was turned into a community channel (and was later deleted by his ex-girlfriend), shared with a number of other users, and Niggeritarian (a channel that was suspended). White man who a while back decided to take a stand for "name freedom" (the right to change your name to absolutely anything, as part of your free speech) by changing his legal name to "Mister Radical Fuckcensorship Supernigger Nigger." He later expanded this into a campaign to reclaim the word "nigger" by redefining it to mean both (as a noun) "human" and (as a verb) "to reclaim a word," believing that doing so would help to reduce racial tensions. While actually fairly intelligent,Do You Believe That? he seems to be willing to put far more effort into such an activity than its actually worth, and has succeeded largely in alienating a huge number of people who were previously his fans.
  • William Tapley(link): Either he is a batshit insane purveyor of some of the furthest-out-there claims regarding eschatology and prophecy or he is a brilliant parodist of the same who has convinced a lot of viewers that he really believes this bullshit. His video series is titled Revelation Unraveled. In these videos, he stands in front of a green screen showing various bucolic scenes and delivers some of the most head-scratching analogies regarding modern events that you will ever hear. His appearance is quite striking: white hair and whiskers; an assortment of Cardigan sweaters; and a fuckin' big gold crucifix around his neck. It all makes him look like one of those Catholic priests who tries to look like Santa Claus so that little Johnny and/or Janey will be more willing to follow him into the rectory for a "treat." Also calls himself "The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" and "The Co-Prophet of the End Times." Has a remarkable knack for spotting phallic symbols supposedly hidden everywhere by the forces of Satan.
  • xxxThePeachxxx(link): Biracial YouTube vlogger who struck it big with her well-spoken commentary on social issues like atheism, abortion, prostitution and racism. Unfortunately, she has a tendency to misunderstand what radical feminism is, conflating feminists in general with TERFs and has a dodgy at best understanding of hate speech laws rather ironically preferring a "frozen peach" argument against them. When pressed, she reverts to evasive fixed action positions.


  • Liberty Prime (@libertyb0ss)(link): Twitter account whose sole purpose is that he is a, "40ft tall Patriot of these United States, my hobbies are Freedom, Liberation of the oppressed, and crushing communism until it is long forgotten."[174][175] Thinks Donald Trump is a joke and isn't a threat to the American people. Believes in the punishment of social justice warriors and thinks that if people can't handle jokes, then they're skin is too thin.[176][177] Hopes that Milo Yiannapolous is his future husband. He has changed his Twitter name to "I m meme".
  • Landover Baptist Church(link): Where the Worthwhile Worship.
  • Weekly World News(link): Although in this case it's not so much that they're full of misinformation, it's more that you're stupid enough to believe it's real.
  • ChristWire(link): Although in this case it's not so much that they're full of misinformation, it's more that you're stupid enough to believe it's real.

Various internet kooks and internet trolls[edit]

  • Ahmet Cosar: Operator of early Usenet spambot "Serdar Argic"; went on a mad spam frenzy in 1994 pushing anti-Armenian hatred, accusing the Armenians of perpetuating a genocide on Turks and Azeris.
  • Don Black
  • Eric Dondero: A nuke-the-Middle East Republican fanatic who thinks he is a libertarian. This particular bundle of contradictions is actually not all that uncommon, but Dondero is hyperactive about spamming every Internet forum imaginable with his barely-coherent wingnuttery. He attacks big-L Libertarians for not being pro-war, libertarian-leaning Democrats for not being Republicans, anti-war Republicans for not being real Republicans, and his former boss, Ron Paul (who fired him), for just about everything. Following Barack Obama's 2012 re-election, Dondero pledged to never again speak to any Democrat or anyone he suspected of sympathizing with Democrats, and urged his followers to immediately divorce Democratic spouses, disown any and all family members and friends who are Democrats, and quit their jobs if their bosses are Democrats. Dondero also stated that he frequently asks supermarket cashiers what "EBT" means, so when they reply that it's a government assistance program, he can loudly berate them for accepting welfare recipients.[178]
  • David Duke
  • Jason Gastrich: Obsessive Biblical inerrantist with a knack for not going away when ordered. Shoot-on-sight banned at Wikipedia. Was given a trial unbanning and managed to get himself rebanned that very same day for sockpuppetry.[179]
  • Milton Kleim: Early promoter of neo-Nazism on Usenet who later renounced racism.
  • Guy McPherson: A hard green blogger and sort of watered-down American Pentti Linkola (or bizarro-world Bjorn Lomborg), McPherson is a professor emeritus of biology who argues that nothing should be done about global warming ... because civilization is already doomed (and he seems to think civilization deserves it anyway). Does no research, apart from cherry-picking other people's work.
  • Robert McElwaine: Evangelist for Eckankar, as well as a follower of Cold War conspiracy whackjob Dr. Peter Beter and the village idiot of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Known for ARBITRARY capitalization and Usenet spam; died in 2008.
  • Ray Martinez: Self-described "Old Earth/Young Biosphere Protestant Evangelical Creationist-Designist." Troll at as well as the CvE forums and other creationist websites. Tried his hand at Conservapedia for a while but took his ball and went home after his particular brand of wingnuttery was found to be unacceptable. Believes that the Bible is innerrant, that the Great Pyramid is a physical representation of the Bible, that Atlantis exists in the Atlantic Ocean and that its existence is proven by the fact that eels return to the Atlantic to spawn. Has been on the verge of publishing a paper that will demolish Darwinism for about 5–7 years now. All questions that seem to undermine his arguments will be answered in his paper. A Ray Martinez Dictionary is available to translate his various positions.
  • Diana Napolis: (Internet handle Karen "Curio" Jones) Ex-therapist who believes there is a vast Satanic conspiracy attempting to cover up widespread ritual abuse. Known for harassing psychologist Elizabeth Loftus on-line and spent a year in jail for stalking Hollywood celebrities.
  • Frank O'Collins: Runs an obscure Australia-based cult-like group UCADIA which hosts dozens of websites promoting his views. His sites ramble on about the corrupt "Roman system" of law, banks and courts. The atrocities of the "Roman cult" (aka the modern Catholic Church), and how the creation of the "The United States of Spirits The Covenant of the United States of Spirits" brought an end to a long-lasting war in heaven between angels and demons, as well as the destruction of Hell. Um... yeah.
  • Paul Parnitzke: Uses the pseudonym 'Paul Vogel'; cosmotheist; blind fanatic; regularly projects his own behaviors onto others; pathological affinity for the word 'ilk'; got banned from wikipedia for persistent POV-pushing.
  • Jack Sarfatti: A PhD physicist and Geller-gawker in the 70s, a flat out loony on Usenet in the 90s. Once accused PZ Myers of being a self-loathing Jew[180] because PZ's last name is Myers and PZ does not support the Israeli government, which is weird, because PZ isn't actually Jewish and doesn't seem to have any major self-image problems.[181]
  • "Thrinaxodon": Internet loon who is known for boasting "Devonian human origins" nonsense. Similar to Ed Conrad(link). Born in 1930. Declares himself to be the "ultimate troll". He's apparently appeared on RW a couple of times.
  • Frank R. Wallace: The now-deceased promoter of Neo-Tech.
  • Sanford Wallace: The king of Internet spam (and proud of it, apparently).
  • JTEM: JTEM'S Tumblr JTEM is a Usenet troll known for pushing fringe science on matters of paleoanthropology. He also thinks of himself as superior to virtually everyone in the universe, thus he possesses a mean narcissistic streak as well as being a believer in fringe science on matters of paleoanthropology. Has appeared on several times. He is known for being a big asshole as well, as if that's a surprise.
  • Peter Nyikos: Paranoid Usenet poster who frequents He is a firm believer in Directed Panspermia as well as his belief that taxonomy has been "tainted" by cladistics. Its not so much for his beliefs as the way he acts. He frequently attacks other Usenet posters, believes he is the subject of nonexistent persecution and is all-around mentally unhinged. Seriously, just look up "Peter Nyikos" on Google Groups and see what I mean.

See also[edit]

  • Poe's Law: Lists some parody webshites
  • Badger's Law: websites that contain "truth" in their name or URL do not contain truth in their content
  • Fake news: Many webshites that exploit the echo chamber for fun and profit

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