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The polar bear (ursus capraphagus autoiakius) is a left handed (properly 'left pawed') quadrupedal liberal beast. Its liberality can be determined by observing its propensity for grand theft auto and also eating goats.

These traits are exclusively demonstrated in QED.

It should be noted that these same habits (car jacking; goat consumption) are frequently symptomatic of conservative tendencies.

It has not been determined where polar bears stand vis a vis evolution/ID/creationism and much research is underway to establish their stance and thus their position on the Communist baby eater / Fascist infant beater spectrum.

The 'Friday rule' obliges orthodox polar bears to fast on Tuesdays but they may, if given dispensation by the earthly representative of their deity der Heimschulermeisterobersturmbanführer eat any shrimp patè or raisin bread found unattended.