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I would do it in a boat,
I would do it with a

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Shall I compare thee
to a summer's day?

Nominally a 'day of the week' Tuesday is the major festival in goat oriented worship. On this day goats are fed on shrimp patè and raisin bread and allowed to wander in the sure knowledge that polar bears are obeying the Friday rule and will not prey (pray?) on them on this sacred day. This leads to Tuesday being known (in goatish circles) as Smofishday a contraction of Smells o' fish day.

Notable Tuesdays[edit]

Tuesday 14th August 1894:

Uniquely, fell on a Thursday.

Tuesday 29th January 1427:

Marks the beginning of the camel rebellion in Uzbekistan. As Uzbekistan did not yet exist this has been described as an "unorthodox Tuesday" incident and is not referred to in the Calendar of Utrecht

Tuesday in popular culture[edit]

  • In the fictional Star Trek "universe", according to the seventh movie Generations, most major systems are installed in Starfleet wessels on Tuesdays.
  • Tuesday's Gone
  • Tuesday Weld
  • Ruby Tuesday(s)
  • Solomon Grundy (not the Batman villain, the nursery rhyme character the Batman villain was named after) was christened on a Tuesday

"Built on Tuesday"[edit]

If you buy a car, you want one built on a Tuesday. Blue Monday is not a good day to build cars — the older workers are hung over and not quite awake, and the younger ones have no serotonin left. Wednesday is "hump day", and who wants a car with humps? That would be called a camel. Thursday is the run up to the weekend and many workers are drunk again, hungover, or chipping. Friday, if anyone even bothers to turn up, is payday, and the workers are more concerned with getting to the bank, and buying drugs for the weekend, than "building cars". QED.

See you next Tuesday[edit]

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