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 Joined 27 December 2007
 RationalWiki account Human
 Edited own article? Yes [1]

Human is an active member of Wikipedia (under his real name). He is also an active member of Conservapedia, which monitors Wikipedia.[1] Human is also an active member of RationalWiki, which monitors Conservapedia. He is also an active member of RationalWikiWiki which monitors RationalWiki. He is also also an active contibutor to RationalWikiWikiWiki which monitors RationalWikiWiki. So in effect he is monitoring himself monitoring himself monitoring himself monitoring himself. We do not know what this means but it may cause him to go blind.


  1. When he's not blocked. The latest Schlaflyhammering slowed him down until the summer of 2009, but before this block expired, Terry Koeckritz blocked him for good.