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It really isn't!

RationalWiki has its own (unofficial) Facebook group, occupied by goat-worshiping revisionist Commie degenerates fine outstanding rational folks, that spend their days arguing with MRAs, ancaps and anti-GMO dipshits discussing science and debunking crankery. Although the wiki and the Facebook page are related, it's safe to say that the Facebook page has taken on a life of its own, and become a separate but related entity.

(We also have an official RationalWiki Facebook page, but it's much calmer. Attracts a lot of casual readers. And a RationalMedia Foundation page, which is as dull as it should be.)

Facebook is not MediaWiki[edit]

Compared to the wiki, the Facebook group administration tools are completely pants. So various wiki conventions — engage as fruitfully as possible with idiots, admin everyone, go light on the ban-hammer, etc. — just don't translate well to the new place. As such, we've decided to give fascism a chance. Even this is only just enough to keep the shite down to tolerable levels. Don't let the macros scare you off: RW:FB is conducive to good discussion.

The rules post: tl;dr Don't be a dick. People are not kickbanned lightly, but they are kickbanned decisively. Kickbanning offences include gross racism, sexism and sufficiently obnoxious trolling. Being a sufficiently tedious idiot will get you kicked but not banned (the first time).

In general, we hold that if you're in fear of being kicked from a group that kicks out racists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, idiots and general arseholes, the problem is with you.

Just change your name to Chris[edit]

One of the many Christophers on RW Facebook. Truly sinister stuff indeed

There may be no cabal, but there sure as fuck are a LOT of people named Chris. I mean, like a fuck-ton of people. Seriously.

Every. Bloody. Day.

Jesus, not another bloody MRA/ancap/racist/anti GMO fucknut[edit]

On RationalWiki Facebook, any post starting off with MRA, libertarian, racist, TERFs, intactivist (foreskin), or anti-GMO talking points will result in a thread with at least 500 posts.

The most persistent butthurt seems to radiate from people upset RationalWiki doesn't buy into their bullshit.

When all reason and coherent thought in a thread is quite definitely dead, the remains are likely to be desecrated with image macros, tear drinking, LANCBing, playing everyone's favorite drinking game and, of course, misandry.

The lexicon[edit]

As well as wiki terms, here are some unique to the Facebook group:

  • bert - Affectionate[citation NOT needed] term for libertarian. There is no Ernie.
  • BLATANT MISANDRY - anything that might annoy fedora'd dudebros.
  • C4MB - Christians for Michele Bachmann, a local favourite.
  • Chris cabal - everyone is called Chris. You might be too.
  • Gulag - where threads and posters in need of correction go for an extended recuperative visit.
  • tankie - Stalin apologist. (We get enough we have a word for them.)
  • Top lel - The highest class of Leughing Eut Leud.

Sibling groups[edit]

And now that you know[edit]

Have fun, and join the rest of the leftist man-haters and discuss your goat fetish with us!

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