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Red Dwarf is a British science fiction sitcom created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. It follows a 23rd century mining ship whose entire crew - apart from Dave Lister who went into stasis and his pregnant cat Frankenstein who was protected by being in the cargo hold - were killed after a radiation leak. The ship's computer, Holly, puts Lister into stasis. Although this was originally only intended to be for 18 months as a punishment for bringing Frankenstein on board, in order to save him, Holly maintains this for 3 million years, after which the radiation dies down to safe levels.[1]

In the 3 million years since the radiation leak, the descendants of Frankenstein have evolved into humanoid creatures; the last one meeting Lister upon his reawakening and subsequently merely being called "The Cat". Holly revives his superior (well, of the second lowest rank) officer Arnold J. Rimmer as a hologram; he is only able to produce one hologram for the ship and thus despite the fact that they hated each other, Holly chose Rimmer as he was the person Lister had the most contact with, intending to avoid Lister going insane due to loneliness.

In Series 2 an android is discovered by the name of Kryten, who previously served several dead women.[2] He became a major character at the beginning of the third series.

The show hasn't aged at all well and is looking very dated. On top of that the later series were complete arse of the worst kind.


  • David "Dave" Lister: After the radiation leak he is the only living human on board the ship. He almost never eats anything other than curry. He has a love interest prior to the radiation leak by the name of Kristine Kochanski. He is played by Craig Charles.
  • Arnold J. Rimmer: A hologram of a dead crew member. He is not liked very well by the rest of the crew. Rimmer displays many qualities of the manosphere, such as misogyny, underhanded courting tactics and being a whiny virgin. He is played by Chris Barrie.
  • The Cat: A life-form descended from Frankenstein. He is willing to put anything (including his own life) on the line for sake of remaining fashionable in his choice of clothes. He is played by Danny John-Jules.
  • Kryten: An android who was introduced to the crew. He was played by David Rose in a single episode in Series 2, and by Robert Llewellyn from Series 3 onwards.

Notable episodes[edit]

Parallel Universe - If you'd like to see what pick-up artist tactics look like when turned on their head, watch this episode.