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St. Colin is the founder and patron saint of RationalWiki.

Early Life[edit]

Little is know about the early life of ColinR. It is rumored that his mother called him "Muffins". From an early age, he is said to have given names to plants and animals that reflected their cladistic relationships, rather than using nice words like "dog" and "tree".

Colin got beat up a lot.


His first confirmed miracle was the saving of Canada from American statehood. It is no longer widely known that Canada was but days from becoming the 51st state when Colin single-handedly vanquished trigger-happy U.S. troops with a hockey stick and a plate of poutine.

Later, he saved many lonely nerds from obscurity by founding a "wiki", or early 21st century drinking club.


In the early 21st century, Colin led a mission to Costa Rica to help salvage talks between local villagers fighting over obscure Santeria liturgy. After 29 hours and 10 cups of Nescafe, Colin, having "stepped behind a tree", was brutally dismembered by a Chupacabra.

His beatification proceeded promptly.

Other Stories[edit]

Another version of the Colin Chronicles states that the was arrested by the FBI shortly after founding RW1 and that to this day he languishes in Guantanamo Bay.

Another obscure legend has it that he received a fatal bite from the assfly.