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Fun:Sudden Moron Syndrome

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Balloons.svg The following contains an admixture of parody. This notice-box has been stuck here to prevent readers from suffering the sort of confusion to which Poe's Law refers.
The specific target of this parody is this steaming pile of excrement at Conservapedia.
No, we are not talking about SMS for cell phones.

Sudden Moron Syndrome is a term coined by Human to describe Fundies who suddenly and expectedly turn against civilized, Western society and engage in acts of moronic stupidity. Silver Sloth has argued that due to this phenomenon all Fundies must be considered absolute morons.

Evidence that the people at Conservapedia may have this syndrome includes the inability of most of them to spell "convert"[1] properly; even worse, they blocked the person who fixed the spelling for trolling and/or lying at other sections of the site (oversight burned).

Examples include

In another Example of Bias in Conservapedia, Conservapedia has refused to allow any article on this topic.

Not just for rightwingers, unfortunately[edit]

In fairness, most people are vulnerable to Sudden Moron Syndrome, especially when under intense stress. The US Republican Party's current strategy of keeping the Faithful in a constant state of Terror about practically everything helps to explain SMS's prevalence in their ranks.

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