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The UnHoly Book of Supra Tech Fox is a sacred book used by followers of the Foxism religion. These people reject Super Mecha Death Goat. These people were tired of the strange rules set up by Super Mecha Death Goat and their nutcase followers. They wrote their own book that promoted skepticism, rational thought, gay rights and science.

Book Contents[edit]

The book contains sections on what Foxism stands for.


The book promotes skepticism of divine beings and is overtly agnostic. Questioning Pseudoscience is imperative. You should not accept pseudoscience of any kind. A person must speak up against Goatian creationism. Indoctrinating a child with lies and bullshit is completely terrible.

Human Rights[edit]

No person should be denied their rights just because they are different. The gay guy you know does not affect you at all, a transgender person who shops in the same store as you does not affect you, the Japanese-American kid riding the same subway train as you does not affect you, the atheist who lives next door does not affect you, a guy in a wheelchair does not affect you, a woman who suffers from Depression does not affect. If it causes you no harm nor harms anybody else, don't be an asshole. Be a decent human being! Not that difficult! Don't need a goat in the sky to give advice on morality!


Enjoy it! Be sure that the person or persons are of legal age and give consent for sexual activity. Do not go around trying to solicit sex from kids or inappropriately touch kids. Sexually abusing a kid is a crime and leads to emotional scaring. Rape of any person is not tolerated. Anybody of any gender can be raped, a man is able to rape a woman or a woman can rape a man. It causes nothing but harm.


The UnHoly book supports freely choosing a religion or dumping a religion. A person has the right to decide for themselves. A religion should not be shoved down peoples throats.


There are three actual sins.

  • Denying someone their rights just because that they are different from you.
  • Treating people like garbage
  • Accepting pseudoscience

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