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Glynn Harrison is an emeritus professor of psychiatry at Bristol University and a member of the Crown Nominations Commission. The latter position allows him to participate in choosing the shortlisted candidate for the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

Harrison is a fundamentalist homophobe who believes that gay people "fall short of God’s purpose in creation" and can be cured of their unwanted same-sex attractions through religious psychotherapy. He says that “there is evidence that some people with unwanted same sex attractions can achieve significant change.”[1] (Most psychiatric and psychological professional bodies disagree.)

He is affiliated with the Christian Medical FellowshipWikipedia, a UK Christian fundamentalist group, and on whose website he has published three articles on the topic of treating same-sex attraction and "ex-gays".[2] His views have been published on the Anglican MainstreamWikipedia blog.[3]

Harrison is affiliated with the True Freedom TrustWikipedia, a UK ex-gay organization.[4]