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Word of Faith Fellowship is a Pentecostal congregation in Spindale, North Carolina, run by Jane Whaley. According to the Associated Press, it was run like a gulag, with Whaley dictating every aspect of congregants' lives.[1] Group members were afraid to leave because Whaley, who they considered a prophet, warned they would be struck dead by God if they did.[1]

Whaley's distinctive teaching is that people routinely become infested by demons, who can only be banished by physically beating them out of the person.[1] Thus, severe beatings, including of children and babies, are commonplace, yet members are forbidden to seek outside medical help.[1] The group also ran a school, one wing of which was used as a de facto prison, where "rebellious" men and boys would be held for up to a year.

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  • Kenneth Hagin — founder of the Word of Faith Movement, from which Whaley's church is derived


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