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Grant Jeffrey

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Grant R. Jeffrey (1948-2012) was a Canadian Bible teacher and chairman of Frontier Research Publications. He earned a Masters Degree and a Ph.D in Biblical Studies from the Louisiana Baptist University and he also took post-doctoral courses in Apologetics and Theology at Oxford University. On his website, he says that he "was a professional in the financial planning and insurance brokerage field for 18 years" and "acquired a Chartered Life Underwriter degree (law, pensions, accounting) from the University of Toronto extension program." It was later on when Jeffrey delved into religion, and between 1970 and 1980 taught eschatology part-time at several colleges and was credited as an "expert" in Bible prophecy.



Grant believed we are currently living in the end times.

He was a proponent of intelligent design who dismissed all the evidence for the theory of evolution.


Grant took global warming to be a hoax crafted to destroy the free enterprise system to produce a socialist economy and a plan to drain trillions from western nations to the Third World. According to Jeffrey "The new pagan environmental religion of the 'Church of Global Warming' denies the existence of God the Creator and substitutes in His place the worship of creation, the earth. The coming economic collapse, accelerated by global warming laws and regulations, will lead to international financial chaos. A one-world government will be presented as the only solution, to be followed by the arrival of the Antichrist, an economic, religious, and military dictator."[1]


  • Global Warming Deception
  • Shadow Government
  • Countdown to Apocalypse
  • Creation: Remarkable Evidence of God's Design

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