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Family Foundation

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The Family Foundation is an influential organization, affiliated with Focus on the Family,[1] that has been called "the gatekeeper to Virginia's conservative coalition." It was founded in 1985 by conservative political activists Walter Barbee and Anne Kincaid.[2]

The Foundation issues report cards rating Virginia politicians according to how they vote on "family-focused bills" involving such issues as homeschooling, same sex marriage, Planned Parenthood funding, Common Core, sexually explicit curricula (i.e., sex education), adoption, charter schools, school choice, recognition of the Roe v. Wade decision as the Day of Tears, Obamacare Medicaid expansion, the Hyde Amendment, sexual orientation discrimination, transgender bathroom access, the Equal Rights Amendment, informed consent to abortion, health and safety standards for abortion clinics, Hate crimes, and sexual-orientation counseling. All of the legislators with perfect scores are Republicans.[3]

The organization is led by Victoria Cobb. Roger Pogge, the husband of delegate Brenda Pogge, is the Foundation's Ministry Relations Coordinator.[4]


The Family Foundation was a strong proponent of parental consent for abortion, mandatory invasive ultrasound for women seeking abortions, having the state sell "choose life" vanity license plates, requiring a moment of silence in schools, and having the state post the motto "In God We Trust", outlawing riverboat gambling, and outlawing gambling at Internet cafes, all of which became part of legislation that was ultimately enacted.

In 2013 and 2016, Ted Cruz addressed the Foundation's annual gala.[5]

Persecution complex[edit]

In 2008, the Family Foundation described a federal appellate court ruling barring police chaplains from praying in Jesus's name as "anti-Christian hysteria".[6] In 2009, the Family Foundation unveiled their “Rediscovering God in America” conference where Lou Engle laid his hands upon Newt Gingrich and beseeched God to extend his “influence for righteousness in this nation, lay your supernatural hand of God upon him and deliver him from the evil schemes of the enemy.”[7]


With regard to the pro-life cause, the Family Foundation wants to bust abortion clinics for health and safety violations, cut funding for abortion, take away the right of terminally ill patients to choose euthanasia, reward women who choose to take unplanned pregnancies to term, and increase access to adoption. With regard to marriage, the Family Foundation wants to make it harder to obtain a no-fault divorce and allow discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Family Foundation views transgender surgery as elective and therefore not medically necessary.[8]

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