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John Ott

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Dr. John Nash Ott (October 23, 1909–April 12, 2000)[note 1] was a photographer and banker[1] known for his work on time-lapse photography and the effects of light on health, for which the Loyola University of Chicago awarded him an honorary Doctor of Science degree.[2] He thought that sunlight is necessary for health, and that artificial (not full spectrum) light is harmful. These theories are supported by recent research on the subject. He gave lectures for the Cancer Control Society, and the group compiled a collection of articles on Ott's work in an edition of the Cancer Control Journal.[3] Ott went to some lengths to avoid artificial light. According to his obituary:

He adapted his own lifestyle, encasing his home in plastic windowpanes, illuminating its interiors with full-spectrum Ott-Lite lamps (he licensed their manufacture), and lining his TV cabinet with lead while positioning a mirror to reflect the set's image so it did not directly strike his eyes. He championed "healthy" lighting environments, railed against complacent television makers, and developed a light box to treat seasonal affective disorder, eventually retiring in 1995.[4]

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  1. Sibelius was an alcoholic and a smoker. He lived to be 91.