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The Cancer Control Society (and other nutritionally related diseases) [sic] is an organization dedicated to spreading information about alternative medicine (about cancer, obviously) and conspiracy theories. Specifically, they host yearly conventions, organize bus tours to alternative cancer clinics, and publish a list of doctors practicing CAM.[1][2]

Some factoids about the CCS:

  • Its site copiously links to DVDs they sell (only $395 each!) of the yearly conventions the CCS hosts — DVDs which also include things like the documentary "What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Cancer".[3][4]
  • There's a "Support The Cancer Control Society page"[5] which tells you what Gifts[6] you can get from giving the CCS hundreds or thousands of dollars (or your car), such as supplements, CAM movies, credits toward cancer treatment at CAM clinics, or the opportunity to participate in a "Quality of Life Study". It also has (as already noted) an "I will donate my car, etc.…" option.
  • There's also a special page (separate from the donation form) specifically titled "Donate Your Car" (linked from the homepage), with helpful instructions on how you can give the CCS your motor vehicle or home (yes, home).[7] Did we mention you can donate your car?

There are also links to many movies describing how the medical establishment is supposedly unfairly suppressing CAM and its practitioners.[8]

There are also some rather predictable nutrition guidelines[9] for preventing cancer, which promote, among other things, raw milk, organic food, "raw dairy butter" or coconut oil, organic red wine, and chemophobia. Some of the guidelines are very similar to ones promulgated by the Weston A. Price Foundation.[10]

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