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d'Abrera, Bernard DI Biology See main article. Butterfly photographer. Has bachelor's degrees in History & Philosophy of Science, and History, but no master's degrees. 2008 (15 YA)[1] YEC No (Edu)
Dahmer, Lionel AIG, CMI Chemistry M.D.,Chemistry, Marquette University. Ph.D., Chemistry, Iowa State University. Senior research chemist, PPG Industries. Member of the American Chemists Society. Father of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.[2] No (Field)
Damadian, Raymond V. AIG, CMI, ICR Medicine B.S., Mathematics, University of Wisconsin. M.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Pioneer of magnetic resonance imaging. Appeared in Ken Ham's main presentation during the latter's debate with Bill Nye. Technical Advisory Board of Institute for Creation Research.[3] A doctor of medicine, not related to evolution or a young earth. "[Dr. Damadian] believes that America is ailing spiritually. Influenced more and more by an evolution-based humanistic education system, America is adrift of its spiritual moorings. Can such a society, with its relative ethics and increasing abandonment of God’s absolute standards revealed in the Bible, ‘continue to discern the just from the unjust?’ he asks. Will not such a society more and more forfeit the blessings which its forefathers wrought through obedience to God's Law? He quotes Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn as saying ‘the strength or weakness of a society depends more on the level of its spiritual life than on its level of industrialization.’ Without the general adherence of a society to God’s laws, the most perfect governmental system cannot prevent eventual collapse. ‘Freedom’ will deteriorate to be ‘freedom to be unscrupulous’, because, says Solzhenitsyn, there is no law which can anticipate or prevent this."[4] No (Field)
Darnbrough, Chris AIG, CMI Chemistry Biochemistry.[citation needed] Yes
Darrall, Nancy M. AIG, CMI Biology B.S. (Hons.) Agricultural Botany, University of Wales. Ph.D., Botany, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. M.S., Speech and Language Pathology and Therapy, University of London. "Reasoning from the scientific observations and faith in the Bible, I conclude that creation was the result of an intelligent designer, entirely possible within the short period of six days."[5] Yes
Dawson, Bryan CMI Mathematics PhD, Mathematics, University of North Texas. MS, Mathematics, Pittsburg State University. BS, Mathematics and Computer Science, Pittsburg State University. Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Union University.[6] A doctor of mathematics, not related to evolution or a young earth. No (Field)
Dean, Douglas AIG, CMI Chemistry Biological Chemistry.[citation needed] Yes
Deckard, Stephen W. AIG, CMI Education EdD, United States International University, San Diego. MS, University of Southern California, University Park. BS, San Diego State University.[7] Assistant Professor of Education, Liberty University.[citation needed] A doctor of education, not related to evolution or a young earth. No (Field)
Demick, David A. ICR Medicine B.S., Chemistry, Huntington College. M.D., University of Illinois College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign and at Peoria.[8] A doctor of medicine, not related to evolution or a young earth. No (Field)
DeWitt, David A. AIG, CMI, ICR Biology B.S., Biochemistry, Michigan State University. Ph.D., Neuroscience, Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine. Employee of the Institute for Creation Research![9] Currently chair of the department of biology and chemistry at Liberty University. Author of Unraveling the Origins Controversy.[10] On AIG list twice. His field of research is Alzheimer's Disease, so his qualifications with regard to evolution are dubious at best. 2006 for a peer-reviewed publication (17 YA) Yes
DeYoung, Don AIG, CMI, ICR Physics B.S., Physics, Michigan Technological University. M.S., Physics, Michigan Technological University. Ph.D., Physics, Iowa State University. Regional Representative and Adjunct Faculty for the Institute of Creation Research.[11][12] Member of the Creation Research Society.[13] Author of Thousands Not Billions. And of course a Masters in Divinity. No (Field)
Down, David Ex-CMI Anthropology Field Archaeologist.[citation needed] Removed from the CMI list as of the 2010-06-08 version. Yes
Downes, Geoff AIG, CMI Biology Plant Physiologist.[14] Yes
Driggers, Ted CMI Business Operations research.[citation needed] A doctor of business, not related to evolution or a young earth. No (Field)