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Louie Giglio is a pastor from the Passion City Church in Roswell, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia (not to be confused with Roswell in New Mexico of UFO fame). Before setting up in Atlanta, Giglio studied in Texas at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and at the evangelical Baylor University.[1]

In 2013, the Obama administration announced that Giglio would deliver the benediction at Obama's second inauguration ceremony. At the previous ceremony, Rick Warren gave the benediction, which caused LGBT rights activists to complain. Well, given Giglio's history, they now have more reason to complain. He was apparently removed from the program the next day.[2]

Turn me straight, Pastor Louie![edit]

The liberal blog Think Progress uncovered a speech given by Giglio on a website called Discipleship Library containing numerous anti-gay claims, including his belief that gay people can be turned straight through the power of Jesus.

the only way out of a homosexual lifestyle, the only way out of a relationship that has been engrained over years of time, is through the healing power of Jesus.[3]

Giglio's anti-gay comments have caused a number of people in the LGBT community to sharply criticise Obama for selecting yet another homophobic pastor for the inauguration.[4]