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Martin Durkin is a professional bullshitter, pseudoscience peddler, crank, climate change denier and some say, a documentary film maker. He is the managing director of WAG TV responsible for travesties such as The Great Global Warming Swindle[1][2] and Against Nature. The latter causing UK's Channel 4 to issue a prime-time apology for airing it.[3] His favourite party trick is to fool real scientists and experts that he is a serious documentary maker, then dissect footage of their interviews so as to fit into his wingnut ideology.[4] This is then backed up with further interviews with cranks and corporate shills. His documentaries give new meaning to the word "irresponsible" and are little more than platforms for science and green bashing. He also runs a blog, that frequently engages in science and green bashing. Not surprisingly, he has earned praise from fellow science and green basher Steve Milloy.

Occasionally, WAG TV does produce good documentaries like Discovery Channel's "How Do They Do It?" and "Secret Intersex", provided Durkin is only the executive director, i.e. has no input in the making process.